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Grow your website on search engines |


In this pdf you will learn how to grow your website on search engines within few days and you will rank on top of search engine – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Grow your website on search engines |

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Why to Grow Website On Search Engines
  • First question is that, why we need to submit
    site on search engines?
  • Submitting site on search engines can grow our
    traffic because all user of internet using search
    engines for their query and google is of biggest
    search engines have more then trillion website
    data on their search engine. Google make sure
    that their user can get effective and efficient
  • There are different types of search engines like
    Images , Videos , Infographic , maps and content
    . Google covers everyone like google have image
    tab , video tab , and also show content related

  • As in above picture you can see different search
    engines and everyone knows that google is king of
    search engines. You know what 98 of website
    owners wants to rank their website on google
    because they know that quality of traffic can be
    getter from google.
  • So now we knows the importance of search engines
    and why we need to rank our site on search
  • Next question is that ,who people are searching
    on search engines?
  • People are searching related to their queries ,
    places , news , tutorials and much more. They are
    performing their search through query which is
    called keywords . Keywords means a subject or a
    world which person searched on google . There are
    different types of keywords like buy sell
    keywords , informative keywords .

How to Grow Website On Search Engines
  • Growing site on search engines is not harder task
    but it is little bit difficult and time taking. I
    am listing main factors .
  • A Proper Research.
  • Domain Hosting (Stunning website).
  • Optimize Content .
  • Speed Optimize.
  • Most Important Audience Knowledge .
  • Social Share

A Proper Research.
  • A proper research include many things but most
    important things is that you need to know about
    your audience area and geographic location of
    your audience.
  • Like every new business do some research means
    some statistic which decrease the risk of
    business. Same it Is starting any site first you
    need to do some research they main research
    include audience selection and keyword research.
  • Audience research
  • It define the age, gender and geographical
    location of audience
  • Keyword research
  • Is the difficult and important task and it is
    time taking but it is
  • Result oriented .

A Proper Research
  • A proper Keyword research involves everything and
    make 50 to 60 chance that your site can grow and
    get traffic more rapidly.
  • PPC Marketing also need keyword so if you want to
    start your site ppc marketing then you also need
    keywords research.
  • First need to define that on which type of
    keywords you want to focus is that buy sell
    keyword or is informative keywords or is this
    keywords focus on local business like (pizza near
    me ) , buy football under 50.

A Proper Research
  • A good keyword means that contain less
    competition and more search value . It means that
    keywords volume must1000 and if you want to earn
    through google then cpc means cost per click of
    keyword should be 1.
  • If you are doing an amazon affiliate then its
    volume should be 450 and make sure you should
    select a buy keyword not free.
  • Keyword selection is the most important factor
    now you know that.

Domain Hosting (Stunning website).
  • Make sure you have select a right domain and
    hosting company it means that company should be
    trusted .
  • Hosting is main factor and charges of hosting
    vary from package to package.
  • You need to define what type of hosting you need
    means need amazon server , cloud hosting or any
    other hosting .
  • Make sure your website hosting server should on
    24/7 otherwise a your site will be not show to

Optimize Content
  • Need to optimize your content according to search
    engines need that what type of content they want
    and rank it .
  • Use proper title for your content and proper meta
    description of your content.
  • Make proper heading in your content , proper
    linking in your site and in content.
  • Use proper image in your content.

Social Share Speed Optimize
  • Make social media pages of your website that will
    grab traffic from social media.
  • Make sure you website should open in 2 sec that
    is best speed for search engine.
  • Check your site speed on google speed checker.

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