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Tips On How To Finish A Basement


An office, a gym, a yoga studio, a wine cellar, a kid’s playroom, a pool room – anything is possible! Here are some top tips on how to finish a basement, transform your living space and add thousands onto the price of the house. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Tips On How To Finish A Basement

Top Tips On How To Finish A Basement
Table of contents
  • Top Tips On How To Finish A Basement
  • Movie Theatre
  • Gym
  • Pool Room
  • Play Room
  • Wine Cellar
  • Yoga Studio
  • Apartment or bedroom
  • Office

Top Tips On How To Finish A Basement
  • People with basements in their homes dont know
    how lucky they are! Never mind storing junk and
    boxes that wont see the light of day for years
    on end, the basement is another room just waiting
    to be transformed into something special.
  • An office, a gym, a yoga studio, a wine cellar, a
    kids playroom, a pool room anything is
  • Here are some top tips on how to finish a
    basement, transform your living space and add
    thousands onto the price of the house.

Movie Theatre
  • It doesnt matter how big a basement is, any
    space could be turned into a movie theatre for
    parties or watching the big sports game of the
    day with family and friends. Whether there is a
    smart TV with surround sound and reclining
    chairs, or a spare TV put up on the wall with a
    few bean bags or a couple of second-hand couches,
    a popcorn maker and a drinks fridge you have a
    great basement movie theatre. The bells and
    whistles version could cost as much as 16,500,
    but starting out with the basics could be under

  • The hardest part about going to the gym is
    getting out of the front door. But, if the gym is
    in the house then there is no excuse. A personal
    gym does not have to mean lots of expensive gym
    equipment. It could start out with a skipping
    rope, boxing gloves, a yoga mat and some dumb
    bells and build from there. Perhaps introduce a
    fridge with chilled water.

Pool Room
  • What a great place to relax after a hard day or
    to hang out with friends. Or brilliant for the
    tweens to impress their friends and stay off the
    streets and out of trouble. A pool table, dart
    board, an old couch and a beer fridge would work
    brilliantly in transforming a basement. Or with
    the space and the money, a fully stocked bar,
    stylish stools or bar chairs, a dark wood floor
    and photographs lining the wall will create a
    funky space for fun nights in.

Play Room
  • Say goodbye to tidying up the chaos of toys and
    games created by the kids several times a day in
    a bid to keep your house in a degree of order.
    Turn the basement into a playroom and no-one
    needs to see the madness.
  • Line half of the basement floors with soft play
    mats for them to jump around and do sporty type
    games and activities safely when the weather is
    bad outside. Big and bright colour plastic boxes
    will look amazing and store the toys and games.

  • Or line the walls with low level shelves for
    books and jigsaws and toys and games, so the kids
    can just help themselves to what they want to
    play with. Create book corner, with bookshelves
    and comfy seats or bean bags for chill time and
    reading. Set up a table and chairs for crafts and

Wine Cellar
  • A basement is just made for storing wine. But it
    is important that the environment is right for
    the job. It has to be cool and humid. If it is
    too dry in the basement then the cork will dry
    out and oxidize the wine. The temperature needs
    to be around 55 degrees, but any warmer and the
    wine ages faster. A glass walled wine room within
    your basement might be the best way to create a
    wine cellar that will store your precious wine
    collection safely. A wine room that works could
    increase the value of a house.

Yoga Studio
  • If you are using yoga mats, then what the floor
    is made of is not the most important factor, but
    it needs to be smooth. Vinyl is a good and cheap
    option or hardwood looks fantastic. Lighting is
    important for yoga and creating a peaceful
    environment can be done through soft lighting. It
    might be as simple as changing the type of light
    bulb you use or adding a dimmer switch to have
    proper control of the lighting. Installing a
    mirror would create the illusion of more space
    and help to improve yoga technique.

Apartment or bedroom
  • Airbnb is a great way to earn a little bit of
    extra money if there is space in the house and a
    basement apartment could be a perfect opportunity
    for a little holiday rental business. Or,
    transforming a basement into another bedroom or
    small self-contained apartment would help bring
    independence and privacy to older teenagers of
    college students wanting their own space.

  • Working from home has become the new normal for
    so many people, but with the kids running around
    and other day to day distractions, it can be hard
    to work from home. The solution a home office
    basement. This is a great way to shut the door
    and block out the disturbances and get a
    productive days work without the commute, office
    politics and stressful work environment. An
    office can be decked out as expensive or as
    budget basic as you need to. Or you could even
    split the room into a part office and part spare
    bedroom for guests when they come and stay over.

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