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Essential Email Marketing Tips To Know For 2018


To take the customer experiences to the next level business organizations are implementing CRM tools for business operations. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Essential Email Marketing Tips To Know For 2018

4 Essential Email Marketing Tips To Know For 2018
To take the customer experiences to the next
level business organizations are implementing
CRM tools for business operations. These CRM
tools are smarter and have many useful features.
The tools can understand the customers need and
provide a timely and appropriate solution of
their grievances. Customer assistance provided by
the CRM tools can be of great help as the
customer is the king and their satisfaction is
the highest priority for any organization. Email
Marketing is a marketing tactic in existence for
several years. Earlier the marketing team had to
send just a simple mail to the customers to
market the product and service, but today as a
number of companies are adopting email marketing
tactics so in order to make it an effective one,
you should draft and send these marketing emails
carefully to your user. This article discusses
the four ways which can make the email marketing
campaigns effective. If you are using Salesforce
for your business organization, then you can
access the pre-built email marketing features of
Salesforce CRM, which can help the users to
initialize the process successfully.
In the coming year 2018 the email marketing
strategies can make your campaign much more
effective and valuable. The year 2017 has been
full of challenges and many exciting
  • and new innovations have drastically affected the
    marketing techniques. Many improvements have
    taken place in email marketing campaigns.
  • Though know your customers or audience and
    strategic implementation of marketing campaigns
    are the evergreen concepts, but there are some
    practical and leveraging marketing tactics which
    we are going to discuss in this article. You can
    boost your email marketing strategy through
    these steps
  • Audience The Top Priority
  • Sending an email to the customers is quite common
    and for an effective email marketing strategy it
    is most important to send the emails
    strategically. To make the effective strategy
    you must understand the demographic information
    of your target audience.
  • Ensure and know that when your target audience
    wants to receive the emails and you can engage
    them with your deals. Understanding of the
    audience behavior can help you in making the
    effective email marketing strategies for your
    customers. So when you make the email marketing
    strategy try to make it effectively with all
    proper information so that you can leverage your
  • Email marketing is quite a dynamic function and
    as today the inbox of your customer is getting
    crowded at rapid speed. So your tactic must be
    able to make your customer engaged in less time
    and in the way that the mail should not go to
    spam folder.
  • Tips to Create Top CTAs
  • CTA or Call to actions is the most important part
    of your emails. Beyond compelling your
    subscribers to open the email you next goal must
    be to make the content clickable. You must try
    to deliver an actionable and inspiring content
    through your email. For this try to write
    contextual content nearby CTAs which can inspire
    the user to click on the link.
  • Try to write a clear and concise CTAs in your
    email and do not ask too many upfronts. Many
    times to keep the single CTA or clickable link is
    enough in the mail like if you are sending an
    ebook download link or sending an offer to your
    customers, while in some other cases you can put
    few more CTAs in the email. Choose and select the
    best resonate for your mail and you can also
    take some risk as well. Following are a few tips
    for an effective CTA
  • Write your email copy and design your email
    around the CTA.
  • Make the CTA prominent and bold
  • Do not make your CTA either too big and do not
    make it too small as well.
  • Try to write it effectively to draw the eye of
    your reader
  • In this way you can make your CTA more effective.
  • 3) Engagement and Design

To draft an email you can either use the email
template or even have a developer to code your
emails. For any of the case the email design must
be optimized and match with your brand. As you
may not like your user to open the mail without
having the clue of who have sent the mail. Your
email must be linked to your site in the way that
while clicking on the link the user must be
directed straight towards the deal offered by
you. To check the engagement status of your
customer with your brand you must review and
evaluate your email campaign after sending each
mail. Few interesting email metrics are clicks,
opens, unsubscriber and others. By checking the
number of opens and clicks you can know that
many of your customers are getting engaged, while
for those who are not interested anymore in your
brand you can conduct re-engagement campaign for
them. 4) Mobile Friendly and Tested emails
Today in the responsive web world, people are
accessing their emails on mobiles. If you are
not thinking about mobile devices, while writing
the emails then you must rethink your strategy.
The emails which you send to your customers must
be optimized for the mobile devices. For this
you can choose the mobile-friendly email
templates and write the mail in the way so that
it can be read on mobile devices easily. Not only
writing and sending the email effectively is
important rather you should also test each and
every part of your mail prior to sending it to
your customer. Right from the subject
  • line to the CTAs and the contextual content of
    the mail. Everything must be checked and tested
    before sending it. Following tips can help you in
    testing the email
  • Try to test one element of your email at a time
    to avoid the identification of inconclusiveness
    of your mail.
  • In your testing there should be significant
    testing size of the sample
  • Once you find and test single element you should
    move to the next element.

Few More Tips For 2018 Above listed tips are just
for making the email campaign effective. Apart
from the above- listed tips and tricks there are
a few other ways as well, which can make the
campaign more effective like re-engagement
campaign designing, designing permission
marketing, by choosing the best email designer
and many other tricks for the effective digital
email marketing. Here you can say briefly that a
strategically designed campaign can increase your
ROI and you can reap the best profit from your
campaigns and services. You can stay at the top
by considering a few of the best tips for
marketing. The best practices and services
provided to the user can not only make them happy
but also help you in increasing the market share
and leading the market. Email marketing can be
said as the primary customer acquisition driver.
Maintaining the email program strategically can
help you in ensuring that you are providing the
best service to your customer and they can also
feel special. Personalized emails with
personalized offers as per their expectation and
requirement can draw their attention and provide
you benefits as well. Reference http//www.soop articles/email-marketing
-articles/4-essential-email- marketing-tips-know-
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