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Join Professional yoga classes in Ajman by Aina


Improves balance. Enhances flexibility. Builds strength. Perfects posture. Protects health. Enhances focus. The benefits of working with a professional Hatha Yoga Instructor go on and on. Join me for a session in UAE and experience the positive changes that a little bit of sweat, breathing, and concentration can have on your health and wellbeing. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Join Professional yoga classes in Ajman by Aina

Join Professional yoga classes in Ajman by Aina
Yoga improves your flexibility and posture
Practicing Yoga will improve your body
flexibility. On your first class, you probably
wont be able to touch your feet with your hands.
But if you perform yoga persistently, youll
observe a gradual loosening of your muscles. And
with time, you will be able to do impossible Yoga
poses and body pains will start to minimize.
Yoga helps in weight loss
Weight loss happens when a persons calorie
intake is less than their caloric expenditure.
With regular practice of yoga, you tend to become
more sensitive to the kind of food the body
intakes. There are Yoga poses which are meant for
the mind, and there is power yoga that is more of
exercise. Yoga postures like Sun Salutations
and Kapalbhati Pranayama help lose weight to a
great extent.
Yoga builds muscle strength
Strong muscles are not only for good looks but it
has other benefits as well. They protect from
problems like arthritis and back pain and also
help prevent falls in elderly people. When you
build muscle strength through yoga practice, you
balance it with flexibility. You can only build
muscle if you hit the gym, but if you want both
muscles and flexibility, yoga could be a good
option to follow.
Yoga for stress-relief
When we are stressed and feel anxious, the mind
gets disturbed and turbulent. At this moment, it
would be difficult to focus and concentrate on a
particular thing. Practicing Yoga and Meditation
regularly help in getting out of it and work
efficiently. Meditation is a powerful tool for
relaxing the mind with the help of certain
breathing techniques. Whether you are holding
postures, flowing through sequences, or in a
seated meditation pose, everything begins to
focus and get balanced when you practice both
yoga and meditation.
Yoga increases blood flow
Yoga gets your blood flowing more effectively.
The relaxation exercises which you will learn in
yoga will help in your blood circulation. Yoga
gets more oxygen to your cells and also boosts
levels of hemoglobin and red blood cells, which
carry oxygen to the tissues. It thins the blood
by making platelets less sticky and by cutting
the level of clot-promoting proteins in the
blood. This will minimize heart attacks and
strokes since blood-clots are often the cause of
these killers.
Yoga with Aina Address Sheikh Ammar Street,Zip
Code 6362 City Ajman , State
Ajman https/
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