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Complete Guide to Hiring Web Developers (From Start to Finish)


Your Complete Guide to Hiring Web Developers (From Start to Finish). Your answers to questions like What Kind of Web Developer Do I Need? Developer vs Designer? Difference between Front-end vs Back-end Developers vs Full-stack Developer? Where to Hire a Web Developer? Web Development Budget – What to Expect? How to Evaluate the Quality of a Web Developer? You can also visit Our Website: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Complete Guide to Hiring Web Developers (From Start to Finish)

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Hiring Web Developers
  • Why would you like a guide for hiring a web
    developer? Why would you need to get a web
    developer anyway?
  • Can solve your problem?
  • Its true in the past few years you used to
    require to either be an online developer aka web
    developer yourself or get a web developer if you
    wished a proper professional website. However,
    nowadays, things are another way around.

  • Content management systems, aka CMSs Such as
    Joomla, Drupal, and Wordpress have enabled many
    folks to make websites themselves.
  • Moreover, builders like Wix allow you an easy
    drag and drop to produce a masterpiece without
    having much technical info.
  • However, there are still two critical reasons
    that urge you to hire proper and experienced web

  • 1. It would save time
  • To run your project smart way and without much
    delay, you should consider hiring web developers
    (if you are not sure where to start you can get a
    quote from these experience developers here
  • 2. Technical Info
  • The development includes a lot of technical
    details, so having some experience around can
    help you out big time.

Web Developer Hiring Guide process Your Project
  • For web site changes, most typically the tasks
    come back from 2 completely different areas
  • Design
  • It can be something from redesigning your
    emblem or header image to overhauling the
    complete page layout or adding style effects.
  • Functionality/coding
  • For instance, adding a handcart, custom image
    slider or creating changes to your websites
    management panel.

  • Depending on that space, your project focuses on,
    you would like to hire people who can handle
    those areas that you need improvement in.
  • Heres the foremost necessary part
  • Be clear regarding what you would like and
    write it down instantaneously.
  • It will make sure

  • Eliminating irrelevant applicants for this task
  • If the duty description is evident, you'll be
    able to remove already those that don't seem to
    be qualified. If you retain it imprecise and
    broad, tons a lot of candidates can apply to your
    posting as the opposition if you give details.
  • Save time upfront
  • Clear expectations mean, your net developer
    will time only on the procedures that are
    necessary and part of the project. Development
    without having a clear roadmap is like diving
    into deep sea because there are so much to cover.
    Thus, having a clear roadmap can save you time,
    money, and save the energy of your hired team.

  • Receive better estimates
  • You can estimate better that how much time,
    money, and workers you need to handle this
  • Achieve clarity for yourself
  • Writing things out is additionally a decent
    exercise for yourself. It helps you actually
    suppose through what you're making an attempt to
    accomplish and makes your ideas less hazy. Thats
    a vital step towards achieving them.

  • What reasonably Developer Do I Need?
  • Now that you just are clear on the type of
    site type you are looking for or the changes you
    would like to see in your existing site, its
    time to consider what reasonably net developer
    you would like to appoint for this project. The
    term web developer (it is a broader term) in
    point of fact covers completely different skills
    and job descriptions.
  • Developer vs. Designer
  • First of all, a developer and designer are
    two different job descriptions. A designer could
    be a one who comes up with the design of an
    internet site and creates assets like pictures,
    icons, etc. Their experience is Photoshop and
    alternative graphic style programs.

  • A graphic designer can just improve the UI of
    your site instead of designing your website in a
    true sense. Remember, they prepare illustrations
    or designs, but you need more than just a few
    fantastic illustrations.
  • Nowadays, a lot of and more designers can also do
    the implementations. Those are typically
    mentioned as net designers, and their experience
    includes markup languages like hypertext markup
    language, CSS and more and more JavaScript.
  • On the other hand, a developer could be a one who
    writes code. That means, they will get into your
    website and edit files to change or create a
    complete site from scratch. They conjointly work
    with code editors and alternative
    development-related tools.

  • Front-end vs. Back-end Developers
  • Developers even have subgroups. The foremost
    important are front-end and back-end development.
  • If you are not sure, the front-end is that the
    part of your website that site traffic can see on
    their browser/screens via desktop/tablet/mobile.
    The back-end is everything behind that. Its each
    place wherever you manage your web site further-
    coding and all the language that the machines can

  • Front-end developers and net designers are
    typically similar. They use similar languages and
    each watch out of the design and also the feel of
    your web site. Front-end developers may signify
    the one who implements the planning. Theres tons
    of overlap in these areas. In a few instances,
    you cannot say that it is just the role of either
  • Back-end developers are more about how your
    website works. They modify the practicality and
    are involved with web site speed and alternative
    technical problems. Their ability stack includes
    PHP (especially once you are operating with
    WordPress), Java, Ruby on Rails, Python and
    alternative programming languages.

  • Full-stack Developer
  • Front-end and back-end developers are
    specialists. It implies that they're typically
    quite smart within their own domain. However, it
    does not mean that they can perform either role
    in much depth, but to a large extent, they are
    well versed in both categories.
  • You can also contact Web developers via this site
  • While full-stack developers are often costlier,
    they need less coordination. Consequently, it
    will speed up the method and prevent cash.

How does one produce a budget?
  • Here are a couple of tips.
  • Rough Estimates for evaluation
  • What will it mean in numbers? What quantity do
    you have to expect?
  • Estimated Rate per hour
  • Front-end developer 15 150/h
  • Graphic designer 25 120/h
  • Full-stack developer 75 150/h
  • Back-end developer 35 150/h

  • Entire site
  • WordPress 3,000 15,000
  • Website builder 600 2,500
  • Joomla 1,500 7,000
  • Fixing plugin or code issues 40 600
  • E-commerce 3,000 20,000
  • Custom plugins and features 100 1,000

Wrap Up
  • Several smart reasons to hire a developer.
  • An expert will do task/ duty done faster than
    you. Outsourcing this task to somebody else
    offers you the chance to consider a lot of
    necessary things.
  • We try to share tips about the way to nail each
    step of the method.
  • Plus, once you have experienced with smart
    candidates, you can work with them. That way, you
    dont do all the steps every time when you hire
  • Do you now know how to hire a developer? Are you
    a web developer yourself? You can add your
    favorite points in our given method or steps. The
    end goal is to do your job easy, so best of luck
    with that.
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