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Ensuring Fire Safety Equipment Maintenance


Installing a fire safety mechanism is not just about keeping safety equipment. It is also important to see that all this apparatus is ready to use at any time. After all, no emergency comes with a prior notice.... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Ensuring Fire Safety Equipment Maintenance

Welcome Veer Fire
Ensuring Fire Safety Equipment Maintenance
Installing a fire safety mechanism is not just
about keeping safety equipment. It is also
important to see that all this apparatus is ready
to use at any time. After all, no emergency comes
with a prior notice. When an accident happens,
the last thing you want is an extinguisher that
refuses to work or a hydrant system that is
jammed.   The dependability of your fire safety
equipment depends on its regular maintenance and
care. Every precaution, including maintenance
service and fire extinguishers refilling India
must be carried out in time. Here is a brief look
at different fire safety equipments and their
Fire alarms/Smoke alarms
This is a very necessary equipment that is
triggered in case of a fire. The alarm is sounded
immediately so that people have time to evacuate.
Since, it notifies us at the initial stages, it
also allows us to carry out basic fire fighting
measures. It is a legal requirement for many
commercial and public establishments.   The fire
alarm is susceptible to power cuts. It will stop
functioning when there is no power and reset once
power is restored. One solution is to keep
battery-charged alarms. Again, these will work
only as long as the battery life. In rare cases,
the circuitry alarms can also be effected by any
water seepage.   Battery-charged alarms mostly
come with some kind of indicator to show battery
life. Simply change the batteries before it is
out of charge. Daily inspection to check the
battery life is important. Electricity-charged
alarms have to be checked professionally unless
there is again an indicator to show they are
Fire Doors
Fire doors help in containing fires. These doors
confine the fire to a small area, limiting the
damage and allowing people to escape. The problem
occurs when the doors develop mechanical faults,
like getting jammed or developing faults like
missing seals and hinges. Regular inspection of
the doors can easily show any problems that may
have started with age. Any such faults must be
rectified immediately.
Fire Extinguisher
An extinguisher is most often our first line of
defence against a fire. When used in time, it has
a very high success rate of controlling the
spread of fire. Easy stored and carried, the
extinguisher is not surprisingly, one of the most
preferred means of fighting fire. However, all
extinguisher are not the same. There are
different types of extinguishers, which carry
agents as per the type of fire. An extinguisher
has an expiry date. In addition, it must be
refilled every time it is discharged. It has to
be at full capacity at all times to be effective.
The cylinder may also become dented or rusted
with age. There are two types of extinguishers -
disposable and rechargeable. Disposable
extinguishers have to be discarded when their
time is up, while rechargeable cylinders can be
refilled. The extinguisher must be regularly
inspected for any dents, damages and to see that
the indicator at the pressure gauge shows a full
cylinder. A visual check can be carried out
daily. Rechargeable cylinders should be recharged
in time by an agency specialising in fire
extinguishers refilling India. This is an expert
job and requires special equipment.
Sprinkler System
A sprinkler system is one of the most effective
fire safety equipment that can be installed on
premises. It is triggered the moment it senses
smoke, sprinkling water over the area underneath.
Not only does it douse the fire immediately, it
also wets the surrounding area to prevent the
fire from spreading. Sprinklers, especially
those unused for years, can develop quite a few
faults, such rust and dirt jamming the outlet
pores or pipes. Pressure problems can also make
its functioning erratic. In cold areas, the water
in the pipes can freeze and then cause cracks in
the pipe. Overhead tanks for the sprinkler system
must also be filled up to the required capacity.
A fire safety equipment maintenance agency can
carry out regular inspections to see that the
system is working properly. This is not easy to
detect visually, so it must be carried out by
experts. The most economic option is to go for
a fire extinguishers refilling India agency that
offers a range of fire safety equipment and also
carries out regular inspection and maintenance.
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