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Best NGO in India - Sightsavers presentation


Sightsavers is a Ngo working for child education provide quality study material and proper braille kit with assistance. Special classes are organized be braille experts to teach them in the right way. Experienced teachers help them to learn properly during these sessions. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best NGO in India - Sightsavers presentation

Transforming lives since 1966
75 of the visually-impaired population in the
world could have been leading normal lives with
sound vision, had treatment been available to
them at affordable prices. Blindness is an
important cause and effect of poverty. Surveys
state that India is home to the largest
visually-impaired population in the world.
  • Sightsavers is an international non-profit
    organization (NGO) that operates in over 30
    countries across the world.
  • It launched its branch in India in the year 1966,
    and has since been counted among the top 10 NGO
    in India.
  • Sightsavers have undertaken initiatives to expand
    the reach of its eye-health services to regions
    across the Indian sub-continent.
  • Their work in India has enabled thousands of
    people to lead lives of independence and dignity.

  • We aspire for a society where no one loses their
    vision because of lack of resources.
  • We aspire for an inclusive society where there
    are equal opportunities for all to reach their
    full potential.

Our Vision
  • To improve coverage and access to affordable,
    quality eye-health services across India.
  • To increase awareness and improve attitudes
    towards eye ailments with the vision of an
    inclusive society.
  • Help educate the vast number of children
    suffering from visual-impairment and make them
    active participants in the society.
  • Equip the visually-impaired with skills and
    assistance they need to earn a living and lead an
    independent life.

Our Objectives
  • We work towards elimination of avoidable
    blindness in the country.
  • Our work also aims at bringing about equality as
    well as inclusivity for people with disabilities.
  • Assist those with incurable visual-impairment to
    live independently.
  • We work to ensure that people with
    visual-impairments have access to preventive,
    curative and rehabilitative services without
    financial adversity.

What We Do
  • Refractive error, also known as refraction error,
    is an eye-ailment where light does not accurately
    focus onto the retina due to the shape of the
    eye. It results in an impaired vision.
  • Cataract is clouding of the eyes lens leading to
    a decrease in vision. It often develops slowly
    and can affect one or both the eyes.

What Are We Up Against?
  • Glaucoma is a group of eye-diseases that results
    in damage to the optic nerve and can lead to
    vision loss.
  • It may occur due to genetic mutations, birth
    defects, premature birth, nutritional
    deficiencies, infections, injuries, and other
  • It causes a roughening of the inner surface of
    the eyelids. This roughening can lead to pain,
    breakdown of the cornea and eventual blindness.

What Are We Up Against?
  • Make a donation that could change someones life.
    Raise your voice for people who do not get heard.
  • Help us in our quest to transform the future for
    people who cannot afford to do it on their own.
    We need you!
  • Donate for our cause today! We need your valuable
    support to carry out our work. Without it, we
    simply wouldnt exist.
  • One can also contribute by partnering up with us
    on our projects and initiatives. You can find our
    Partnership Policy in our website.

Help Us Illuminate Someones Life
Sightsavers works dedicatedly towards inclusive
education to ensure that visually impaired or
blind children are included in mainstream
education. It is a crucial step towards
eliminating poverty. Children born without
handicap are easier to mould so that they accept
blind and visually impaired children from an
early age and treat them as their
equals. Education allows the differently disabled
to live in a normal social environment. They no
longer feel isolated and participate more
actively in general community activities
throughout their lives.
Benefits of Education
  • Teachers are being trained to further the
    inclusion process and go around schools aiding
    blind and visually impaired with skills.
  • With the availability of right technology and
    physical aids like Braille books and white canes
    along with low vision devices provide greater
    independence to survive with dignity.
  • Sightsavers is a member of the Global Campaign
    for Education (GCE). It works with local partners
    to strengthen the voice of civil society towards
    the development of national education in India so
    that free and inclusive education is available to

Improving Process of Education
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