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Top 7 Technology Updates and Trends in IT Industry


In the ever-changing world of software development; it is important to keep updated with the current technology, methodologies, frameworks and upcoming trends. Selective updates about new technology to learn causes us to miss important trends. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top 7 Technology Updates and Trends in IT Industry

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  • In the ever-changing world of software
    development it is important to keep updated with
    the current technology, methodologies, frameworks
    and upcoming trends. Selective updates about new
    technology to learn causes us to miss important
    trends. We have created a comprehensive list of
    technologies and technological trends that
    signify potential and a major change in the
    future markets. Some of the points may be
    considered to be old, but they play a dominant
    role in defining future trends.
  • 1. Rise of swift
  • Data from a recent survey shows Apples Swift is
    now most-loved language among developers. Almost
    immediately following Swifts release to the
    programming world, it enjoyed over 11 million
  • In less than a year, swift programming language
    has received huge acceptance and become one of
    software developers favorite tools. Swift is
    featured in apps from numerous well-known brands
    including American Airlines and LinkedIn. Keeping
    this rising new technology in mind, we have
    already developed many projects based on new
    Swift and our developers are ready to strike the
    Swift market.

  • 2. Document-oriented database NoSQL
  • The term NoSQL database has been gaining
    popularity in the IT industry recently. The
    worlds data is doubling every two years. This
    epic increase in Big Data has highlighted new
    methods for addressing the volume and variety of
    structured and unstructured data. In recent
    discussions based on database, one of the terms
    frequently heard about is NoSQL. Today,
    non-relational, cloud, or NoSQL databases are
    gaining mindshare as an alternative model for
    database management. Trending technologies
    following the concept of NoSQL are MongoDB,
    Hadoop, CouchDB. These are generally called
    document-oriented database
  • 3. Going Responsive with Bootstrap
  • Emerging trends have led websites to have
    responsive sites that are compatible with mobile
    and other screen size devices. When it comes to
    developing responsive websites, Bootstrap is the
    first choice. Recently Bootstrap has released its
    new version 3.3.5 with many bug fixes,
    accessibility improvements, and documentation
    updates. Mobile-first design strategy was the
    adopted by Bootstrap, which emphasizes on
    responsive web design by default. Bootstrap
    technology is here to stay long in responsive
    website development.

  • 4. Dont you know Node JS and Angular JS?
  • Node.js is an open source, cross-platform runtime
    environment for server-side and networking
    applications. It is gaining adoption as a
    server-side platform and is used by many big IT
    companies like IBM, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Walmart,
    Groupon, SAP, LinkedIn, PayPal etc. Seeing this
    you can imagine how famous and emerging Node JS
    platform is. Recent Node JS releases is 0.12.7
  • AngularJS- It is the most popular in software
    development, an open-source web application
    framework maintained by Google and by a community
    of individual developers and corporations to
    address many of the challenges encountered in
    developing single-page applications. According to
    JavaScript analytics service Libscore, AngularJS
    is used on the websites of NBC, Intel, Sprint,
    ABC News, and approximately 8,400 other sites out
    of 1 million tested in July 2015. New stable
    version release 1.4.3 (code name

  • 5. Time of Open source cloud platforms
  • Open source software has become a source of grief
    for tech majors like Cisco, IBM Oracle. The
    advancements in cloud computing and the Internet
    of Things are the major drivers of open source.
    Companies are seeing larger benefits with
    adoption of open source software as a core
    strategic technology. According to a recent
    Gartner report, by 2017, about 90 of Indian IT
    organizations will have open source software
    (OSS) embedded in their mission critical
  • Financial sector majorly banks, retail and
    telecommunication sectors are looking at
    customized enterprise solutions based on open
    source platform for greater flexibility and cost
  • International Data Corporation IDC forecast
    indicates a rise in adoption of open source
    software especially among the small and mid size

  • 6. MBaaS shoot-out
  • The concept of Mobile Backend as Service is
    already well developed. Enterprise-oriented MBaaS
    systems provide integration with existing
    applications and databases. Nowadays, enterprises
    follow the concept of MaaS to develop enterprise
    mobile apps. The general idea of MBaaS is that
    mobile apps need common services that can be
    shared among apps instead of being custom
    developed for each. It typically provides push
    notifications, file storage and sharing,
    integration with social networks, location
    services, messaging and chat functions, user
    management, the ability to run business logic,
    and usage analysis tools.
  • 7. eCommerce turning in to M-commerce
  • Increasingly, eCommerce businesses are switching
    to M-Commerce with businesses developing a mobile
    site, according to new survey M-commerce market
    in India to touch 19 billion by 2019. With the
    rise and rise of mobile adoption, every one
    demands instant purchase. Users of m-commerce
    perform a wide variety of transactions via mobile
    from paying for utility bill and movie tickets to
    shopping and holiday planning. Enterprises are
    looking for on demand solutions to develop
    eCommerce apps for mobile. To fulfill this
    requirement our M-Commerce team continuously
    provides on demand eCommerce solutions and have
    developed multiple online store platforms that
    can be used for any of your eCommerce needs.
  • This is the results of our extensive research.
    If you wish to receive latest technology updates
    or looking for custom software solutions then,
    you can enquire with us by filling the enquiry