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Information about Entertainment in Egypt


About a decade ago, entertainment options in Egypt, especially outside Cairo, were rather limited. However, today touristic cities like Alexandria, Luxor, Aswan, Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab, Hurghada, and Marsa Alam offer a wide range of entertainment means for travelers of all ages. Know more: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Information about Entertainment in Egypt

Information About Entertainment In Egypt
Arabic Music
  • For the fans of arabic music and different types
    of oriental tunes, the cairo opera house and the
    sayed dervish theatre in alexandria are the best
    places to attend a live arabic music concert.
  • In islamic cairo, especially on public holidays
    and during the holy month of ramadan, there are
    usually music evenings and theatre productions in
    beit zeinab khatoun a historical house located
    behind the famous azhar mosque, and beit el
    haraway, another famous house constructed in the
    17th century in islamic cairo.

The Whirling Dervishes Tanoora Dance Show
  • Whirling dervishes, or Tanoora dancing,
    performances absolutely encapsulate all that
    Egyptian culture is.
  • Many Nile Cruise ships which travel from Luxor to
    Aswan, and vise versa, offer a Tanoora dance show
    as part of their entertainment program. The same
    goes for dinner cruise sailing down the Nile in

Belly Dancing Performances
  • Although the origins of belly dancing in Egypt
    dates back to the Pharaonic period, most of
    today's performances depend primarily on the
    blending of folk, gypsy, and ottoman patterns of
  • Many Nile Cruise ships in Egypt in Luxor, Aswan,
    and Cairo offers their guests with a short belly
    dance performance. Moreover, nightclubs in many
    cities around the country, especially in larger
    hotels, have a permanent belly dance performance
    every night.

The Sound and Light Shows in Egypt
  • Almost every major historical site in Egypt
    provides a sound and light show with certain
    schedules and a number of languages.
  • These sites include the Pyramids of Giza, the
    Karnak Temple, the Temple of Philae, and many
    other monuments.
  • These performances begin as soon as the sun goes
    down and involve the historical site being
    illuminated by different colors and shades while
    a recorded voice tells the audience about the
    history and the mythology of the monument.

Western Classical Music
  • The main venue to listen to good western
    classical music would be the Cairo Opera House.
    Its main hall hosts regular performances of
    visiting international artists from all over the
  • In Alexandria, the theatre of Sayed Darwish and
    the Alexandria Conference Hall hosts some western
    musical concerts which are usually organized by
    the French, Italian, or the German consulates.
    Many cultural centers around Cairo organize a
    number of concerts for performing western music.
  • Some of the major hotels in Cairo, Hurghada, and
    Sharm El Sheikh sometimes organize live classical
    western music to be performed during dinner in
    the main restaurant or in nightclubs and bars to
    entertain their guests.

Bars and Discos in Egypt
  • Although Egypt is considered to be an Islamic
    country, there are many bars around the country,
    other than these located inside five stars
    hotels, where the prices are far cheaper but
    never less enjoyable.
  • Alexandria features a large number of bars, due
    to the fact that the city was host to a large
    number of foreigners in the 19th and the 20th
    centuries. There is the beautiful Cap d'Or Bar
    that  will make you feel like they are in a real
    Mediterranean taverna that belongs to the good
    old days.
  • In Cairo, there severalbars especially in the
    areas of the Island of Zamalek and Mohadneseen.
    Examples of bars in these neighborhoods would
    include Deals, L' Aubergine, Tabasco, and Bull's
    Eyes which are usually attended by the wealthy
    youth of the city.

The Rock and Jazz Performance in Egypt
  • A few concerts for Jazz, Rock, and Pop are
    organized in Egypt, like the famous Jean Michael
    Jarre performance in the Pyramids during the
    celebration of the millennium. However, these
    events are quite rare. The only dedicated venue
    for the performance of live modern western music
    is the Cairo Jazz Club which is located in
    Agouza, near the Island of Zamalek in Cairo.
    There is usually a live band playing most nights.

Casinos in Egypt
  • Many of the five stars hotels in Egypt,
    especially in Sharm El Sheikh and Cairo, have a
    casino which is opened for non-Egyptians only.
    The games of these casinos are usually operated
    in US dollars or Euros.
  • Examples of the hotelswith casinos in Egypt would
    include Semiramis Intercontinental and Marriott
    in Cairo, El Salamlek Hotel in Alexandria, and a
    large number of hotels and resorts in Sharm El
    Sheikh and Sinai. 

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