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Smoke Damage Cleaning Recommendations from Experts


Take a look at this presentation and discover what are the main smoke damage cleaning recommendations from experts. To get professional help visit site – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Smoke Damage Cleaning Recommendations from Experts

Smoke damage cleaning recommendations from experts
  • Even if a house fire was pretty small and
    localized, there is a huge possibility smoke and
    soot have been spread throughout the whole house,
    damaging walls, ceilings, clothing, household
    textiles, furniture, etc.

  • If you want to get rid of smoke odor and clean
    your house, you have two options use
    professional help from trained smoke damage
    cleaning specialists with advanced equipment or
    clean all by yourself. Dont worry, there are
    excellent tips which will definitely help you out.

  • Fresh air is a must open all windows in your
    house ASAP and let fresh air to circulate. Youll
    partly get rid of smoke odor and will be able to
    breathe without any harm to your lungs.

  • Let everything dry after using water hoses for
    putting out the fire, everything needs to dry.
    Fans or dehumidifiers are great tools which you
    can use for this. Ideally, ask for help in a
    water damage company.

  • Check carefully all carpets and floors dont let
    mold or mildew to damage your personal items as
    well as your health. Ask mold removal Boca Raton
    professionals for help to be sure it will be
    effective 100.

  • While cleaning your ceiling, use goggles to
    protect your eyes from soot. Also, dont start
    using cleaning chemicals without wearing special
    gloves. Besides, prefer old clothes because
    stains are inevitable.

  • Your first task is to remove soot from the walls.
    One of the alternatives is using a chemical
    sponge for wiping all affected areas repeatedly.
    When this sponge becomes soaked with smoke soot,
    wash it in warm water, let it dry, and continue

  • One of the most affected ways is using Trisodium
    Phosphate (TSP) solution. You need to mix 1
    gallon of warm water with one tablespoon of this
    cleaner. Then, put on goggles and gloves, moisten
    the sponge with TSP and start wiping walls or any
    other damaged areas.

  • Then, wet a rag with warm clean water and wash
    all these areas vigorously. Keep scrubbing until
    everything will be completely cleaned from TSP
    solution (its a harsh chemical which isnt 100
    safe for your health).

  • If you cant find TSP cleaner in your area, look
    for other commercial cleaning products. There are
    plenty of options and many of them are safe to be
    used around children and pets.

  • Of course, if the damage to a house fire is
    severe, take advantage of heavy-duty chemical
    cleaners. Use home remodeling companies if you
    need professional and well-qualified help.

  • Next step is getting rid of the smoke odor from
    affected surfaces. Walls can easily absorb smoke
    and later youll always feel this unpleasant

  • Youll be surprised but some household items like
    vinegar and baking soda are excellent tools for
    removing the smoke odor.

  • Wet a sponge with white vinegar and wash affected
    surfaces. Vinegar has a specific strong smell and
    is a cool odor-neutralizer.

  • Detergent is another helpful cleansing agent mix
    a couple tablespoons of it with warm water to
    form bubbles. Then, with a rag, wash walls and
    other damaged areas.

  • Baking soda is also an awesome natural
    odor-absorber. Simply sprinkle it all over
    affected surfaces, leave a few bottles of soda in
    your rooms, and let it for a few days to absorb
    all the odors.

  • Finally, you can try Febreeze widely-used
    cleaner with a special chemical (cyclodextrin)
    which effectively absorbs smoke odors. You just
    need to spray it on walls or other areas.

  • Lots of people prefer using professional
    assistance instead of cleaning their houses all
    by themselves. There are plenty of smoke and
    flood recovery services which use environmentally
    safe methods of cleaning and wont cost you a
    fortune for sure.

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