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Best Spoken English Course in Uttam Nagar


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Title: Best Spoken English Course in Uttam Nagar

English is lingua franca means the use of English
language as a global language, which is a common
language for communicating with another person
even if the person is from different first
language.   More than 350 millions of people
speak English as their first language across the
world and more than 450 million people speak
English as a second language.   Why has English
become the worlds lingua franca? According to
Attitude Academys research, the main fact is
the mode of communication can be easier for
understanding peoples thoughts, feelings and
their background. It can make communication
easier to everyone across the world than others
language. As we are aware that English language
increases the chance to get a good job in MNC or
job in abroad, lets see 5 Reasons why English is
Lingua franca
  It has simplest grammar, vocabulary and
sentence structure which makes communication
easier globally   Yes, the biggest reason why
English language has become lingua franca is that
English language has the simplest grammar,
vocabulary and sentence structure for making
communication easier in comparison to many other
languages. English language contains huge number
of vocabularies.   It makes learning English
language easy and very important for socializing,
entertainment and also at work.   English, as
Lingua franca, is a powerful tool for reducing
communication gap between people around the world.
  British empires colonization or British ruled
over many countries   The British empires
colonization has played major role to make
English language as lingua franca because of
domination of the language by British. They began
to establish colonies in the 16th century and
ruled over in many countries including India till
19th century.   For understanding what the
British used to speak, we decided to start
learning English to communicate with them and
know their planning and it also helped us in
getting independence from them.
  The Language of Business   If people want to
bring new countries into contact for growing
their business, they need a common language that
is easy to learn and understand to help them
expand their business internationally. Business
persons learn English to communicate with people
from other countries and this helps them to build
relationship in their business. At the management
level in every business, the communication is
done in English language.
  Innovation, Learning, Studies have taken place
in English speaking regions   In the era of
1500s or 1600s, most of the innovation with
learning and studies have taken place in English
speaking regions. That time, few parents wanted
to see development in their children with updated
technologies, so they used to send their students
to English speaking schools and abroad for
studies. Today, seeing the importance of English
globally, parents are working hard to earn money
so they can send their children to private
schools where their children can learn English
Science and technical terminology   The
terminologies used in most of the researches made
in Science, Medicine and Technology are in
English language. If you want to understand the
research reports published in the areas, you need
to first learn English language. Even today,
almost all research reports are published in
English language.
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