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Baby Care - From Diapering to Feeding


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Title: Baby Care - From Diapering to Feeding

Babycare From Diapering to Feeding
  • ?Introduction
  • ?Essential New Born Care
  • ?Feeding Your Baby
  • ?Diapering Your Baby
  • ?Sleeping
  • ?Crying
  • ?Bathing
  • ?Bonding
  • ?Weight
  • ?Pediatrician visits
  • ?Functional requirements of newborn products

  • The birth of a child is usually occasioned by a
    well term baby and a healthy mother. Essential
    newborn care is given to all neonates whether
    they are born healthy, small or unwell. Being a
    first-time mom there is evidently a set of
    challenges as you get introduced to a lot of new
    things, ranging from breastfeeding to soothing a
    crying baby. Though with patience and right
    information, you can make it a fulfilling
  • Every mother feels nervous about managing their
    newborn. However, with time and patience, you
    will learn to take the best care of your baby.
    Each passing day will help you to understand the
    signs of hunger, drowsiness, reasons for crying
    etc. Taking care of a newborn is not hard, it is
    just an overwhelming experience and it is
    something you will learn as the time passes.

  • While new mothers need to embrace the fact that
    the first few days will be more tough to take
    care of your baby. There are ways in which baby
    care can be provided without too much stress. The
    Vital part of a new moms life is to assure her
    babys safety, with the challenge of not being
    able to verbally communicate so for many months
    to come. In such a case, all that you need to do
    is harness the power of your hugs. While hugging
    your baby will be natural to you, the positive
    impact of your embraces go beyond mere instinct.
    A child who is hugged feels safe, thereby
    reducing stress.

  • Some of the important things to take care of the
    new born
  • Mothers Milk
  • It helps the baby to fight against infection,
    pneumonia, diarrhoea therefore breastfeeding is
    really important.
  • Washing hands
  • While you are holding your baby its mandatory
    that you wash your hands every time you are
    holding your baby.
  • Bathing
  • Do not bath your baby initially for 5-6 days.
    Just wipe the baby rather than bath.

  • Breastfeeding your baby is the most crucial way
    to ensure your babys healthy growth in the early
    months of her infancy. There are many advantages
    of breastfeeding your little one, the most
    important one being the nourishment of your
    new-born that will lay the ground for her overall
    development in the years to come. Thus, it is
    important to know how to feed a baby to make sure
    you are well-acquainted with this process and
    ensure an effortless bonding experience between
    you your bundle of joy

  • Breast feeding basic strategies will help first
    time mom to solve their difficulties in
    feeding.Some of them are,
  • Don't Delay
  • Breastfeeding seems to go more
    smoothly for women who nurse within an hour of
  • Learn to Latch
  • Your baby needs to have a deep latch
    in order to get enough milk and to prevent your
    nipples from becoming damaged and sore.

  • Nurse on Demand
  • During the first six weeks, it's
    essential to let your baby nurse whenever he
  • Feed Your Milk Supply
  • Drink at least eight glasses of
    liquids a day. Depending on your age, metabolism
    and activity level,your calorie needs will likely
    be 2,200 to 2,400 daily.
  • Create a "Nursing Nest"
  • Though not essential, a glider,
    rocker or cushy chair with an ottoman or
    footstool are helpful.

  • A newborns skin is soft and fine, and needs to
    be handled with care. Diapering the right way is
    very important to ensure that your babys tender
    bottom is safeguarded from diaper rashes. To
    protect your babys skin, practise washing your
    hands before and after every nappy change.
    Changing the diaper immediately after it is
    soiled is of utmost important. Ideally, the
    babys bottom must be allowed to air-dry before
    the next change. If the newborns bottom shows
    signs of redness, apply zinc-oxide diaper cream
    and petroleum jelly before every diaper change.
    Diaper changing might seem complicated for new
    moms. But with a little practice, you'll find
    that keeping your baby clean and dry is easy.

  • Tips to help you diaper your baby comfortably
    and correctly
  • Place your baby on a clean, soft, safe surface
  • Open up the diaper and clean your baby
  • a) For a wet diaper Fold the dirty diaper
    underneath the baby and wipe the area.
  • b) For a poopy diaper Wipe as much as
    possible with the diaper itself, then fold it
    underneath, as above.
  • Throw out the dirty diaper
  • Dress baby
  • Wash your hands again

  • Every baby is different, but normally young
    infants can sleep anywhere from 20 minutes to
    three hours at a time. During the first month,
    your baby may sleep up to 16 hours per day. At
    first, many newborns will confuse day and night.
    This is because they are used to sleeping during
    the day, since they find moms movement soothing,
    and staying awake at night when the mother is
    still. It can take some time to adapt, but there
    are ways you can help your baby adjust to the
    real world. During the day, keep your shades are
    up, your lights on and provide plenty of noise
    and stimulation. At night, dim the lights, stay
    quiet and avoid playtime.

  • Most babies cry between two to four hours
    throughout a 24-hour period. It takes time to
    understand what each cry means. Pay close
    attention to your babys schedule and keep track
    of their sleeping, eating and diaper changes.
    Then, you can find out what your baby needs.
    Aside from the big three reasons for cries
    hunger, tiredness or a full diaper keep in mind
    that your baby may also be upset because they are
    overstimulated, uncomfortable or too hot or cold.

  • Aside from messy spit-ups and blowouts, babies
    usually dont get very dirty. You should not
    bathe your newborn daily. Just give them a gentle
    bath with a soft sponge or washcloth every two to
    three days.
  • Hold them close to your body and provide
    skin-to-skin contact.
  • Let your baby hear your heartbeat.
  • Talk to them.

  • Newborns are expected to lose weight shortly
    after birth because they carry a little extra
    baggage to get through the first few days. Your
    doctor should closely monitor your babys weight,
    but they should return to their birth weight
    after about two weeks. Then, they will gain
    roughly one ounce per day for the first few

  • Within 24 hours after birth
  • Every day in the hospital until discharged
  • Three to five days after discharge
  • Two weeks after birth
  • One month after birth
  • Once every two months (up to 18 months)

  • Having a baby is exciting but the first few
    months are not as exciting as they seem. New
    parents are usually seen stressing over newborn
    baby essentials and in order to ensure that
    everything is in place, they sometimes go
    overboard. But tell you that overdoing things
    will only create a mess and it is essential that
    you have a checklist on what products are
    necessary for your newborn baby. From baby care
    essentials to clothing necessities, we have got
    you covered with a wide range of products that
    are an absolute must-have in your little one's
    wardrobe. Our curated list of newborn essentials
    is a guide for new parents or expecting parents
    to keep everything ready.

Breast Pumps
  • Breast pumps helps you to extract milk from your
    breasts without disturbing your sleeping baby and
    without any pain. They can be used to collect
    milk to feed your baby in your absence, relieve
    engorgement, manage an overabundant milk supply,
    or increase your milk supply. If you plan on
    returning to work, a good quality breast pump
    will be essential.
  • There are different types available depending on
    how often you need to pump. Mainly there are two
    kinds of breast pumps used now depended on the
    method of activity. They are Manual breast pumps
    and Electric breast pumps. The initial phase of
    picking a breast pump is to choose what method of
    activity is the best for a new mom.

Manual breast pumps Manual Breast pump helps in
relieving swelling or tightness of your breasts.
Breast milk works on the function of demand and
supply.It helps, the more milk your child needs,
the more milk your body will make. Hence,manual
breast pumps helps in regulating the milk
production. Pigeon manual breast pump is perfect
for mothers looking for simplicity and
uncomplicated pumping.
Electric breast pumps It creates suction to
extract milk from the breasts. An electric breast
pump will be a big time-saver for new moms since
it helps them express milk more quickly than a
manual pump. Pigeon portable electric breast pump
is perfect for mothers who frequently have to go
out. It is easy to use anywhere you want and it
comes with a baby bottle stand to avoid spilling.
  • Feeding Bottles
  • If your baby cant always feed directly from your
    breast, you might choose to bottle-feed with
    expressed breast milk. If you choose to feed your
    baby using a bottle, baby will need to learn how
    to drink from a bottle. It can take some time for
    your baby to get used to it.
  • Tips for Bottle Feeding
  • Pick a time when your baby is calm and not too
  • Start by offering your baby small amounts of
    breast milk or infant formula in the bottle.
  • If you are breastfeeding, your baby may be more
    willing to take a bottle from someone other than

Softouch Wide Neck Peristaltic Plus Plastic
Bottle Switching from breastfeeding to bottle
feeding is uncomfortable for babies making them
feel cranky and even refusing to feed. PIGEON
Nursing Bottle with SofTouch Peristaltic bottles
come with a wider neck and the nipple is made
flatter to ensure that the baby is comfortable
feeding from the bottle.
Softouch Wide Neck Peristaltic Plus Glass
Bottle You does not stop your baby from getting
your valuable breastmilk using PIGEON Nursing
Bottle with SofTouch Peristaltic PLUS nursing
bottle with silicone nipple.These baby feeding
bottles come in two different sizes which help
accommodate the babys growth. These are
decorated in an attractive manner to attract
babies. A comfortable switch from breastfeeding
to bottle-feeding using Peristaltic PLUS WN
Nursing Bottle.
Storage Bags and Containers
  • Breast milk storage bags and containers are
    specially made for the collection and storage of
    breast milk. They are very useful for anyone
    who plans on pumping their milk. These products
    are designed to withstand freezing and thawing,
    and can safely store your milk for long periods
    of time. Depending on your storage needs, you may
    choose to use breast milk storage bags. We
    introduce some of the storage bags and bottles
    that are designed specifically for breast milk

Breast milk Storage Bags Pigeon breastmilk
storage bags are perfect for storing and freezing
expressed breast milk. Cost effective and
self-standing milk storage bags come with
leak-proof double zipper seal. Pre-sterilized
with gamma rays for hygiene and safety before
Breast Milk Storage Bottles Pigeons breast
milk storage bottles are the perfect solution for
extracting and storing breast milk and are also
compatible with Pigeon breast pumps and
nipples.PIGEON Breast Milk Storage bottles allow
you to continue breastfeeding even when you are
away from your baby.
  • Baby Oils
  • Baby massages with baby oils help to stimulate
    blood circulation,release muscle tension and
    relieve gas issues.
  • Some of the benefits of baby oils are,
  • Baby oils helps to moisturise and deeply nourish
    the skin.
  • Massages have a positive effect on an infants
  • Makes infant feel more relaxed, less stressed.
  • Massages help babies to gain weight and also
    improve digestion.
  • Reduces gas from baby foods.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Development of strong bones, muscular relaxation
    and improved breathing.

Natural Botanical Baby Massage Oil Natural
Botanical Baby Massage Oil seals in moisture with
nourishing ingredients while you bond with your
baby. This lightweight oil is hypoallergenic,
perfect for delicate baby skin. Enriched with
Jojoba and Chamomile, Natural Botanical Baby
Massage Oil absorbs easily and gently moisturizes
your babys sensitive skin without redness or
irritation. Use as a body massage or as bath oil.
Natural Botanical Baby Milky Lotion Pigeons
Natural Botanical Baby Milky Lotion nourishes and
protects delicate baby skin from dryness and
itchiness while providing a boost of long-lasting
hydration for up to 24 hours. Perfect for
delicate baby skin. Enriched with Argan, Olive
and Chamomile extract, this lotion absorbs easily
and gently moisturises your babys sensitive skin
without redness or irritation.
  • Hygiene Care Products
  • Good hygiene is the key to good health, for both
    you and your baby. Babies, especially until the
    age of two years, are highly vulnerable to
    infections and very likely to pick up diseases
    from their surroundings. As a parent, you should
    provide your child with a clean atmosphere, which
    is disease-free, as much as possible. If you are
    a new mom and clueless about the manner of taking
    care of your child, take the advices of
    pediatricians or elders.

Safety Nail Clipper This baby nail clipper is
perfect for babies of age 9 months and up.
Trimming a baby's tender and delicate nails with
small blades is ideal. The baby's nails can be
easily trimmed thanks to the easy-grip handle. It
is free of BPA.
Baby Wipes Moisturizing Cloths Pigeon baby wipes
are microbiologically tested to ensure superior
hygiene and quality. These are thicker durable
wipes with added softness for a gentle touch of
loving tenderness. It can be used daily, even on
the babys hands and face. Strongly recommended
for newborns and babies up to 6 months old.
  • Sterilizing products
  • A babys immune system is not yet fully
    developed, and babies are more susceptible to
    infection and illness . Give your babys delicate
    digestive tract and immune system a helping hand
    by keeping harmful bacteria from being
    transmitted at feeding time with a bottle
    sterilizer. It is important to sterilize all
    equipment until your baby is 12 months old,
    allowing your little one to gradually develop
    immunity.Sterilizing baby bottles is an added
    step beyond traditional cleaning that provides
    extra protection against germs.

Multi Function Sterilizer This baby bottle
sterilizer is a useful appliance with triple
functions which provide utilization and greater
convenience. It has an LED display panel
indicating the status and settings of the gadget
and it comes with a safety feature that switches
off the gadget on completion.
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