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How is the Continuous Testing Environment Vital for Your Software Products?


The objective of continuous testing is to give quality results in terms of the load, security & performance. Out of all the testing methods, automation testing is the best choice for IT test environment management. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How is the Continuous Testing Environment Vital for Your Software Products?

How is the Continuous Testing Environment Vital
For Your Software Products?
  • Digital transformation is at its peak and with
    each passing day, it is flourishing. Also,
    customers expectations for enhanced digital
    experiences are very high. Even the simple code
    takes a lot of time and delays the final
  • The world which is driven by software demands
    both quality and speed at the same time. It is a
    tough task for the developer to be ahead of the
    competition and also to satisfy the clients.
  • For maintaining speed and quality, it is
    important to carry on continuous testing whenever
    it is required. Continuous testing is in great
    demand these days.
  • However, out of all the testing methods,
    automation testing is the best choice for IT test
    environment management. It is also the need of
    the hour as it ensures the test is performed with
    the utmost speed.
  • The ultimate goal for the business is to delight
    the customers with the best user experience and
    it is only possible by adopting DevOps and
    leveraging continuous testing at the time of
    development lifecycle.

  • What to Choose from Continuous Testing and
    Automated Testing?
  • The main objective of Continuous testing is not
    restricted to only satisfy the requirements but
    also to give quality results in terms of the
    load, security, and performance. Consequently,
    knowing the business risk is also crucial for the
  • Beyond focusing on the test scenarios such as
    automation test suites, continuous testing
    approaches the usage of application and
    cooperation of the components with other
  • When you go beyond the UI level testing, it
    concentrates on the UX part, ensuring the changes
    that can impact the user experience. On top of
    that, Continuous testing shifts attention towards
    executing the automation testing at the beginning
    of the stage. That means the testing is done
    until the time of development activities.
  • DevOps helps the businesses to deliver high-end
    results with effective communication and
    cooperation between the IT teams, development
    teams and testing teams. The main objective here
    is to create a smooth automation process with
    high-speed delivery.
  • It also assists the QA teams to converge on the
    greater picture so that they get insights into
    the planning, designing, and various changes
    through continuous testing.

  • In fact, the large Automation Test Suites are
    relatively slower for continuous integration and
    there remain certain risks like missing defects.
  • In continuous testing, the target code transforms
    after the conduction of the last test. It also
    helps in identifying major defects in a shorter
    execution cycle.
  • Implementation of Continuous Testing

  • A transformation towards continuous testing
    happens when it comes to maintaining quality. The
    business whose main focus is to cut-short the
    delivery cycle into weeks or days is required to
    implement continuous testing into CI/CD
  • If you wish to move to the left, you need to cut
    the boundaries between the developers, testers,
    centralized teams, and IT professionals to make
    sure the stability and quality are maintained
    along with the product delivery.
  • If there is any change in the code, it is done
    through automated tests. By performing security
    and performance testing at the starting point,
    you can have many advantages. Moreover, customer
    feedback is also beneficial at the end of the
    development process.

  • Challenges Pertaining to Continuous Integration
  • Major Difference in the Architecture of the
  • Businesses have to deal with several
    applications. Some of the software are formed
    using the waterfall methodology while some are
    formed by using the microservices.The
    architecture of new and old applications is
    completely different than each other.

  • The problem here arises is of the maintenance of
    the test environment. While making the code the
    team has to focus on the continuous testing job
    of CI/CD pipeline.
  • Performing Test data management is a tedious
    task. Above that, it is also challenging to keep
    a balance between testing and development
  • The IT operations have major concerns regarding
    the new deployments and not receiving stability
    during the production environments.
  • When there is continuous integration, the teams
    can work together in order to ensure the quality
    of the product. They also take care that the
    delivery is done at the right time and date.
  • Judicious Selection of Tools
  • For the best implementation of the CI/CD
    pipeline, it would require an assortment of the
    best tools that can enhance the testing
  • Even though there are various tools available, it
    will be difficult to define the set of tools that
    goes well with the culture of the organizations.

  • Challenges are the Part of Software Testing
  • It is important to take feedback from the clients
    and users so that you can make desirable changes
    in the codes.You must consider ideal tools for
    seamless integration from the start to the end of
    the project.

  • Test-driven development is a successful approach
    where development codes are made on the basis of
    test cases. It is important to focus on ideal
    test environment management so the test can be
    carried efficiently.
  • Evaluate the defects on the initial stage to
    ensure the security and the quality of the
    software. The agile practices in the
    organizations can also help the teams to
    coordinate with other teams for the product
    delivery at the right time.
  • The errors will be there in the testing and the
    developing process, but with transparency and the
    right tools, things can be improved efficiently.

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