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5 Effectual Strategies to Ensure Test Environment Management


The test environment management is to create a more stable environment for SDLC to properly execute the testing process and finding bugs. IT environment management tools help to smooth the testing process. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: 5 Effectual Strategies to Ensure Test Environment Management

5 Effectual Strategies to Ensure Test
Environment Management
  • Today the business sector is flourishing and it
    is all because of its quality assurance criteria
    and excellent testing methods.
  • Quality assurance is impeccable for every
    organization to deploy a high-performing and
    bug-free application that serves two main motives
    of the business- customer satisfaction and high
  • The companies are adopting a continuous testing
    strategy and shift-left approach to intensify the
    quality of the application while reducing the
    chance of failure right after deployment.
  • Software testing is a complicated task as it
    involves various constraints, assumptions,
    critical success ratio, and dependencies.
  • To achieve the desired result, there is a
    requirement of a test environment that is near to
    real-life conditions rather than assumptions. The
    creation of an ideal environment requires proper
    planning, vital management skills, and precise
    execution at the end.
  • The main aim of the test environment management
    is to create a more stable and suitable
    environment. This will consist of software,
    databases, hardware, and networking elements to
    properly execute the testing process and finding

  • Moreover, IT environment management tools are
    equally essential for the smooth working of
    software testing. Companies are not completely
    adopting TEM is because of high investments and
    low returns. On the other hand, there are around
    4 of companies that have integrated TEM approach
    for their business.
  • As the test environments are evolving, it has
    become important for any organization to adopt it
    in its developing process. In this article, we
    have focused on different ways by which an
    organization can reduce the challenges to
    implement reliable testing strategies.
  • Know the Requirements of the Organizations

  • When you start off with the planning process, it
    becomes vital to know the requirements. If the
    expectations of the clients are clear, you can
    deliver the best possible results.
  • Every organization must assure that the test
    management strategies are devised as per the
    requirement of the consumer.
  • Once the preferences of the customers are known,
    the testers would immediately know the test
  • The testers must write down the test cases, make
    changes as per the demand and incorporate it
    during the test case.
  • Any change in the resource base can be done at
    the time of development which can assist the
    tester in further process.
  • Therefore when the test environment needs an
    update or dismiss, it will be easier for a tester
    to do it when the base is in hand.

  • Move towards Planning and Coordination
  • One cannot deny the fact that to get the end
    result of testing, proper planning is necessary.
    There are chances to have some sought of disputes
    in the developing and testing team due to a lack
    of separate test environment management tool.
  • Therefore, the environment managers must make a
    plan, do coordination and schedule the work to
    avoid such differences. A strategy must be formed
    to streamline the testing activities and avoid
    unnecessary delays for the release of the

  • Moreover, it is not always a good option to
    arrange two different environments as it can
    increase the organizations financial burden.
    Also, sharing the tools may increase the usage of
    the assets and reduce the installation cost.
  • If both the team maintains effective
    communication, they can easily get rid of the
    confusion, reducing the chance of chaos.
  • Implement Automation To Reach the Standards

  • It is important to define the standards of the
    test environment based on the needs of the
  • Once the team decides these targets, the
    functions like an iterative task, deployment,
    process of the build, and automated shakedown are
  • Therefore, a couple of hours can be saved to
    undertake the manual task.
  • By using the lean testing approach in the
    development process, the automation is enabled to
    the accomplishment of the CI/CD pipeline.
  • The work of manual tester can be reduced by
    implementing automation in test environment
    management tools to carry on the task of CI/CD,
    configuration management and workload automation.
  • Automated TEM tools are used to decrease the
    number of test environments during the testing
  • This not only reduces the cost but also improves
    the test environment working period.

  • Protect Your Test Data
  • According to a recent survey, 40 of the
    companies believe that the threats are from
    internal sources. As cyberattacks are rising, the
    data of any IT organization is at complete risk.
    It has become crucial for businesses to protect
    their data and avoid using the clients real
    information during the testing process.
  • By using ETL automation, data fabrication, and
    virtualization of service, it is ensured that the
    data is compliant with set standards of PII.

  • Include Infrastructure - as - code Methodology
  • Infrastructure-as-code Methodology helps in
    configuration, unsupervised provisioning, and
    deploying the operations environments. On top of
    that, IaC aids organizations for continuous
    monitoring and structural maintenance like
    version control configuration changes, network
    connectivity, and writing scripts for further
  • This test environment also attracts collaboration
    and effective change in the environment.

  • As the process of supervision and configuration
    is mundane, IaC removes the need for written
    documentation and eventually saves a lot of time.
  • The End
  • The test environment strategy can only be
    successful if it is accurate and transparent. As
    mentioned above, the company would need efficient
    planning, process optimization, resource
    management, and test automation to reach the
    desired target or standard of testing.
  • With the right kind of testing equipment, one can
    easily achieve a reliable end result.
  • We hope, by employing the above-given ways, you
    would be able to generate accurate test
    environment management strategy.

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