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Current Challenges and Trends in Bakery Production – foodresearchlab


• With over a million organized small scale bakeries and more than 2000 organized or semi-managed bakeries, they are facing many challenges in the Food product development in industries • Food research lab explains you the challenges in bakery products produced in this blog – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Current Challenges and Trends in Bakery Production – foodresearchlab

An Academic presentation by Dr. Nancy Agnes,
Head, Technical Operations, FoodResearchLab
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Today's Discussion
In-Brief Introduction Trends in Indian
Bakeries Challenges Facing Indian Bakeries
  • The Bakery industry and India is facing robust
    growth over 9 rendering to a recent report.
    It's a vast industry employing many numbers of
    people. With over a million organized small
    scale bakeries and more than 2000 organized or
    semi-managed bakeries, they are facing many
    challenges in the Food product development in
    industries. Food research lab explains you the
    challenges in bakery products produced in this

An enormous piece of this market, almost 80, is
caught by bread and rolls, mass
utilization. Indeed India is second just to the
US regarding bread roll creation. As bread and
rolls are quick buyer merchandise, they are
devoured consistently by the shoppers, which is
the principle explanation behind expansions in
India's deals. Likewise, development in the
inexpensive food chains further invigorates the
interest for bread as they are utilized for
sandwiches, burgers, snacks.
Additionally, the presentation of significant
worth added bread shop items gives a lift to the
market development. Aside from this, bustling
ways of life, changing dietary patterns, and
western impact have reflected a substantial
interest in India's bakery items in food
industries development.
Trends in Indian Bakeries
One clear pattern that has come up in the bakery
industry is the inclination for lighter and more
beneficial nourishments.
Presently one can have multigrain bread, earthy
coloured bread, sweet bread or even sans gluten
bread on the off chance that somebody is biased
to this group of proteins found in grains like
wheat, rye. So forth, What's more, these items
are not restricted to a couple of metropolitan
urban areas for food industries development.
They have spread across the length and broadness
of the nation. What's more, it isn't just bread
which has gotten more beneficial. The equivalent
can be said of bread rolls, cakes, cakes and
numerous different things. The ascent of
diabetes in the nation has likewise prompted a
rise in sugar-free and substantial bakery
items. By and large, this pattern towards more
useful things has been driven by expanding
wellbeing mindfulness.
So the opportunity presently has come for
organizations like food nourishments that
recently presented handmade granola without
gluten, pressed with nuts and seeds and improved
with privately sourced natural nectar to
prosper. The pattern towards more good bakery
things has developed further that it isn't merely
new pastry shops that are broke down with
lighter things in f ood development
recipes. Indeed, even the traditional bakery is
presently acquiring new items to consider the
developing interest for more beneficial
nourishments. Another pattern that has arisen as
of late is an inclination for custom made things.
The unadulterated assortment of natively
constructed chocolates that opens up during
celebrations focuses on developing interest for
such things in the nation. The part is becoming
for handcrafted chocolates, yet additionally for
other bakery things. These drifts also show that
individuals do not avoid paying somewhat more
than they like if they get their preferred
results reliable, clean and delicious. It is
particularly evident in metropolitan India in
food development from technology.
However, the pattern is getting quick in
different territories of the nation too. All
these soothsayers well for little chaotic bakery
stores in India since they would now be able to
deliver quality items to make practical benefit
out of the things that could be valued somewhat
higher in the food production industries using f
ood i ndustrial development.
Challenges Facing Indian Bakeries
The development of industry likewise brings its
The critical challenge of b akery products is
expanding sufficient ability to fulfil the new
age needs.
For instance, to satisfy the need for more good
food, bakery stores or shops need to make the
offices more sterile and employ unique
individuals with information on such
items. Making offices clean likewise requires a
sufficient number of restrooms, hand-washing
offices and changing spaces for the labourers.
According to the Guidance Document on Food Safety
Management System" created by India's Food
Safety and Standards Authority (FSSAI). It is
significant for food creation offices to have
washbowls, drying offices (material towel should
not be utilized), cleanser, dustbin, tap, and
appropriate temperature- controlled water
supply. It additionally requires the offices to
have an adequate number and separate cleanly
planned latrines with legitimate flushing offices
for male and female representatives in f ood
product industries. The restrooms will not open
straightforwardly to the food creation region and
will be kept up in perfect and clean condition.
Getting the ideal individuals is another
test. Generally, the business has not considered
preparing different company features to design
the future labour force. It isn't to state that
the nation's preparation establishments are not
prepared to give legitimate preparing. In any
case, there have all the earmarks of being a
requirement for the business to assemble a
culture of standard preparing an offer notice to
youthful, hopeful cooks.
That putting resources into training to gain
proficiency with the bread shop
industry's subtleties merits their time and
cash. The increment sought after braced things
that incorporate fibre, cell reinforcements,
omega-3 oils, and nutrient and mineral fortresses
likewise present new business difficulties using
f ood product development. "The expansion of
incorporations to heated items expects changes to
the first item equation, along these lines
making another item from a current one.
Innovating n ew product in the food industries is
another big challenge for the food industry
because of increasing demand in the market using
standardized recipes. There is also a need to
raise alertness about the digital technologies
and ease of social media stages that can help
bakeries in the muddled sector reach a wider
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