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Tips and Hacks for Event MarketingTips and Hacks for Event Marketing


We all just want good promotion and more ticket sales, right? Here are some hacks you may adopt to boost your event marketing efforts. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Tips and Hacks for Event MarketingTips and Hacks for Event Marketing

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In todays scenario of buyer-authorised world,
marketers need to grasp every opportunity to
build relationships and earn the trust of
prospective buyers and customers. Consumer wants
more than a pitch to evaluate solutions and make
purchase decisions. Events offer a unique
opportunity for them to interact with brands to
get a firsthand sense of a companys focus,
perspective and personality. Event marketing is
one of the fastest growing fields in the
advertising and marketing industry. But the
success of an event is ensured by clever
marketing strategies. We all just want good
promotion and more ticket sales, right?
Here are some hacks you may adopt to boost your
event marketing efforts.
  • 1. Use your speakers to promote your event
  • Your speaker becomes ambassadors for the event
    you host. Share the content you want them to
    share for promotion of your event. They should be
    actively promote the event through as many
    platforms as possible. Speaker can take advantage
    of their online presence and share links through
    social media platforms.
  • 2. Host a live chat on Twitter with speakers
  • Live chats on Twitter with the speakers is a
    great way to connect with the audience. Select a
    suitable date and time and stay mindful of the
    different time zones.
  • Pick a hashtag that has not already been used and
    one that fits your brand to reach a wider
    audience and make sure that the guests are well
    informed and know how to aptly answer the
    different questions.

3. Live stream on Facebook/Youtube/Instagram with
your special guest
  • Live streaming has become the latest trend and
    attracts more attention, which essentially helps
    with the promotion.
  • Live discussion with your special guest will
    engage your audience and they get a glance of
    what the event will be like.
  • Make sure you catch the live reaction of your
    audience reply on comments so you can gauge how
    the audience perceives the live stream and also
    ask the special guest to respond to some comments.

  • 4. Video invitations from speakers and special
  • To increase excitement for the event, ask your
    speakers and special guests to make video
    invitations to the event.
  • Videos are more engaging than a text message and
    the audience will be able to see how excited
    these people are for the event which will make
    them more excited.Make the videos short and
    simple enough to make sure people will watch it.

5. Facebook Ads based on interests
  • Use Facebook ads to reach a wider audience and
    event promotion.
  • But know your audiences interests to use
    Facebook ads wisely.
  • Dont forget to target people whove attended
    your previous events.

  • 6. Share the pre-event activities with your
  • Share the latest updates with your audience on
    social media platforms.
  • It is crucial to retain the excitement of your
    audience for the event.
  • Pre-event activities can include the speaker
    lineup, behind-the-scenes pictures. All this can
    help build up the anticipation of the audience.
  • Keep them updated as it will make them feel like
    theyre actively involved in this process.

7. Give guest tickets for people who share the
  • Build a hype for your event by hosting a contest
    or give the audience an incentive for promotion
    of the event.
  • Reward the audience with an extra ticket if they
    send proof of their ticket while also spread the
    word about the event through their social media.

8. Guest Post
  • Look out for related blogs associated to the
    event theme or the industry.
  • Encourage your speakers, entertainers, chefs and
    any other interesting personalities that are key
    to the event to guest blog.
  • You can support them on which blogs to approach
    with a ready format for the request as well as
    provide them with content suggestions and visuals
    that will encourage blog readers to share.

9. Networking with similar events
  • Networking with similar events is a great way to
    promote your event. With this you will learn some
    of the marketing strategies. Since these events
    will likely have similar target audience as
    yours, make sure you keep an eye out to see how
    the audience perceives their event.
  • You can use their reactions to add on or switch
    up your event promotion strategies.
  • 10.Social Media Platforms
  • Make sure you are active on all social media
    channels where your attendees reside to share
    your content.
  • Encourage share of tweets and posts by offering
    an incentive for the same. It could be a special
    gift given out at the event or some other
    incentive that compel people to share your
    message and create a viral buzz around your

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