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Workplace Violence Prevention Training


In this Workplace Violence Prevention Training, you will know about employee’s aggression and violence in the workplace. Considering the news and staggering events of mass shootings of the last several months, workplace violence might be foremost in our minds. Most of us think of workplace violence occurring only in the workplace setting, but the threatening conduct is broader and may encompass behavior occurring outside the actual workplace.These workplace violence statistics capture the most severe types of workplace violence but certainly not the most prevalent forms. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Workplace Violence Prevention Training

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ils/189/terminate-dangerous Workplace Violence
Prevention Training Not many of us might be aware
of workplace violence and thus we might be
bothered about that. But, as a surprise,
workplace violence is one of the most prevailing
issues that many employees face yearly.
Interestingly, the workplace violence is not just
limited to the workplace but also bothers the
person outside their workplace. And this makes
workplace violence prevention training quite
necessary. What is workplace violence
training? To all those who are not aware of
workplace violence prevention training, it is a
training that is provided to the employees to
protect them and to safeguard them against the
violence caused at their workplace. This
training is not just limited to lower-working
class but the upper working class is also open
for this training. There has been an increase in
the popularity of workplace violence prevention
training in the last few years.
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  • The side effects of workplace violence
  • The absence of proper training against workplace
    violence training, the employees as well as the
    business shows many side effects. Some of them
    are as follow
  • Absenteeism
  • Reduced employee retention
  • The increased cost of employee security
  • The poor reputation of the company/business
  • Employees' compensation
  • Lawsuits, etc.
  • To avoid these side effects on the business and
    also on the reputation of the business/company,
    it has become necessary in most of the industries
    to organize successful sessions of workplace
    violence prevention training.
  • What should be the objective of this training?
  • Without a doubt, the main objective of this
    training should be to make the employees
    sufficient enough to handle and deal with the
    varying situations of workplace violence. Other
    than this, the other objectives that should
    include as the main objective of this violence
    prevention training are as follow
  • Define what is workplace violence
  • Just at the beginning of the training, the basic
    concept of workplace violence should be told to
    the employees. They should be given an idea about
    what exactly is workplace violence so that they
    can be aware of their exploitation.
  • Different types of workplace violence
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