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Basement Finishing Tips


Ideas to Invigorate Your Basement. Basement Finishing Tips. Choosing Someone to Finish Your Basement. Finish Your Basement In The Perfect Way. Additional Tips on Choosing a Contractor. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Basement Finishing Tips

Basement Finishing
  • Basement Finishing Project Enhance The Beauty
    Of Your Home
  • Ideas to Invigorate Your Basement
  • How Basement Finishing can add Value to your
  • Basement Finishing Tips
  • Essential Tips to Ensure the Perfect Basement
  • Choosing Someone to Finish Your Basement
  • Finish Your Basement In The Perfect Way
  • Additional Tips on Choosing a Contractor

Basement Finishing Project Enhance The Beauty
Of Your Home
  • Saves energy
  • A properly insulated basement helps regulate the
    temperature in the home, thus reducing the cost
    of heating and cooling.
  • Prevents molds and moisture
  • Basement finishing ensures your basement is kept
    dry and free from molds and mildew.
  • Increased home value
  • A well-crafted, dry and moisture free basement
    helps increase the market value of your property.
    Basement finishing offers a higher return on

Ideas to Invigorate Your Basement
  • Games Room
  • Your basement can relatively easily be turned
    into a games room. Simply remove the junk, add
    some lights and electric sockets and then
    insulate the walls before plaster boarding and
    painting the room.
  • Childrens Den
  • Another option is to consider your childrens
    needs as they grow bigger. They may need some
    space of their own and their bedroom may simply
    not be big enough.
  • Additional Bedroom
  • If you are ready to take on a slightly more
    complex project then you could look at adding a
    bedroom or two and an en-suite.
  • Annex
  • Finally, it may be time to consider having a
    space where aging parents may want to live.
    Providing the basement has some windows it can be
    turned into a very desirable living space,
    complete with living area, bedroom and even its
    own kitchen.

How Basement Finishing can add Value to your House
  • Extra Living Space
  • A completed basement will increase the available
    living space, value and appeal of your home.
  • Tidier and More Accessible
  • If you have erected insulation and finished the
    outer walls nicely then you will instantly make
    the area more appealing.
  • Trend
  • The current trend is to overhaul and make use of
    the space in your basement.
  • Bathroom
  • It is always a good idea to add a bathroom to
    your basement if possible. Not only will this
    save people going up one or two flights of stairs
    when they need to go, it will appeal to many

Basement Finishing Tips
  • Map out a specific design - Basements can be
    transformed into home theaters, kids play area,
    game rooms, recreational areas, guest rooms and
    others. It is advisable to always map out
    strategic plan the way you want the basement to
    be. This will enable you follow a strict budget
    without having to alter it when basement
    renovation is in process.
  • Ensure the design correlates with the general
    design of your apartment - It is essential that
    the design of your basement matches that of the
    entire house. This will make the basement blend
    with the rest of the apartment without making it
    look odd.
  • Dont stress so much on wood work in the
    renovated basement Once your basement is
    renovated, do not load it with excess furniture.
    A beautiful basement should have reduced built
    in-cabinets and storage spaces. This not only cut
    down your budget but also ensures your basement
    looks unique as compared to the storage room look
    it portrays
  • Save energy If your basement has access to the
    natural light, then you should tap into this as
    it allows you save more on electricity bills.
    Some of the finest basement finishing works makes
    use of natural light.
  • Use a drop-down ceiling only when necessary Do
    not fix a drop-down ceiling all over the room in
    a bid to conceal the pipes that usually accompany
    basement finishing, fix drop-down ceiling only
    where necessary.

Essential Tips to Ensure the Perfect Basement
  • Airflow
  • It is advisable to run ducting along the ceiling
    and add a duct fan. This will enable you to move
    air around the basement ideally from the furnace
    end to the other.
  • Electrics and Plumbing
  • To ensure your basement finishing is perfect you
    should run your pipes and electric cables first,
    before you add your stud wall.
  • Sagging Joists
  • It is advisable to check all the joists on the
    ceiling of the basement they will have taken
    some wear and tear over the years of people
    walking around upstairs.
  • Under floor Heating
  • This can be a great asset to your basement not
    only will you avoid the unsightly radiators on
    the walls you will be able to effectively heat
    the entire basement.
  • Leveling then Floor
  • In the case of the floor this means leveling it
    before the carpet goes down. This can be done
    via self leveling cement making a difference to
    any type of flooring put over it. As with all
    tasks, preparation is the key to a perfect

Choosing Someone to Finish Your Basement
  • Reputation
  • A well established firm with a good reputation
    will be happy to provide you with references.
    You may even be able to see some of their work.
  • Availability
  • You will probably be contacting businesses in the
    hope that they will be able to do your basement
    finishing project straight away.
  • Cost
  • It is advisable to get at least three quotes so
    that you can compare the prices and ensure that
    the company you were intending to use is
  • Experience
  • The longer the firm has been established the more
    likely they will have experience in your specific
    project. This can help prevent them from making
    costly mistakes or providing incorrect or
    inadequate advice.
  • Personality
  • Finally, it is important to evaluate the
    personality of the person or firm you are
    considering for your project.

Finish Your Basement In The Perfect Way
  • Consult a professional
  • There are numerous benefits attached to working
    on a project alone, but there are times when the
    project might seem complex and you will require
    the services of an expert. There are some
    technical know-how that you might not fully
  • Design
  • You have to ensure that the available space suits
    the plan and also check if the basement will fit
    into the plan.
  • Budget
  • Any home project needs to be carefully planned.
    This will help to minimize cost and maximize

Additional Tips on Choosing a Contractor
  • First Impression
  • Are your Contractors willing to explain every
    details of the basement plan to you? Do they
    value your opinions? This answers will help to
    know if you are making the right decisions.
  • Computer design
  • Designing the space on a computer will help the
    contractors make accurate decisions and designs
    tailored to your needs. In a case whereby your
    contractor doesn't tender a computer design,
    there are probabilities that your contractor is
    just making mere assumptions and there is a high
    tendency that you might possibly incur huge
    financial expenses as soon as the basement
    remodeling process starts.
  • Guaranteed deadline
  • The most effective deadline guarantee is by
    deducting a certain amount from the total bill,
    each day they are bit behind schedule for work.
    The stricter the guarantee, the more willing your
    contractor will be to complete the project as
    fast as possible.

The End
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