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7 Vital Features Every Greeting Card Design Software Should Have


Personalized products are trending and if you own an online greeting printing business then this is the article you need to read: features your designing tool needs. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 7 Vital Features Every Greeting Card Design Software Should Have

7 Vital Features Every Greeting Card Design
Software Should Have
The shopping habits took a drastic turn with
eCommerce websites making everything available
for consumers just a click away. And the
frequency by which people used to shop is
increasing on daily basis. To cope up with the
advancing demand of consumer products, retailers
and brands have to come up with new designs and
looks to satisfy the growing customer base. And
what better way to balance demand and supply than
to give the freedom of designing the products to
the customers. The personalized products like
t-shirts, mugs, greetings cards are a big hit
with every age group across the globe. And if you
are in a similar business of online printing
services, then this blog is perfect for you. In
this blog, we are going to discuss the must-have
features while choosing a greeting card design
software or any product design software to make
your web-store more interactive and fun for your
Not only interactive, but this also makes your
web-store a creative place for your customers
where they can customize your products and give
them a personal spin. Without further ado, lets
start with the features list to keep in mind
while choosing a greeting card maker software. 7
Vital Features 1. Multiple Design Areas The
design is a tricky subject matter. It usually has
multiple elements that come together to form a
perfect picture. Even though your customer base
might not be the artists and designers but they
will know a thing or two about designs. Thanks to
social media scrolling.
So, you wouldnt want to disappoint them with a
designer tool that restricts them in a single
designing area. Giving multiple design areas
would give customers the impression that you
understand their designing needs. Moreover, the
multiple design areas is a must if you want to at
least be on the level playing field with your
competitors. 2. Clipart Library Confining the
designs to certain elements wont be appreciated
by any of your web customers. Giving them options
is what will make you a hit with your targeted
audience. So, while choosing a product designer
tool to be integrated with your eCommerce store,
make sure that they have advanced clipart
management feature. A feature that will allow
your users to add an effect, crop or resize.
Give your customers the full authority over their
designs which will make them feel proud and at
the end a happy and satisfied customer. Added
tip Make sure your tool has a social media
upload feature that will ultimately benefit you
by being a means of word-of-mouth marketing. 3.
Custom Image Upload Imagine a greeting card that
says The Best Dad in the World. And now
imagine a greeting card with a lovely image of a
dad holding his baby for the first time which
says The Best Dad in the World. Which one
would you want to receive?
Everyones inclination would be towards the card
with an emotional image. Because people value
sentiments and emotions. And you can give them
exactly what they like with a greeting card maker
software equipped with a custom image upload
feature. A feature that will let your users
upload custom images to give the card a personal
touch. 4. Print Color Management Being in the
online printing business is not a cake walk. You
have to stand in the shoes of your customers,
follow printing trends religiously and have to
keep an eye out for the latest quotes and images.
And if that is not too much you will have to
provide them with the options of different colors
for the designs. Because one color doesnt suit
everyone. To provide that you will have to have a
feature in your designing tool that will manage
print colors for the wide range of products that
you are listed on your website. 5. Group Move
Objects Now, if you are a person with a vision
for your business, then your goal must be to
close deals with big accounts and large-scale
enterprises. And to do so for your online
printing business, you will have to give these
big accounts what they are looking for. But what
is it that they are looking for? Well, for
starters they would want to have a designing tool
with advanced design features like group move
objects, remove background, masking effect, and
the brush tool.
Apart from these, you will also want to provide
the facility to order in bulk which again is the
feature that your designer tool will have to
provide. 6. Brush Tool As mentioned in the
above point, an advanced feature like a brush
tool is a necessity to get an edge over your
competitors. A brush tool is a tool that every
artist and designer cherishes as this feature
will give them the freedom to add a customized
spin to their designs. This will not only make
your current customer base happy but will also
help you expand your business by targeting more
customer segments.
7. Hot Folder This is a customized solution
provided by our own tool called Brush Your Ideas.
It might seem like a marketing trick to promote
our own tool as a solution and to an extent it
is. But the main reason we mentioned our tool in
this article is the unique feature that we have
developed for people like you! The owners of the
online printing business. What this amazing
feature does is that it creates a folder in your
computer drive according to the preferences set
by you in our tool. But the magic happens inside
of the folder.
The folder will contain all the orders, its data
along with the images and other necessary data of
the particular date(s) set by you. Isnt it
amazing? Conclusion To conclude this article,
the one thing that we would like to remind you is
to understand your customer base properly. And
once you have an ideal customer in your mind then
you can start with the buying process of a
designing tool.
But there is more to the online printing business
than to just selecting a designing tool for your
web store. If you are still in the ideation
process of starting an online printing business,
then we recommend you read our detailed blog
about How to Setup a T-shirt Printing Business.
The process is the same if you want to set up a
greeting card printing business too or any other
product. So, dont worry about the title.
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