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Top 10 Responsive Web Design & UX Trends in 2019


In New year 2019, technology will continue to get perfect and incorporate advancements into web design projects as well Responsive Web Design & UX Trends will become more efficient and effective making the business scenarios more competent to win new projects. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top 10 Responsive Web Design & UX Trends in 2019

Top 10 Responsive Web Design UX Trends in 2019
With the beginning of the New Year, we are
eagerly looking forward to the responsive web
design and UX/UI Design Trends that are going to
show up in 2019. When you think about the
websites youve come across in the year 2018, you
find some of them having a user-friendly
interface and an appealing layout, while some
sites you must have visited might have provided
you terrible user experience. In todays online
world a good user experience and creative web
design are both not completely unique as
expected. However, the designers in the present
time are effectively making the best use of
videos and movement opportunities for grabbing
the users attention. These efforts are meant to
keep the online visitors on the web page for an
extended time period. Many companies with custom
web design services are giving their best for
consistent enhancements in the upcoming year.
Check Out here Top 10 Responsive Web Design And
UX Trends In The Year 2019
1. Non-traditional Scrolling There are
many website design companies which are coming up
with different scrolling techniques for a user to
experience something unique. Generally, designers
use vertical scrolls, but now some of the web
design agencies even use a horizontal scroll at
the top of their websites to grab the attention
of the audience. These types of sites also
showcase their content in different ways. Other
websites may still stick to traditional
scrolling, but they still focus on various parts
of the web design explained down the page. In
2019, we are eagerly waiting to use multiple
forms of non-traditional or irregular scrolling
designs for different websites. 2. Rotting
Animations Trying to show more promotional
content on the website is an ultimate web design
strategy that will engage the visitors on your
site. The disruption company facilitated in
leaving a new advertisement or innovative brand
that is created and is involved in their sites,
each time you refresh the homepage. There are
some brands which call out as well as rotate the
title of an article to target users attention.
So, every time a user visits a website, he will
experience something unique on the site which
leaves a good impact and remark. 3. Design
Containing Gradients Gradient is a great feature
for the designers as they will get more space to
play with a variety of colors. In order to use
the gradients, we must be knowing about the color
theory initially. This theory can be used for
checking the usage of the correct number of
gradients in user interfaces.  Web pages provide
gradients names and they look natural. Instead of
using solid colors, gradients can be used to
provide transitions which are natural between
tones. Bringing gradients to user interfaces is
easy but we must be careful while doing it.
Overdoing must be avoided as it will take you far
away from the realistic approach. According to
color theory, it is better to select subtle
colors by relying on a light source. 
4. Interactive Web Design For User Interaction A
web design company always looks forward to
incorporating user interactivity and become very
popular to continue as well as grow further. The
users are spending a lot of time on responsive
websites and pages developed for
providing responsive web design services. Their
services offer the users to utilize the websites
features and bring improvements in all their
interactions. For example, Cocainenomics from the
journal of Wall Street is the best example which
can showcase visual talent as well as increases
the websites page and brand awareness. 5. UX
Driven Diagnostics Lines There are trends that we
have seen with the use of horizontal and straight
lines for separating the sections on the pages as
well as on websites. A diagonal line design comes
with a visually intriguing intend, and it also
creates a directional purpose of grabbing the
users eyeballs. They can even follow down the
page and point to call out to any action. By
using diagonal lines in the design, we can
increase the number of users to scroll through
the entire website length. The increase in
targeted users is the reason why TaxiNet has
implemented the above trend on their websites and
other web pages. 6. Scroll-Triggered
Animation  The scroll animation is a very
interesting trend that we have been noticing
throughout these months. This kind of web design
focuses on visual design talent and skill based
on front-end development. There is a website,
which makes the users click or scroll through the
website page layout to see the entire service
lines. This website design advancement will
continue to be more effective and make it easier
for the users to navigate easily.
7. Utilizing Color Branding Creativity There are
multiple companies which are using color branding
creative designs for their websites, depending on
the type production page. This sort of web design
helps the users to navigate through the site and
associate to which service page or product are
they looking at based on colors. 8. Adding More
Depth to Designs  In creating flat designs which
appear 3-dimensional, makes a website look more
appealing and will ultimately lead users to the
next step of the sales process. Using drop-shadow
and two-tone color schemes will help to add more
depth to the web design. 9. Attention Grabbing
Title  Users have very less time to spend on
websites, because of their busy schedule. So,
these day websites are adopting long titles which
are bold and can grab the users attention. The
body of content is minimized for better
understanding and saving time. 10. Using Abstract
Shapes There are brands which began to use more
versatile shapes for their websites to grab the
attention of their audience. Many companies have
also started modern gradient integration for
their web designs, and they have done a great job
by introducing the abstract shapes and graphics
to resemble and a lava lamp.
Key Takeaways The website design companies in
India will try to expand their offerings and
their features for every possible web design
project in the year 2019. It is clear that in the
coming year, technology will continue to get
perfect and incorporate advancements into web
design projects. In the following time, website
interactions will become more seamless and
remarkably smoother. Also, the custom website
design services will become more efficient and
effective making the business scenarios more
competent to win new projects.
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