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Infant Baby Cares: Feeding, Sleep And Development Tips | Parenting Tips


Infant Baby Cares provide expert advice and support on baby care, provides baby care tips, helps new parents gain the confidence to parent confidently. Get more information about Infant baby care by watch our presentation. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Infant Baby Cares: Feeding, Sleep And Development Tips | Parenting Tips

Infant Baby Cares Feeding, Sleep Development
Tips Parenting Tips
Why Us
  • As with everything, new parents have lots of
    questions and we believe there are no easy
    answers in parenting. Our priority is to offer
    practical reassuring advice in everyday baby care
    and clear explanations of your newborn behaviour
    and development.
  • Youll find that in our Blog Posts we engage in
    conversations, either, seeking or providing
    advice while trying to balance a nurturing
    environment for your baby. We are here to support
    you adapt to the new joys and responsibilities of
    your new parenting role, to feel confident in how
    to interact and care for your baby.

Why It Matters
  • If you have ever wondered why something gives you
    contentment or fills you with cold sweat or
    resentment, we will help you to find your Why It
    Matters and to better understand why you do the
    things you do!

Slow Weight Gain
  • What are the reasons attributed to weight gain?
  • Weight gain is one of the many signs of good
    health in a breastfeeding baby. Slow weight gain
    is sometimes called failure to thrive and
    happens when your infant is gaining weight at a
    slower rate than other children of the same age
    and sex.
  • It is not a disease, but could be a manifestation
    of medical, social, and/or environmental factors
    preventing a child from getting the calories they
    need to maintain a healthy rate of growth. To
    find out more about our services and help you in
    your baby slow weight gain talk to us.

Sleeping Problems
  • Helping kids with sleeping problems
  • The saying Sleep when your baby sleeps is
    simply the best advice. If your baby is not
    eating, they are probably sleeping. Newborns log
    as many as 16 hours of sleep a day, but only in
    short bursts. The result? You are continuously
    alert, more tired, and exhausted. Even the best
    of us may begin to resent the severe lack of
  • So, take naps together with the baby and go to
    bed early!
  • So, what if your infant has trouble sleeping?  Do
    whatever it takes. You can soothe, rock, or
    cuddle the baby to sleep. Allow your new-born
    fall asleep on your chest or in the car seat.
    Dont worry about bad habits yet because it is
    about survival. Your survival!

Breast Feeding
  • Guidance for latching the baby
  • A mother nursing her baby is one of the most
    beautiful images nature could create. It is also
    one of the simplest activities and creates a
    stronger attachment. A mothers milk gives the
    baby all the nutrients needed for the first six
    months and beyond. It is important to note that
    breastfeeding helps to protect your baby from
    infections and other diseases through
    strengthening their immunity.
  • For some women, the first few days or weeks of
    breastfeeding are a challenge. Breastfeeding is
    natural, but its a practiced skill, almost an
    art form, says Corky Harvey, R.N., M.S., a
    lactation consultant and co-owner of The Pump
    Station, a breastfeeding-support Centre in Santa
    Monica, Calif.

Potty Training
  • I can help your child deal with it
  • Potty training is one of the milestones that you
    are probably excitedly awaiting. Though some
    toddlers adjust in a few days, it is good to note
    that it may take your little one several months
    to get into the potty habit. There will be
    setbacks along the way. But that doesnt mean we
    cant improve things. On the contrary, theres a
    lot we can do together with and for you.
  • To find out more about services and help you in
    your baby potty training talk to us today.

  • Were always happy to help find the solutions for
    your needs if the services you are looking is not
    included in our packages, simply contact us we do
    our best to provide the right advise or support
    to meet your needs.
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