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Safe Your Premises from Fire Accident and Other THREAT(ALEART)


We are witness many of Fire Accidents is Home ,Office ,Industries and Other Public Places . In these incident we lost Human Lives and Valuable other Assets – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Safe Your Premises from Fire Accident and Other THREAT(ALEART)

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National Crime Records
Bureau (NCRB) based on the 12,748 lives in 2018.
For the city-based fire-safety collectiveOf the
fire fatalities in 2018, as many as 4,290 were in
the 18-30 age group and 3,860 in the 30-45 age
group. These vulnerable age groups together
accounted for 63 of all fire-related deaths,
notes Uday Vijayan, who had started Beyond
Carlton after the February 23, 2010 tragedy that
killed his young son. Vijayan has now proposed a
national fire-safety law with strict deterrents
on the lines of the Road Safety Act announced
recently. As we move towards rapid urbanization
and development, our governments should be more
pro-active in implementing fire safety laws and
creating awareness, he says. Mostly women
victims The NCRB data also reveals a clear gender
factor Fire victims are mostly women. Of the
12,748 fire deaths in 2018, 7,244 were women.
This could be related to another finding 56 of
the deaths were caused by home fires. As many as
7,208 fire accidents were reported from
residences that year In the words of Vijayan It
all seems to add up. The large number of women
dying in fires, residential fires being the
largest location for fatalities and cooking gas
burst deaths all seem to add up. This clearly
tells us our homes are not really safe and need
urgent attention and focus. Electrical
short-circuits, the data shows, caused the death
of 1,368 men. In all, 1,970 fire accidents were
caused by electrical short-circuits. Maharashtra,
West Bengal and Karnataka were the states with
the most deaths.
Fire Accidents caused can result in serious
injury and damage to the property. Fire risks are
not always obvious, and the accidents involving
fire are often unexpected and sudden. Fire
accidents can occur from damaged wiring,
defective products, and smoke detectors that fail
to activate. Every business or even resident
needs to take all the necessary precautions to
avoid fire accidents. To avoid the mishappening,
which can result in injuries or damage to the
property, it is necessary to take a right caution
i.e., .to take a NOC from India Fire
Department. Completion certificate of electrical
wiring Sets of Building plan consisting of
Building Layout Plan, which includes a site plan,
layout plan, and Building model. Certificate of
Building stability and Building model Fire
accidents are something that is not in anyones
hands. With the rapid-fire accidents in the
buildings, hospitals, or residential buildings,
the Fire Departments are under the direction of
the government to make the necessary inspection
and audit of all buildings and seal them from
further use till the compliance is done as per
Fire Alarm for your Valuable Assests
    GENERAL DESCRIPTION a) Provide Fire Detection and
    Alarm System in accordance with NFPA 72 (Latest
    edition) and requirements of the Contract
    Documents. Provide a complete operable and
    intelligent analog addressable Fire Alarm and
    Detection System with associated communication
    and notification systems. The system shall
    include interfaces for foreign systems, as
    described herein and in accordance with the
    Contract Documents, and all applicable Codes,
    Standards and local Regulations, and be approved
    by Fire Services. b) All Plant furnished shall be
    new and the latest state-of-the-art, products of
    a single Manufacturer engaged in the
    manufacturing of analog fire detection devices
    for at least 5 years. c) All software licenses
    shall be supplied as part of the contract.
    Renewable subscription license are not
    acceptable. d) The system shall be supplied,
    installed, tested, and approved by the local
    Authority Having Jurisdiction, and turned over to
    the Contractor in an operational condition. e)
    The subcontractor shall contract with a single
    supplier for the fire alarm Plant, engineering,
    programming, inspection and tests, and shall
    provide a UL Listing Certificate for the
    complete system. f) Drawings The Drawings shall
    serve to indicate the general arrangement of the
    various Plant and their generic functional
    interconnections. However, layout of Plant,
    accessories, specialties, conduit system and
    wiring, are diagrammatic and do not necessarily
    indicate every required device, fitting, etc.,
    required for the complete installation. SCOPE A
    new intelligent reporting, microprocessor
    controlled fire detection system shall be
    installed in accordance to the project
    specifications and drawings. Basic Performance
    Alarm, trouble and supervisory signals from all
    intelligent reporting devices shall be encoded on
    NFPA Style 6 (Class A) Signaling Line Circuits
    (SLC). Initiation Device Circuits (IDC) shall be
    wired Class A (NFPA Style D) as part of an
    addressable device connected by the SLC Circuit.
    Notification Appliance Circuits (NAC) shall be
    wired Class A (NFPA Style Z) as part of an
    addressable device connected by the SLC Circuit.
    On Style 6 or 7 (Class A) configurations a single
    ground fault or open circuit on the system
    Signaling Line Circuit shall not cause system
    malfunction, loss of operating E-tender for Constr
    uction of Integrated Check Post at Nepalgupower
    or the ability to report an alarm. Alarm signals
    arriving at the FACP shall not be lost following
    a primary power failure (or outage) until the
    alarm signal is processed and recorded. NAC
    speaker circuits shall be arranged such that
    there is a minimum of one speaker circuit per
    floor of the building or smoke zone whichever is
    greater. Audio amplifiers and tone generating
    equipment shall be electrically supervised for
    normal and abnormal conditions. NAC speaker
    circuits and control equipment shall be arranged
    such that loss of any one (1) speaker circuit
    will not cause the loss of any other speaker
    circuit in the system. Two-way telephone
    communication circuits shall be supervised for
    open and short circuit conditions.

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We will be Right Partner for Executing your
Projects (Technical and Economical)
Important Segment and Focus Industries
  • Solar Power PV Plant Rooftop ,Ground Mounted,
    Water Floating
  • High Energy Storage System and Public EV Charging
  • Power Generation Thermal , Hydro ,Gas Base
  • Power Transmission and Distribution Uday,
  • Oil Gas Refinery, Pipe Line, Tank Form and
    Terminal Receiving Station, Petrol and Gas Pumps
  • Large Process Plant (WTP, Chemical, Food,Pharma,
  • Large Infra Facility Housing Society, University
    Campus, Hospital, Shopping Mall ,Open and Close
    Game Stadium
  • Police Communication Centre , Army, Naval and
    Airforce Infra
  • Smart City ICT,CCTV, IOT , Project AMRUT (WTP)
  • Indian Railway Building, ST ,Wireless ,CCTV,Fire
    Alarm and IBMS Project
  • Metro Rail ,NCRTC, NHRCL Project Building, ST
    ,Wireless ,CCTV,Fire Alarm and IBMS Project
  • Airport ,Sea Port , Building,CNS,Wireless
    ,CCTV,Fire Alarm Weather Monitoring and IBMS
  • Department of Space Building,CNS,Wireless
    ,CCTV,Fire Alarm Weather Monitoring and IBMS
  • Telecommunication BTS, Exchange, Wireless ,
    Smart Intelligence Pole ,GPON Project
  • Energy Management and Monitor Project
  • Highway , Toll Way and Tunnel Automation Project
  • Data Centre Project
  • Smart Grid Project

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Our Focus and Expertise
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With Link-vue Freedom to Monitor ,Access and
Control Remotely
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CCTV and its Importance in our Life
  • Responsibilities and Reasons We need to
    consider privacy issues when creating
    surveillance policies. For one, cameras should
    avoid or mask inappropriate views of private
    areas, such as yards and windows of bedrooms or
  • Crime, Cost and Benefits Public surveillance
    camera systems can be a cost-effective way to
    deter, document, and reduce crimes
  • Document and Publicise Policies. The law
    enforcing agencies must formulate on how
    surveillance cameras can be used and what are the
    disciplinary consequences for misuse. Likewise,
    officers should be thoroughly trained on these
    policies and held accountable for abiding by
  • Forecasting and Post-Event Investigations The
    usefulness of surveillance technology in
    preventing and solving crimes depends on the
    resources put into it. The most effective systems
    are those which are monitored by trained staff,
    have enough cameras to detect crimes in progress,
    and integrate the technology into all manner of
    law enforcement activities. Use of correct
    video-analytics can actually raise alarms about
    crimes or accidents before they take place.
    Correct management software will help in tagging,
    archiving and retrieving the authentic data for
    post-event investigation. 
  • Mix of Man and Machine People should be out on
    the streets and work-places trying to prevent
    crime or losses. CCTV cameras are just a less
    effective alternative to having police walk the
    streets or security personnel on patrolling and
    physical surveillance. As with any technology,
    the use of cameras is by no means a substitute
    for good old-fashioned ground work. The camera
    footage provides additional leads in an
    investigation and aids in securing witness
    cooperation. The video footage serves as a
    complement to but not a replacement for
    eyewitness evidence in the courtroom. 

  • Dark Fighter Technology Cameras These cameras
    can pick up colored images in very low-light
    conditions. Dark fighter technology can be used
    in the day and night and offer optimal
    performance thanks to its wide range of
    capabilities. They are equipped with ½ CMOS
    progressive scan sensors which allows the device
    to pick up high-quality images and doesnt
    require an extra light source which makes the
    perfect night time security surveillance camera.
  • ANPR/LPR Cameras ANPR and LPR cameras are used to
    read and store data on registration plates. They
    offer a simple and efficient solution to many
    organizations including tolling, hotel overstay
    management and the obvious car parking. ANRP
    stands for Automatic Number Plate Recognition
    (LPR cameras stands for License plate cameras)
    and these devices help to obtain copious
    information in a high traffic area to keep any
    premises secure.
  • Internal and External Dome Camera The dome camera
    is one most commonly used for indoor and outdoor
    security and surveillance. The shape of the
    camera makes it difficult for onlookers to tell
    which way the camera is facing, which is a strong
    piece of design, deterring criminals by creating
    an air of uncertainty
  • Bullet Camera Bullet cameras are long and
    cylindrical in shape and are ideal for outdoor
    use. Their strengths lie specifically in
    applications which require long distance viewing.
    Installed within protective casings, the cameras
    are shielded against dust, dirt and other natural
    elements. The cameras can easily be mounted with
    a mounting bracket, and come fitted with either
    fixed or varifocal lenses depending on the
    requirements of its intended application
  • C-mount Camera Coming with detachable lenses,
    C-mount cameras allow for simple lens changes to
    fit different applications. C-mount cameras can
    cover distances beyond 40 ft thanks to the
    possibility to use special lenses with these
    cameras, whereas standard CCTV lenses can only
    cover distances of 35-40 ft
  • Day/Night Camera Capable of operating in both
    normal and poorly lit environments, these cameras
    benefit from not requiring inbuilt infrared
    illuminators as they can capture clear video
    images in the dark thanks to their extra
    sensitive imaging chips. For this reason, these
    cameras are ideal for outdoor surveillance
    applications in which IR cameras are unable to
    function optimally.
  • PTZ Pan Tilt Zoom Camera PTZ Pan/tilt/zoom
    cameras allow the camera to be moved left or
    right (panning), up and down (tilting) and even
    allow the lens to be zoomed closer or farther.
    These cameras are used in situations where a live
    guard or surveillance specialist is there
    operating the security systems.
  • Discreet CCTV These types of cameras allow for
    discreet placement which means you can capture
    good footage of theft and criminal damage.
    Discreet CCTV cameras beneficial because
    criminals will be less likely to spot them and
    therefore, they are less likely to be damaged in
    the process.  
  • Thermal Image Cameras/Infrared Cameras One of the
    best 24 hour surveillance cameras around
    providing airports, seaports, boards and many
    other critical infrastructures with quality
    images, no matter what time of day it is.
    Infrared cameras have small LEDs surrounding the
    lens to help pick up moving figures in pitch
    black. Thermal image cameras can see over long
    distances, up to 300 meters away!
  • Varifocal Cameras With the ability to zoom in and
    out without forfeiting its focus. Varifocal
    cameras allow you to adjust the focal length, the
    angle and increase or decrease the zoom ideal
    for obtaining footage in a square room where you
    would normally experience a dead zone with any
    alternative, fixed lense camera.
  • Network Camera These cameras share the images
    across the internet, so CCTV footage can be
    easily accessed. Network cameras are ideal for
    both domestic and commercial purposes because you
    can see whats going on whilst away from the
  • High Definition Cameras High definition cameras
    have such a high resolution that theyre mainly
    used in high risk establishments such as banks
    and casinos. This is to capture a good image of
    anyone who enters and exits to maintain high
    security and maximum safety. These cameras are
    great for spotting misconduct and allows the user
    to zoom in for extra clarity, should the footage
    need to be used in court

CCTV We insure to Secure and Safe Monitor your
Camera for Hazard Location up to IP68 Condition
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One Step Move to Smart Infra
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Details of ICS Systems
Details of SCADA
Command ,Control and Communicate with your
Experience and Professional Activity
Your Best Partner for Solution Data Communication
IoT-aided transmission tower protection system
for the safety of transmission towers from the
threats of buglary, natural disasters, barbaric
construction and growing trees. This system is
comprised of a sink node and various sensors
which generate early warnings to the monitoring
centers about the threats to high voltage
transmission towers. The sensors include two
vibration sensors (one underground in the base of
tower and other on the tower), anti-theft bolts,
leaning sensor and video cameras
Monitoring and Security Surveillance your Plant
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The main objectives of sensing and collecting
information in IoT-aided SG systems using a
variety of devices. It is comprised of various
kinds of IoT sensing devices, such as RFID tags,
cameras, WSN, GPS and M2M devices, in order to
collect data in a SG. It is categorized into two
sub-layers, a perception control sub-layer and a
communication extension sub-layer. The perception
control sub-layer realizes the perception of the
physical world by processing IoT devices,
information acquisition, monitoring and control,
while the communication extension sub-layer has a
communication module which connects IoT devices
with the network layer.
Smart location-based automated energy control IoT
framework for energy efficiency, changing the
current static and centralized energy control to
dynamic and distributed energy control. It is
comprised of four main components, i.e.,
multi-source energy saving policies, monitoring
and control via mobile devices, location-based
automatic control, and a cloud computing platform
for data storage and computationWeb-enabled SG
architecture comprised of web services on the top
of IoT devices 129. It has two types of energy
sources, renewable and nonrenewable, both of
which are connected to digital energy meters. The
digital energy meters collect household energy
consumption data which is further collected by
IoT gateways to communicate to the server
containing the web services
We can Connect Monitor and Data Transfer to any
Vadodara Smart City Project
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Cathodic Protection
Your Premises
Earthing Design
Data Centre
Install and Monitor your Earthing
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Surge Protection
Surge Protection
You are in Right Hand We are Right Partner For
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