Basement Renovations For Improving Your Basement Space - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Basement Renovations For Improving Your Basement Space


1. Benefits of Basement Renovations 2. Why Basement Renovations Are Important 3. How To Find The Best Basement Renovation Ideas 4. Basement Finishing Tips 5. Possible Uses of a Basement Room 6. Steps for a Good Basement Finish 7. What To Consider When Doing Basement Renovations – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Basement Renovations For Improving Your Basement Space

Basement Renovations For Improving Your Basement
  1. Benefits of Basement Renovations
  2. Why Basement Renovations Are Important
  3. How To Find The Best Basement Renovation Ideas
  4. Basement Finishing Tips
  5. Possible Uses of a Basement Room
  6. Steps for a Good Basement Finish
  7. What To Consider When Doing Basement Renovations

Benefits of Basement Renovations
  • Increases space
  • A basement is usually an untapped space in your
    home that is not adequately utilized. However, if
    you remodel this room, you will have created an
    additional room in your house that can be used
    just like any other normal room in the house. You
    can make use of the new space in the basement in
    so many ways. First, the basement can act as a
    bar, a study room and also as a recreation
    center. In addition there are people who create
    personal offices out of their basements.
  • Increased home value
  • Another benefit of having basement renovated is
    that it increases the value of your home. Many
    appraisers consider a renovated basement as a
    normal room in the house and hence, they count
    them as such. Therefore, when they are doing home
    valuing before a sale, these professionals count
    the basement value as well. Overall, the basement
    adds a lot of value to the home.

Benefits of Basement Renovations
  • Fun room
  • A renovated basement can be a place where people
    can hang out and have fun. For example, the room
    can be converted into a movie theatre where you
    can watch movies with friends or family. Other
    people think of the basement as a home gymnasium
    where they can work-out and strengthen their
    bodies. This is important as it enables them to
    have healthier bodies.
  • Increased space
  • With a basement in your home, you are able to
    increase your living space. This will enable you
    to have a new bedroom or a study room in your
    house. This can save you a lot of space that is
    needed in your home. Given that livings spaces
    are becoming smaller and smaller by the day, it
    is important to note the key role that furnished
    basements play in a home.

Why Basement Renovations Are Important
  • Creates harmony in your home
  • Another important thing that you need to know
    about basement renovation is the fact that they
    bring harmony in your home. This is because the
    renovations are done by professionals who
    understand how to create harmony in a home. The
    professionals match the basement with the theme
    of the home, thereby creating harmony and
    uniformity. When visitors come to your house, you
    can decide to take them to the basement with
    confidence knowing that it looks beautiful and
  • Increases the value of your home
  • Another importance of basement renovations is
    that they increase the value of your home. This
    is because home appraisers count a finished
    basement as a part of your home and hence
    increases its value. It is therefore important to
    have your basement finished and renovated
    especially if you are looking to sell your home
    as this will greatly increase its value.

How To Find The Best Basement Renovation Ideas
  • Look through the internet
  • The internet has some of the broadest collections
    of basement renovation ideas. This is because
    there are numerous interior design specialists
    who have created websites that bear many themes.
    If you want to find the best ideas for your
    basement, you can consider talking to these
    professionals. The sites can bring you a wide
    range of collections that will help you make the
    right decision when designing your basement.
  • Interior design experts
  • Another method of finding the right basement
    renovation ideas is by searching for the most
    talented interior design experts in your area.
    Such a move can give you an opportunity to gather
    very good ideas that you can use at your home.
    Most professional interior design experts have
    very good ideas that people can use in the
    renovation of their basements. These ideas
    normally center on the latest trend in the market
    as well as the innovative ideas that the experts
    have come up with.

Basement Finishing Tips
  • Water Issues
  • Make sure any dampness or flooding of the
    basement is terminated completely. If the problem
    with water is not solved in time or correctly, it
    can lead to greater problems and losses in the
    future. So, it is for your own benefit to make
    sure the basement is dry.
  • Ventilation
  • Also remember to include ventilation. This will
    ensure stable circulation of air in the room.
    Fresh air is an essential part of a room thus
    installation of ventilation is a key area.
  • Natural Light
  • It is recommended to have natural light in the
    room. Ergo having a window in the basement is the
    best idea. Additionally, light from the window
    can serve as an escape route in case of fire.

Basement Finishing Tips
  • Insulation
  • A well insulated basement keeps it dry and
    comfortable. Moreover, an insulated room is able
    to regulate the moisture content, thereby
    eliminating mold growth.
  • HVAC System
  • If you are planning to install this system
    anywhere in your basement I would recommend
    hiring a professional. This decision will be
    beneficial to you since you will have reduced
    chances of error.
  • Design of the basement
  • When deciding what to do with your basement, let
    the measurements and the shape be the guide.
    Additionally, you can brainstorm with your family
    to come up with the best design. Also, you can
    ask a professional for advice.

Possible Uses of a Basement Room
  • Modern Storage Room
  • Although basements have been used as storage
    rooms for a long time, they can be converted to
    modern storage spaces with shelves and stands. A
    storage room can be beautiful if it is arranged
    in the right manner and thus it is important to
    pay attention to how your storage room looks.
    In addition, you can arrange your tools in an
    orderly manner so that it can become easier to
    find them. By talking to experienced interior
    designer, you will be able to find a good idea
    for your basement renovation.
  • Entertainment Room
  • Another use for your basement after you have
    renovated it is entertainment. The basement can
    be used as an entertainment room where you can
    put a cinema, music room, game room and even a
    bar. This can make a good use of the room
    especially considering that it is located in a
    private place far away from noises and other
    disturbances. This can entertain both yourself
    and even guests at your home.

Possible Uses of a Basement Room
  • A Bedroom
  • When properly renovated, a basement can be
    another bedroom. This is important as it enables
    you or a member of your family to have a serene
    place to rest. Although basements can be small,
    the space can be well utilized to have room for
    clothes and small furniture like a chair and a
    chest of drawers.
  • Office
  • Another good use for your basement room is an
    office. There are many people today who have
    offices at home. If you want an office in your
    home, you can be niche and build it in your
    basement. This will not only make you look unique
    but also, will give you a lot of value for your

Steps for a Good Basement Finish
  • Framing the Walls
  • It is considered as the first real step in
    finishing the basement. Begin by measuring the
    walls and mark areas where the frames will fit.
    In order to make the walls strong the framework
    is also supposed to be strong.
  • Plumbing Installations
  • The layout should be ready before installing
    rough-in pipes. Therefore, after the installation
    tests should be done. This will certify that the
    pipes do not leak and the work can continue.
  • Electricity and HVAC Installations
  • All the switches, outlets and sources of light
    should be safely installed. Air conditioning
    should also be done by a person that will be able
    to install HVAC system efficiently.

Steps for a Good Basement Finish
  • Wall and Ceiling
  • After you are through with the installations,
    check if the room is dry. Then start fitting the
    wall and then the ceiling. Depending on the
    material you are using, they should all fit
    perfectly. Furthermore, you should make sure they
    are dry walls.
  • Final Touches and Painting
  • Smooth the walls and the ceiling, and then clear
    off all the tools. The basement will then have a
    clear room which you can paint. The color that
    you pick should be one that you budgeted and
    planed for.
  • Floor
  • The floor is usually the last step as you finish
    the room. When building the floor, ensure it is
    dry. Once you are finished with the floor of the
    basement bring in the furniture.

What To Consider When Doing Basement Renovations
  • Look at the theme that you want
  • One of the mistakes that people make when looking
    into basement renovations is failing to identify
    the right theme for the room. It is as a result
    of this that the people end up mismatching colors
    and the furniture - this creates a disharmony
    within the room.
  • Consider your budget
  • This is important as it will determine the type
    of materials that you can buy for the basement as
    well as the labour. If you are looking to install
    a specific type of theme in your basement, work
    through the options first to find out all the
    costs. This will give you a chance to prepare
    financially for the project.
  • Find a professional
  • Unfortunately, there are people who want to cut
    on costs by doing the repairs themselves. This
    brings a lot of challenges especially considering
    that there are a lot of things that you need to
    do during the repair of your basement.

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