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Our online learning courses include Level 1 and Level 2 training for Food Safety, Food Allergens, Health and Safety and Hotel Revenue Management. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Courses Online | Food Safety - Health & Safety - Hospitality

Food Safety Courses Training Hospitality
Industry Courses
The Training Terminal offers online, CPD
accredited hospitality industry courses in 10
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Food Safety Level 2
About the Course
The Food Safety / Food Hygiene Level 2 course
will give food handlers the legally required
certification to work in the catering and
hospitality sector. There are certain regulations
from the EU that food businesses in the UK must
comply with. Most notably, 852/2004 which relates
to hygiene for foodstuffs states that businesses
in the food services sector must ensure that
staff who handle or prepare food are sufficiently
instructed, trained and supervised to carry out
their work.  Our Food Safety/Food Hygiene Level 2
course has been developed with this in mind and
is aimed at anyone within the hospitality or
catering sectors, whether they are self employed
or employed. The material that you will study is
suitable for employees working in schools,
colleges or hospitals as well as fast food
outlets, restaurants, hotels, kitchens, bars,
cafes or takeaways.
Our training will enable all kinds of businesses
in the hospitality sector to provide high quality
learning and development opportunities for their
employees. From small hotels to large, chain
restaurants, your employees will see the benefits
from training with us. Whats more, students who
study our courses can access the training
material from anywhere at any time resulting in
cost and time savings in comparison with
classroom based courses. Our Food Safety
training covers the essential aspects of food
hygiene and safety during all stages of food
handling, so that you can minimise food safety
hazards and ensure that the food you work with
remains safe for customers to eat. You will also
learn about the legal responsibilities of working
with food and how to comply with the law.
Who Should Complete this Food Safety/Food Hygiene
If you work in the food services industry and you
prepare or serve food and/or beverages you must
be trained in Food Safety and Hygiene so you can
apply the principles to your work. This course is
suitable for people at all stages of their career
and can be used as an Induction, Awareness,
Refresher or Foundation training programme. The
skills, knowledge and expertise that you will
gain from this course will enable you to work
confidently, competently and safely in the food
services industry.
Food Allergens Level 2
About the Course
All food handlers have a legal responsibility to
ensure that the food they manufacture, sell
and/or serve is safe for the consumer to eat.
This is particularly true when providing food
products to people with a food allergy or
The aim of this Food Allergen course is to
increase awareness and expand your knowledge of
allergies and intolerances.  Consumers must be
well informed about their choices and if asked
you must provide customers with detailed
information about the ingredients contained in
any food item or beverage that you prepare and/or
serve. There is no known cure for allergies. The
only way that a consumer can prevent a reaction
is to avoid the allergen completely. Allergies
can also vary in severity and for some consumers,
even a trace amount of an allergen could result
in a severe and potentially life threatening
reaction. As you progress through the Food
Allergens course you will learn about the 14
allergens in detail, the symptoms, how to label
food products, the importance of avoiding cross
contamination and practical steps you can take to
reduce the risk when preparing or serving food
and drink.
HACCP Level 2
Preparing food safely is extremely important in
the hospitality sector and the HACCP Level 2
course will provide you with the skills to
identify and control risk relating to food
About the Course
The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point
(HACCP) course is an essential requirement of
many roles in the food services sector. In this
industry there are a number of risks and as a
professional it is your responsibility to
understand these risks and how to control or
reduce them. This course will teach you
everything you need to know about HACCP
procedures including developing working
practices, reducing risk and handling food
safely. During this course you will learn about
each stage of the HACCP food safety system and
identify common food safety hazards and the
skills that help you prevent food contamination.
The material will also cover relevant legislation
including requirements relating to workplaces in
England, Wales and Scotland.
First Aid Awareness
A basic first aid at work course that covers all
the essentials to equip you with the knowledge
and skill to deal with emergencies and maintain a
safe working environment. 25 ex VAT
About the Course The hospitality industry can
present an entire range of risks both to staff
and customers, and as such knowledge of first aid
is absolutely essential. There may be instances
where a colleague or customer will fall ill and
knowing what to do can save lives. Accidents,
injuries and illnesses can occur at any time.
Although the risk is higher in certain
industries, accidents can happen anywhere and in
any workplace. Therefore, it is important to be
aware of the basic first aid procedures, so that
you can act quickly in an emergency. First aid is
an action taken in response to an emergency to
preserve life, prevent the condition from
worsening and to promote recovery. The course
will equip you with the essential knowledge to
maintain a safe working environment and take the
correct action when an emergency
arises. Important Note The information provided
in this course is to make you aware of the
importance of First Aid and how to administer
basic treatment however, it does not make you a
qualified First Aider.
Fire Safety Awareness
This course covers all the essential aspects of
fire safety and will give people working in
industry the required certification to acts as a
responsible person.
About the Course
The course covers the essentials of fire safety.
This includes understanding what causes fire and
what accelerates the spread of fire. It also
explores how to prevent fire but what to do
should a fire happen to break out. You will also
learn the legal responsibilities of people
responsible for the safety of others in relation
to fire. Fire is the probably the biggest risk
threat to life that most people face at work,
with around 50 people being killed and over 2000
seriously injured every year. In order to
minimise the risk of fire in the workplace, it is
vital that everyone is aware of the common causes
of fire and the appropriate actions to take in
the event of a fire, including how to escape
safely from the scene.
Manual Handling Awareness Certificate Course
This course will provide you with the required
training to understand the risks associated with
manual handling, conduct risk assessments and
implement comprehensive control and safety
About the Course
This Manual Handling Training Course provides a
comprehensive overview of manual handling
procedures. The course material will educate both
individuals and organisations on the importance
of manual handling practices and risks associated
with manual handling activities. You will learn
how to undertake a thorough risk assessment and
ensure that suitable control measures are in
place. After studying this course, learners will
obtain the necessary knowledge to reduce and
where possible eliminate risk of injury in the
workplace as a result of routine manual handling
activities. Employers are required by law to
take reasonable steps to safeguard the health and
safety of all employees. Importantly, all
employers must deliver training to increase
awareness of the hazards associated with manual
handling and equip employees with the knowledge
to reduce associated risks.
Health Safety Level 2
This course will give you a thorough
understanding of health and safety issues in the
workplace, the relevant regulations and how you
can prevent accidents from occurring.
About the Course
By law, a basic understanding of health and
safety is essential for all employees in all
industries to ensure that workplace risks are
recognised and managed effectively. By
completing the Health and Safety Level 2 Course
you will gain a thorough understanding of health
and safety issues at work and learn about the
various steps you can take to prevent all kinds
of workplace accidents. The course will also
provide guidance on the correct course of action
if an accident does occur at work. This course
provides an excellent foundation for the
development and implementation of health and
safety strategies to reduce the risk to yourself
and fellow colleagues in a number of industries.
Health Safety Level 1 Course
Learn to identify the various health and safety
risks in the workplace and gain an understanding
of the various regulations that should be adhered
About the Course
  • The Health and Safety Level 1 Course covers
    vital information for anyone working in the
    hospitality industry. It will equip you with the
    knowledge to identify health and safety risks in
    the workplace and give you an understanding of
    the various regulations surrounding health,
    safety and hygiene.  Furthermore, you will learn
    what is meant by manual handling and how to avoid
    injury while carrying loads, learn about fire
    prevention and explore the importance of handling
    hazardous substances correctly.
  • Course Content
  • Personal hygiene The importance of good hygiene
    and how to avoid cross contamination 
  • Smoking in the workplace and the law
  • Workplace temperature and personal protective
    equipment (PPE)
  • Food allergies
  • Accidents at work and how to avoid them
  • Manual handling Avoiding injury
  • Fire Identifying the causes of fire and steps
    to prevent fire in the workplace
  • Hazardous substances Different types of
    hazardous substances and how to control them
  • Risk Assessments How to undertake a detailed
    risk assessment in the workplace

Food Safety Level 1
A basic food safety awareness course covering all
aspects of food handling, designed for those who
work with low-risk foods.
About the Course
  • The Food Safety Level 1 Course is a basic food
    awareness course designed for those working with
    low-risk foods in the food industry.
  • Improve your knowledge on health and safety
    hazards and learn how to implement good practices
    in the workplace.  The course complies with food
    industry recommendations and covers all aspects
    of food handling, from delivery of food to final
  • Please note that this is a basic course and we
    recommend that Food Handlers rather take Food
    Safety Level 2 in order to comply with EU legal
    requirements and gain a broader understanding of
    food safety.
  • Course Content
  • Introduction to food safety
  • Food safety law
  • Food safety controls
  • Food safety hazards
  • Cleaning and disinfection
  • Personal hygiene
  • Multiple choice quiz 

Introduction to Coffee
This barista course will give you a good
understanding of coffee and teach you all the
techniques needed to master both making and
serving the various types of coffee.
About the Course
As the demand for coffee shops continues to
increase, so too has the need for well trained
and skilled professionals who can serve coffee
properly. Customers dont just want a regular
coffee terms such as Latte, Caramel Macchiato
and Americano are commonplace in coffee shops,
restaurants and hotels throughout the UK. The
Introduction to Coffee Course will provide you
with the necessary skills to carry out your work
as a barista or any other profession in the
hospitality industry where your role involves
making and serving coffee to customers. Through
studying this course, you will learn about the
diverse types of coffee, how it is produced and
packaged and the different techniques used to
produce a variety of coffees. Who is this course
suitable for? Our introduction to Coffee is an
ideal course for anyone who is new to the coffee
industry or just has an interest in this
wonderful drink. Additionally, it is also perfect
for hospitality professionals with no coffee or
barista experience who wish to break in to the
world of coffee making.
Wine Courses Online Introduction to Wine
To serve wine properly, you need a good
understanding of the different types of wine, how
theyre made, and which foods they compliment.
Youll learn all this and more.
About the Course
As wine is now one of the most popular alcoholic
drinks, demand has risen for professionals who
serve wine properly. Understanding correct
serving practices and demonstrating detailed
knowledge of the different types of wine is
important if you want to deliver a high standard
of service to your customers.  The Introduction
to Wine Course will provide you with the skills
to serve wine properly, show you how to taste
wine and teach you what wines compliment specific
foods. Who is course suitable for? Our
introduction to Wine course is suitable for
anyone who is has an interest in this wonderful
drink. Additionally, it is also perfect for
hospitality professionals with no wine experience
and who are keen to gain a thorough understanding
of the types of wine and how to serve it
correctly.  You also may be an experienced
professional such as a waiter or waitress who
would like to enhance your knowledge.
Mixology Course Online Cocktail Making
Introduction to Mixology
Introduction to Cocktails
Perfect the art of making cocktails! Learn about
the history of cocktails, the necessary equipment
as well as various techniques and recipes to mix
and serve high quality drinks
About the Course
The Introduction to Cocktails Course has been
designed so that you can perfect the art of
mixing cocktails. This course will educate you
about the history of the cocktail, equipment used
to mix and serve cocktails, techniques and how to
create a wide selection of classic non-alcoholic
and alcoholic drinks. You will have the
confidence to not only mix but to serve high
quality cocktails to customers using the skills
that you have learned and the knowledge you have
gained. Who is this course suitable for? This
course is ideal for the home enthusiast looking
to produce professional quality cocktails for
their family and friends.   It is also ideally
suited for the professional bartender or
mixologist looking to raise the standard of their
skills, produce the highest quality cocktails and
mixed drinks and deliver a mind-blowing customer
experience. Finally, it is also is also perfect
for bartenders with no mixology experience that
wish to break in to the world of cocktail
Introduction to Hotel Revenue Management
Introduction to Hotel Revenue Management
Learn how to manage revenues with skill, find out
how to maintain optimum levels of profitability
and gain skills to make an immediate impact at
Professional Bartender Certificate Courses Online
Professional Bartender
Whether you work in a local pub or a vibrant and
busy city bar, our Professional Bartender course
will provide you with the skills and knowledge
Professional Waiter Certificate Course Online
Professional Waiter
The Professional Waiter course allows you to
obtain the necessary practical skills and
theoretical knowledge to deliver customer service
which is second to none.
About Us
The Training Terminal offers a fresh approach to
hospitality training courses that will leave you
fully prepared for the employment path that you
have ahead. Whether you are completing courses as
a statutory part of your work or you want to
learn a new skill to take your career forward, we
provide you with the solution to your needs and
we offer it in 10 different languages.
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