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Benefits of Fire Warden System in Workplace


Fire is one of the common factors in places like workplaces and homes, which can not be ignored. But It’s human nature to get scared and make wrong decisions, at a time of danger. In these situations, normally, people look forward to a person who can guide them – The Fire Warden. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Benefits of Fire Warden System in Workplace

Benefits Of Fire Warden Patrol System In Workplace
No one wants to face fire or any other disasters
at work, but eventually, it reels back every next
day in office buildings across the world. This
indicates the loops in fire safety. Loops that
can be various and we must take care of. In this
article, we will disclose every layer of fire
hazards and its preventing system to know-how a
Fire Warden Patrol System can solve fire- issues.
What Causes Fire in Work Place
Flammable materials- Improper storage of flaming materials can become a reason for workplaces fire. The spark from the circuit and similar tools near to the flaming materials and flammable chemicals such as oil barrels must be kept safely. Lack of staff training- If fire still occurs somehow, its important to ensure that everyone must be aware of escape procedure. First of all, the staff need to be alert to the fire, then only they can take relevant action. For example, using the fire extinguisher, evacuation procedure that is the quickest, safest way to exit.
Lack of fire safety resources and equipment- It might sound basic, but fire equipment such as smoke detectors, fire alarms, and other Fire Safety Equipment needs to be installed in workplaces. We should keep it in mind, that fire can quickly reach a dangerous stage before you or your employees are even aware. Arson- Yes! That might sound dramatic, but according to the study, on fire hazards at home and workplaces, are done influenced by arson. Arson is a criminal act that is intentionally done setting fire to property. In that case, the security guard and security watch devices should be used in the workplaces to detect.
Responsibility Of a Fire Warden
  • Fire prevention- Initial fire warden duties are
    the arrangement of fire risk assessment. The main
    purpose of fire assessment is the identification
    of fire hazards and people at risk. The goal of
    assessment is to make your buildings safer
  • Fire protection- In this process of fire warden
    responsibilities, ensure if the Fire Safety
    Devices and fire alarms, extinguishers, emergency
    lightings are working properly.
  • Fire evacuation- Perform regular fire drills to
    ensure the system. In this process, a fire warden
    must assure that everyone is on board, so you can
    plan and map the rule without any gap.

Role Of a Fire Warden
  • It can monitor fire wardens to ensure that all
    fire warden patrols are performing on time.
  • It helps to watch relevant visited locations of a
    patrol that keep a record of all actions and
  • It can also help in the management of reports to
    provide statistical information on patroling
    performance, such as a mini tool pro patrol
    monitoring system.
  • It supports checking procedures to keep an eye on
    fire safety equipment if they are working
    properly or not.

Our Fire Warden Patrol Monitoring System
Are you the responsible person for ensuring fire
safety in a hotel, high rise residential tower
block or a public building and are currently
employing fire wardens? If the answer is Yes
and you would like to avoid reports of fire
marshals being asleep whilst on duty, like the
article from The Times news paper then the
Minitool Pro Patrol Monitoring System can
help! Our Fire Warden Patrol system is designed
for Fire Watch, Fire equipment checking and Fire
Patrol reporting especially for Hotels and
Apartment blocks.
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