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UTI 101- What is UTI, Causes, Symptoms, Prevention and Homeopathic Remedies


Suffering from urinary tract infection and looking for a solution for that then choosing Homeopathy for Urinary Tract Infection is the right choice as homeopathic treatment focuses on the patient as a person, as well as his pathological condition. For a homeopathic doctor, you can contact Francine Kanter, CCH, RsHom(NA) as she has over 15 years of experience. To book an appointment, visit her website: www.fkanterhomeopath.com – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: UTI 101- What is UTI, Causes, Symptoms, Prevention and Homeopathic Remedies

UTI 101- What is UTI, Causes, Symptoms,
Prevention and Homeopathic Remedies
What is UTI?
  • Let's first understand What is urinary tract and
    what is UTI?
  • The urinary tract is a combination of 4 body
    parts i.e. Bladder, Kidneys, Ureters, and
  • A urinary tract infection (UTI) is a bacterial
    infection that can affect any part of the urinary
  • It's most common in women than men and increase
    in diabetics and people with sickle-cell disease
    or anatomical malformations of the urinary tract.
  • The most common type of UTI is a bladder
    infection which is also called cystitis.
  • Another kind of UTI is a kidney infection, known
    as pyelonephritis, and is much more serious.

Causes of UTI
  • Now you must be thinking that urine contains a
    variety of fluids, salts, and waste products, so
    "how bacteria can affect the urinary tract?" When
    bacteria get into the bladder or kidney and
    multiply in the urine, they cause a UTI. Here are
    a few causes which are the reasons behind the
  • Poor toilet habits.
  • Pregnancy in women.
  • Prostate enlargement in men.
  • Neuropathic bladder.
  • Urinary tract calculi.
  • Polycystic kidney disease.
  • Diabetes mellitus.
  • Vesico-ureteric reflex.
  • Bladder catheterization.

Symptoms of UTI
  • Now, a question comes "What are the symptoms of
    UTI by which you come to know that whether you
    are suffering from this problem or not?" So, here
    are a few symptoms by which you come to know
    about this problem
  • Symptoms of bladder infection
  • Frequent urination along with the feeling of
    having to urinate even though there may be very
    little urine to pass.
  • Nocturia Need to urinate during the night again
    and again.
  • Urethritis Discomfort or pain at the urethral
    meatus or a burning sensation throughout the
    urethra with urination (dysuria).
  • Pyuria Pus in the urine or discharge from the
  • Hematuria Blood in the urine.
  • Pyrexia Mild fever.
  • Foul or strong urine odor.

  • Symptoms of kidney infection
  • Emesis Vomiting is common.
  • Back, side (flank) or groin pain.
  • Severe abdominal pain or pressure.
  • Shaking chills and high spiking fever.
  • Night Sweats.
  • Flushed, warm, or reddened skin.
  • General ill feeling.
  • Mental changes or confusion (in the elderly,
    these symptoms often are the only signs of a UTI).

Prevention of UTI
  • After knowing about the causes and symptoms of
    UTI, you must think "How to protect the health?"
    So, here are a few prevention tips to reduce the
    risk of UTI
  • By drinking plenty of liquids, you can flush out
    the bacteria of the urinary tract.
  • To avoid the bacteria spreading, you can wipe the
    vagina and anus after defecation.
  • If you are sexually active then you should drink
    water before and after sex so that you will
    urinate a good volume so that it eliminates any
    bacteria that may have entered.
  • If you are using the birth control method and
    it's the reason for UTI then you should try some
    other method.
  • You should not wear tight clothes as it may
    irritate tissues, trap heat, and promote
    bacterial growth.
  • Wear cotton underwear. Cotton is less irritating
    and provides more ventilation than nylon.

Why Homeopathy?
  • After taking the prevention tips then also you
    are suffering from the problem then you can go
    with Homeopathy. Now, an important question
    arises "Why Homeopathy for Urinary Tract
    Infection?" Here are a few reasons
  • Homeopathic treatment focuses on the patient as a
    person, as well as his pathological condition.
  • The homeopathic remedies for UTI are selected
    after a full individualizing examination and
    case-analysis, which includes the medical history
    of the patient, physical and mental constitution,
  • A miasmatic tendency (predisposition/susceptibilit
    y) is also often taken into account for the
    treatment of chronic conditions.
  • People on multiple medications can safely take
    Homeopathic medicines.
  • Homeopathic remedies are non-habit forming and
    have no addictive characteristics.

Why Francine Kanter?
  • Now you must be thinking about how you can find
    "Homeopathic Doctor Near Me?" So, for that, you
    can contact Francine Kanter.
  • Francine Kanter, CCH, RsHom(NA) is Board
    Certified by the Council for Homeopathic
    Certification of North America, and has over 15
    years of experience.
  • She is also a member of NASH, North American
    Society of Homeopaths.
  • She has successfully treated a wide range of
    diseases and disorders and strives to find
    solutions and improve the quality of life of her
  • Whether you are struggling with chronic pain or
    want to improve and enjoy a high level of overall
    health, she can help you with the best natural
  • So, wait no more and contact her.

Contact Information
  • Address
  • 212 Chelsea Pl AveOrmond Beach FL 32174
  • Phone
  • 754 484-7988 
  • Email
  • frkanter_at_aol.com
  • Website
  • www.fkanterhomeopath.com

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