Real-Time Bidding Market Research Report, Industry Analysis, Share, Growth and Forecast Till 2025 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Real-Time Bidding Market Research Report, Industry Analysis, Share, Growth and Forecast Till 2025


According to the latest report by IMARC Group, titled "Real-Time Bidding Market: Global Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity and Forecast 2020-2025," the global real-time bidding market size is currently exhibiting healthy growth. To learn more about this market, visit us at: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Real-Time Bidding Market Research Report, Industry Analysis, Share, Growth and Forecast Till 2025

Global Real-Time Bidding Market Research
Report and Forecast 2020 - 2025
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What We Do
Report Description
According to the latest report by IMARC Group
titled, Real-Time Bidding Market Global
Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity
and Forecast 2020-2025, the market is expected
to grow at a CAGR of around 30 during
2020-2025. Request to get the sample report
t/requestsample Market Trends Real-time
bidding (RTB) refers to the server-to-server
buying process that allows ad space on websites
to be bought and sold on a per-impression basis.
Once the buyer wins an auction, the RTB process
takes place programmatically through real-time
sales that instantly displays his/her
advertisement on the publishers website.
Real-time bidding processes hundreds of thousands
of ad opportunities in milliseconds using a
number of platforms and systems, such as
ad-servers, data management platforms, and
third-party data providers, within the display
advertising ecosystem. Over the years, there
has been a rapid increase in the number of
internet users across the globe. This, along with
the expanding social media platforms, has
prompted consumers to spend time surfing the
internet through smartphones, computers and
laptops. As a result of the increasing online
activity, advertisers are investing in RTB video
ads to engage the target audience, which, in
turn, is creating a positive impact on the
industry. Besides this, the RTB system enables
advertisers to manage and optimize their ads on
multiple networks in a cost-effective way and
helps in enhancing their campaign efficiency and
brand awareness. Some of the other factors
bolstering the growth of the market include the
development of advanced technologies and new
updates, and the integration of digital
marketing, artificial intelligence (AI) and
machine learning (ML) techniques with the bidding
Report Description
  • Insights on Market Segmentation
  •   Breakup by Auction Type
  • 1. Open Auction
  • 2. Invitation-Auction
  • Breakup by Advertisement Format
  • 1. Video
  • 2. Image
  • Breakup by Application
  • 1. Media Entertainment
  • 2. Retail and E-commerce
  • 3. Games
  • 4. Travel Luxury
  • 5. Mobile Applications
  • 6. Others

Report Description
  • Breakup by Device
  • 1. Mobile
  • 2. Desktop
  • 3. Others
  • Breakup by Region
  • 1. North America
  • 2. Asia Pacific
  • 3. Europe
  • 4. Latin America
  • 5. Middle East and Africa      
  • Competitive Landscape
  • The competitive landscape of the industry has
    also been examined with some of the key players
    being Adobe Inc., AppNexus, Criteo, Facebook
    Inc., Google LLC, Match2One AB, MediaMath Inc.,
    MoPub, PubMatic Inc., Salesforce Inc., Smaato
    Inc., The Rubicon Project Inc., Verizon Media,

Report Description
  • Browse full report with detailed TOC and list of
    figures and tables https//
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  • Predictive Analytics Market https//www.imarcgrou
  • Key Questions Answered in This Report
  • How has the global real-time bidding market
    performed so far and how will it perform in the
    coming years?
  • What are the key regional markets?
  • What is the breakup of the market based on the
    auction type?
  • What is the breakup of the market based on the
    advertisement format?
  • What is the breakup of the market based on the
  • What is the breakup of the market based on the
  • What are the various stages in the value chain of
    the industry?
  • What are the key driving factors and challenges
    in the market?
  • What is the structure of the global real-time
    bidding market and who are the key players?

Table of Contents
Table of Contents
1    Preface2    Scope and Methodology     2.1
   Objectives of the Study    2.2  
 Stakeholders    2.3    Data Sources       
2.3.1    Primary Sources        2.3.2  
 Secondary Sources    2.4    Market Estimation 
      2.4.1    Bottom-Up Approach        2.4.2  
 Top-Down Approach    2.5    Forecasting
Methodology3    Executive Summary4  
 Introduction    4.1    Overview    4.2    Key
Industry Trends5    Global Real-Time Bidding
Market    5.1    Market Overview    5.2  
 Market Performance    5.3    Market Forecast6
   Market Breakup by Auction Type    6.1    Open
Auction        6.1.1 Market Trends        6.1.2
Market Forecast    6.2    Invitation-Auction   
    6.2.1 Market Trends        6.2.2 Market
Table of Contents
    7    Market Breakup by Advertisement
Format    7.1    Video        7.1.1 Market
Trends        7.1.2 Market Forecast    7.2  
 Image        7.2.1 Market Trends        7.2.2
Market Forecast8    Market Breakup by
Application    8.1    Media Entertainment   
    8.1.1 Market Trends        8.1.2 Market
Forecast    8.2    Retail and E-commerce       
8.2.1 Market Trends        8.2.2 Market
Forecast    8.3    Games        8.3.1 Market
Trends        8.3.2 Market Forecast    8.4  
 Travel Luxury        8.4.1 Market Trends   
    8.4.2 Market Forecast    8.5    Mobile
Applications        8.5.1 Market Trends       
8.5.2 Market Forecast    8.6    Others       
8.6.1 Market Trends       
Table of Contents
8.6.2 Market Forecast9    Market Breakup by
Device    9.1    Mobile        9.1.1 Market
Trends        9.1.2 Market Forecast    9.2  
 Desktop        9.2.1 Market Trends       
9.2.2 Market Forecast    9.3    Others       
9.3.1 Market Trends        9.3.2 Market
Forecast10    Market Breakup by Region    10.1
   North America        10.1.1 United States  Market Trends 
Market Forecast        10.1.2 Canada  Market Trends 
Market Forecast    10.2    Asia Pacific       
10.2.1 China  Market Trends  Market Forecast        10.2.2
Japan  Market Trends  Market Forecast                     
Table of Contents
10.2.3 India  Market Trends  Market Forecast        10.2.4
South Korea  Market Trends  Market Forecast        10.2.5
Australia  Market Trends  Market Forecast        10.2.6
Indonesia  Market Trends  Market Forecast        10.2.7
Others  Market Trends  Market Forecast    10.3    Europe 
      10.3.1 Germany  Market
Trends  Market Forecast     
  10.3.2 France  Market
Trends  Market Forecast     
  10.3.3 United Kingdom 
Market Trends  Market
Forecast        10.3.4 Italy           
Table of Contents Market Trends 
Market Forecast        10.3.5 Spain  Market Trends 
Market Forecast        10.3.6 Russia  Market Trends 
Market Forecast        10.3.7 Others  Market Trends 
Market Forecast    10.4    Latin America       
10.4.1 Brazil  Market Trends  Market Forecast        10.4.2
Mexico  Market Trends  Market Forecast        10.4.3
Argentina  Market Trends  Market Forecast        10.4.4
Columbia  Market Trends  Market Forecast        10.4.5
Chile  Market Trends         
Table of Contents Market Forecast        10.4.6 Peru  Market Trends 
Market Forecast        10.4.7 Others  Market Trends 
Market Forecast    10.5    Middle East and
Africa        10.5.1 Turkey 
Market Trends  Market
Forecast        10.5.2 Saudi Arabia  Market Trends 
Market Forecast        10.5.3 Iran  Market Trends 
Market Forecast        10.5.4 United Arab
Emirates  Market Trends  Market Forecast        10.5.5
Others  Market Trends  Market Forecast11    SWOT Analysis 
  11.1    Overview    11.2    Strengths      
Table of Contents
11.3    Weaknesses    11.4    Opportunities   
11.5    Threats12    Value Chain Analysis   
12.1    Overview    12.2    Inbound Logistics 
  12.3    Operations    12.4    Outbound
Logistics    12.5    Marketing and Sales   
12.6    Service13    Porters Five Forces
Analysis    13.1    Overview    13.2  
 Bargaining Power of Buyers    13.3  
 Bargaining Power of Suppliers    13.4    Degree
of Competition    13.5    Threat of New
Entrants    13.6    Threat of Substitutes14  
 Price Indicators15    Competitive Landscape   
15.1    Market Structure    15.2    Key
Players    15.3    Profiles of Key Players     
  15.3.1    Adobe Inc. 
Company Overview  Product
Portfolio   Financials       
Table of Contents SWOT Analysis            15.3.2  
 AppNexus  Company Overview  Product Portfolio        
15.3.3    Criteo  Company
Overview  Product Portfolio   Financials        15.3.4  
 Facebook Inc.  Company
Overview  Product Portfolio 
      15.3.5    Google LLC 
Company Overview  Product
Portfolio   SWOT Analysis   
    15.3.6    Match2One AB 
Company Overview  Product
Portfolio        15.3.7    Mediamath Inc.  Company Overview  Product Portfolio        15.3.8  
 MoPub  Company Overview  Product Portfolio         15.3.9  
 PubMatic Inc.  Company
Table of Contents Product Portfolio         15.3.10  
 Salesforce Inc.  Company
Overview  Product Portfolio 
      15.3.11    Smaato, Inc.  Company Overview 
Product Portfolio        15.3.12    The Rubicon
Project Inc.  Company
Overview  Product
Portfolio   Financials     
  15.3.13    Verizon Media              Company Overview 
Product Portfolio          15.3.14    WPP PLC  Company Overview  Product Portfolio   Financials  SWOT
Analysis        15.3.15    YANDEX LLC  Company Overview 
Product Portfolio                                
Report FAQs
Team Profile
Team Profile
Team Profile
Growing team of 150 employees with deep market
Engineers and Post Graduates Account for 75 of
our Team
Over 1000 Independent Consultants from different
Talents from some of the top universities
modelling specialists with unmatched expertise in
quantitative research
Individuals with experience in specific
industries and having sound knowledge of targeted
functional areas
Commercial and non-commercial relationships with
some of the top research institutes
Report FAQs
Words From Client
We have been working with IMARC Group for over
two years now. I must say that the word
impossible doesnt seems to appear in their
dictionary,. These guys can provide data for any
market in any country. I have been given them
challenging assignments to work upon and have
been quite impressed with their approach and
results. -Global
Procurement Technology Manager Global FMCG Giant
IMARC Group has great domain expertise and
knowledge base provided all the inputs necessary
for us to define the path forward and launch our
diagnostic successfully in the market where other
players were always afraid before investing.

-Vice President Marketing European
Diagnostic Company
We were really impressed with their research
findings on the South India dairy market. The
innovative idea suggested by them have given us
altogether different aspect to look at the
problem. We started with them on small project
but now thinking on doing more strategic project
with them.

-National Manager (Marketing) Indian Diary Giant
Words From Client
IMARC Group helped us with the outsourcing of a
major part of clinical trials to India. In the
beginning we were skeptic of this idea. But the
success achieved from this strategy is driving us
to outsource other verticals of our business to
low cost destinations - Member of Board of
Managing Director Global Pharmaceutical Giant
Working with IMARC Group has been a great
experience. They were able to provide us with a
comprehensive business report on the India
wastewater treatment market. The finding from the
reports are played a major role in our business
strategies and future decision making
-Senior Vice President Major Indian
Effluent Treatment Company
Report FAQs
Report FAQs
Report FAQs
Report FAQs
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