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Need of English Language


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Title: Need of English Language

Need of English Language
What is the need of English language?
  • Knowing English enhances your opportunities of
    getting a good job in a multinational company
    within your home country or for finding work
    abroad. It is also the language of international
    communication, the media and the internet, so
    learning English is essential for socialising and
    entertainment as well as work!

Why is English important in our life?
  • Speaking English allows you to really broaden
    your world, from job opportunities to the
    capability to correlate to people from each
    country. Knowing the language makes it much more
    interesting each trip. ... Education is very
    essential to improve yourself but learning
    English also enhance the quality of life.

Why is the English language so popular?
  • Why is the English language so popular now? Well,
    it has earned its reputation for a number of
    reasons. English is the effective or official
    language in a number of countries, consists of
    many former British Empire territories. The
    increase of the British Empire provides many
    clues as to why the English language is so
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Why English is the best language?
  • English is flexible and easy to learn
  • One of the best assets of the English language
    and why it is so impressive is its affability. It
    is a big entity of vocabulary and is constantly
    fascinating new words, whilst at the same time
    seeping into foreign languages. English contains
    over 750,000 words

Why English is important in our daily life?
  • We require to know English to communicate
    effectively too many developed countries. English
    is very much significant in our life. Language is
    always very essential, because it is the means of
    communication. If you cannot speak the language
    of a place, it will be very challenging to
    communicate with the people.


Why English is called global language?
  • English is called a global language because it is
    used as an official language almost all around
    the world.People of various nations,states,countri
    es,having various mother tongues communicate
    utilizing English. ... It is identified to be
    universal in all the countries .

How many countries speak English?
  • 67 nations have English as the primary language
    of official status, Out of the total 195
    countries in the world. Plus there are also
    another 27 countries where English is spoken as a
    secondary official language.

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