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How to Make a Strong SQL Server Administrator Career?


Data has emerged as the most vital and sensitive tool of any organization. Data is being generated at unprecedented rates every day and the latter is also growing exponentially. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to Make a Strong SQL Server Administrator Career?

How to Make a Strong SQL Server Administrator
Learning Objectives
  • Role of a SQL Server Administrator
  • Database Administrator Core Specializations
  • Scope of Employment
  • Factors which also Affect the Salary of a DBA
  • Traits required for Being a Successful DBA

SQL Server
SQL Server is the basic relational database
management system by Microsoft which was
originally designed to give tough competition to
Oracle Database and MySQL. It has always been
very difficult to start your career in SQL server
on any role. Many applications related to
business analytics, transaction processing, and
even business intelligence is supported by it.
Role of a SQL Server Administrator
Scope of Employment
Although being a typical database administrator
is a rewarding career as you will be highly
respected in the organization, yet it is a highly
challenging role as it means taking on a huge
responsibility for the protection of
organizational data and finally turning it into
business intelligence which can be put into action
The salary structure is, however, linked with the
seniority level and work experience in years and
their specialization in the same role. In
contrast to the traditional relational databases
like Oracle DB, Microsoft DB, etc.
Database Administrator Core Specializations
SQL Server Administrator can be divided into
different specializations
  • Designer Database Administrators They are the
    ones who are involved in the creation and design
    of databases and have to work as part of a team
    of business analysts and others to be able to
    meet the exact requirements of the business.
  • Performance Database Administrators They are the
    ones who specialize in optimization and
    improvement of the performance of databases. The
    role of DBAs is to ensure that the database is
    optimized for making proper use of the physical
    hardware which is hosted.
  • Application Database They typically focus on the
    integration of the database into the applications
    so that there is proper communication between the
    two for the proper flow of information.

Factors which also Affect the Salary of a DBA
  • Industry It is generally observed that the DBAs
    who operate in the technology sector ask for
    higher salaries as these organizations like
    Amazon, Google, Facebook, etc.
  • Specializations There are many sub-categories in
    DBA and the salaries are dependent on the field
    which you pick especially with the introduction
    of more rewarding ones
  • Specialist Skills This stands for getting
    yourself certified for the skills which you have
    mastered. A certification on the same lends more
    credibility to your knowledge.
  • Location It is a proven fact not just for DBA
    that location is important as jobs in large
    cities and technology hubs are more rewarding in
    terms of salaries and growth.

Traits required for Being a Successful DBA
  • Troubleshooting Skills A good DBA should be able
    to boil down to the right problem and its cause
    when faced with a problem and be able to
    eliminate the same logically.
  • Logical Thinking This basically involves a
    natural way to think in a logical and methodical
    manner by recalling the technical facts and an
    elimination-based approach. These traits are
    crucial to the success of the role.
  • Desire to Know more Curiosity is important to
    ensure that you do not exhaust your database
    career as the technical world is changing rapidly
    and your quest and hunger to learn new things
    will define your survival in future.

  • The growth of data has definitely reinforced the
    job prospects of a SQL server administrator but
    the career graph will be spelled by the basic
    traits you possess, your specializations,
    location and also the industry which you have
    chosen to work on. 
  •  The success of your career will come later if
    you are able to get relevant experience in the
    same field along with upskilling with the help of
    various certifications or training.

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