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A to Z on Graffiti Removal


1. Handling Graffiti Removal - Is Your Company Properly Outfitted to Do it? 2. 6 Solvents for Graffiti Removal with Ease. 3. How to Choose the Best Graffiti Removal Company? 4. Graffiti Removal - Tips and Tricks. 5. Graffiti Removal for 4 Different Surfaces. 6. 4 Effective Methods of Graffiti Removal. 7. Indoor and Outdoor Graffiti Removal. 8. Graffiti Removal: Precautionary Measures to Take. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: A to Z on Graffiti Removal

A to Z on Graffiti Removal
  1. Handling Graffiti Removal - Is Your Company
    Properly Outfitted to Do it?
  2. 6 Solvents for Graffiti Removal with Ease
  3. How to Choose the Best Graffiti Removal Company?
  4. Graffiti Removal - Tips and Tricks
  5. Graffiti Removal for 4 Different Surfaces
  6. 4 Effective Methods of Graffiti Removal
  7. Indoor and Outdoor Graffiti Removal
  8. Graffiti Removal Precautionary Measures to Take

Handling Graffiti Removal - Is Your Company
Properly Outfitted to Do it?
  • The Products They are Using
  • There are so many graffiti removal products
    available in the commercial cleaning sphere that
    choosing the best one from them becomes a
    difficult job. Most of these products were
    created by companies who had just one thing in
    mind profits. While there is no harm in worrying
    about the bottom line of their business, you need
    to buy products from companies who know what they
    are making and offering to their customers. They
    should no the industry and should make products
  • The Product Should be Environment Friendly
  • As a socially responsible business, you should
    only invest in graffiti removal products that are
    environment friendly. Make sure the graffiti
    removal products you choose will not cause any
    harm to the environment, as there are many such
    products that contain harmful chemicals that take
    a lot of time to breakdown and remain in the
    environment for a long time, causing irreparable
    damage to the environment.
  • The Surface with Graffiti
  • There is no one product that fits all. You need
    to choose one according to the surface you are
    trying to get graffiti removed from. Graffiti
    removal products work best when they are tailored
    to the specific surfaces. When choosing a
    graffiti removal product, make sure you choose
    one that is environment friendly, safe, and fast
    while also being effective on the specific

6 Solvents for Graffiti Removal with Ease
  • Turpentine
  • Turpentine is used to dissolve hardened paint
    that has been on your walls for a long period of
    time. When you are attempting to remove graffiti
    from a wall for the first time after days of its
    application, turpentine should be your first
  • Mineral Spirits
  • These are more commonly known as White Spirits.
    You can use them as a substitute for turpentine.
    These are actually used as paint thinners by many
    artists. Mineral spirits are more effective with
    fresh graffiti.
  • Naphtha
  • This solvent is basically a highly flammable
    cleaning agent. It works best on removing crayon
    graffiti. But you have to be careful while using
    it. Make sure you have proper ventilation around
    you when youre working with it. Wear protective
    rubber gloves and respiratory masks just to be

6 Solvents for Graffiti Removal with Ease
  • Methylene Chloride
  • This is a solvent that is mostly used for
    removing paint. It can remove any and all types
    of graffiti but due to its extreme nature you
    have to be careful while using it. Use all
    precautions necessary, rubber gloves, respiratory
    masks etc.
  • Alcohol
  • As a graffiti remover, alcohol is very useful. It
    is available in many forms such as methyl, ethyl,
    isopropyl or even denatured alcohol. In fact, you
    can also remove graffiti with rubbing alcohol
    which is generally used for external medicinal
    purposes. It loosens up hard paint easily. It is
    particularly efficient in removing pencil stains
    from wood, magic markers and even permanent
  • Acetone
  • This solvent is the most effective when it comes
    to removing stains from plastic surfaces.
    However, it also has harmful effects for
    Plexiglas. In addition, it releases fumes which
    are hazardous if inhaled. Therefore, you must use
    respiratory masks to make sure you dont end up
    inhaling any of the fumes.

How to Choose the Best Graffiti Removal Company?
  • Search Online
  • The first thing to do when looking for a graffiti
    removal company near you is to run a quick online
    search. This will help you locate the services
    near you, allowing you to make a quick list. This
    list can then be shortlisted further based on the
    points that follow below.
  • Recommendations
  • You should also ask the people around you for
    recommendations about graffiti removal companies.
    There must be people and businesses around you
    that might have used graffiti removal services
    and have an experience with these companies. They
    can provide you feedback about the firsthand
    experience with these companies, which can help
    you choose the best one for your business.

How to Choose the Best Graffiti Removal Company?
  • Affordability
  • When looking for a graffiti removal service, one
    of the main things to consider is the cost. You
    dont want to end up burning a hole in your
    pocket with these services. You need to choose
    the one that offers their graffiti removal
    services within your budget. It is best to ask
    for a quote before you hire them for their
  • Experience
  • It is best to choose a graffiti removal company
    that is experienced in what they do. They will
    know how to take care of your walls and imply the
    best methods for graffiti removal. They will not
    damage your property, thus you dont have to
    worry about paying extra in repairs. They will
    also make sure to offer you the best personnel as
    per your specific graffiti removal needs.

Graffiti Removal - Tips and Tricks
  • Clean the Surface
  • Before beginning with the process of graffiti
    removal, make sure you clean the surface
    thoroughly. Start from the top and work your way
    to the bottom and catch any liquid that falls as
    you clean.
  • Chalk or Spray
  • The kind of technique that will work best for
    graffiti removal depends on what type the
    graffiti is. Pressure washers work best when you
    are dealing with chalk graffiti. On the other
    hand, you will have to use some abrasives such as
    acetone, paint thinner, or other baking soda
    based products to remove graffiti done with spray
    paints. It also depends on the surface the paint
    is sprayed at as everything doesnt work best in
    all cases.
  • Clean the Entire Area
  • While the main aim is to remove graffiti, you
    cannot leave the entire wall as such and just
    clean a small part of it. This is going to leave
    an outline of the graffiti on the wall, which
    looks really bad. Therefore, plan to clean the
    entire wall or any other structure. Clean the
    whole area and dont just focus on a small part
    where the graffiti was.

Graffiti Removal for 4 Different Surfaces
  • Brick Walls
  • Nearly everything that stands still is a target
    for graffiti. Residential and commercial
    buildings have to take the brunt of graffiti 90
    of the time. Their brick surfaces and matte paint
    suffers maximum damage. Commonly used methods for
    removing graffiti from brick walls include sand
    blasting, soda blasting, pressure washing and
    chemical stripping.
  • Steel Surfaces
  • The positive point about steel surfaces and
    stainless steel is that they are very resistant
    and non-absorbent which basically means that they
    dont absorb paint. You do not need any strong
    chemical graffiti removers for the purpose of
    cleaning these surfaces. Instead, the soft
    application of mineral spirits can suffice for
    removing graffiti from steel surfaces.

Graffiti Removal for 4 Different Surfaces
  • Wooden Surfaces
  • Wooden surfaces are very hard to tackle when it
    comes to graffiti removal because sometimes, when
    the wood is too weathered, it will absorb the
    paint. In such a case, if you work extensively to
    remove the graffiti, you will end up damaging the
    surface of the wood. The better option in these
    cases is to paint over the wood.
  • Plastic Surfaces
  • Plastic chairs or tables which become victims of
    graffiti art always end up being one of the most
    difficult surfaces to remove graffiti from. A
    light solvent can damage it. Even if you apply
    mineral spirit on it, the plastic will get thick
    or cloudy. You can try using penetrating oil to
    remove graffiti but sometimes it works and
    sometimes it just does not. In this case,
    repainting the plastic surface is a better

4 Effective Methods of Graffiti Removal
  • Paint over the graffiti
  • If the graffiti covers a larger area and has not
    seeped into the walls then you can paint over it.
    You can get a color that is similar to the walls
    of the building. However, make sure to buy sealer
    coat paint otherwise the graffiti might bleed out
    through the new coat of paint. You also need to
    keep the shade in mind. If the color is dark then
    you can just paint over the graffiti, but if the
    wall color is light it would be advisable to
    remove the graffiti first otherwise the vibrant
    colors of the graffiti may show through.
  • Cleaners
  • You can remove the traces of graffiti from your
    property by using some specialist products. You
    can buy the newer, more efficient solvents from
    the nearest hardware store to you. However, you
    need to make sure that the product is not toxic
    otherwise it can bring potential harm to your
    health and those around you.

4 Effective Methods of Graffiti Removal
  • Water Pressure or Blasting
  • Graffiti, colossal sized and painted on a porous
    and previously unpainted surface, may need a
    little bit of a more heavy duty cleaning system.
    For such a situation it is better that you use
    water at a high pressure or a sandblaster. It is
    recommended that you hire and expert to do the
    cleaning because one false would lead to the
    creation of an unwanted pore in the structure. If
    you do use a pressure washing technique, it is
    better to use a washer with low pressure and a
    wider spray nozzle.
  • Chemicals
  • If the graffiti has been sprayed on the
    unweathered and paint sealed wood, then you
    should use mineral spirits to clean off the
    painting. However, you need to keep in check that
    the wood should not be weathered otherwise the
    painting will seep into the wall. Paint thinners
    will remove graffiti from metal and glass
    surfaces more efficiently. If the graffiti has
    been done with a felt pen on the glass, aluminum,
    or smooth cement then you only have to use
    dishwashing detergent.

Indoor and Outdoor Graffiti Removal
  • Indoor Graffiti Removal
  • Indoor graffiti is spread out on tables, chairs,
    restroom doors and restroom walls. Commonly,
    indoor graffiti is made with pencils, ball-points
    and in some cases knife blades.
  • For pencils and ball-point ink, any type of
    cleaning agent can easily do the job for you. You
    will face trouble while removing the graffiti
    that has been scratched into the walls but ink is
    easier to remove. You would not even need to rub
    the surface too much to clean the pencil and ink.
  • Just dab the spot with a piece of cloth which is
    soaked in the cleaning agent a few times. It
    should do the trick.
  • If you have to treat vertical surfaces, use
    foaming cleaners.
  • For surfaces that have been scratched, you have
    to analyze the scratches first. For instance, if
    the scratches have only disturbed the outer layer
    of the paint, you can use common paint softeners
    to take care of this.
  • If the scratches are deep and some of the paint
    has been peeled off then the wiser option is to
    repaint the area.

Indoor and Outdoor Graffiti Removal
  • Outdoor Graffiti Removal
  • In case of outdoor areas, graffiti removal
    becomes a tad more difficult than it is for the
    indoor surfaces. That is mostly due to the fact
    that things outside have so many different kinds
    of surfaces and each surface requires its own
  • For example, if youre treating graffiti on glass
    surfaces you will need gel based graffiti removal
    products so the glass itself is not affected by
    the removal process. The most dreadful part of
    cleaning a glass surface is the fact that some
    stains just stick to it. Make sure that does not
    happen with you.
  • On the other hand, if you are dealing with chalk
    graffiti over brick walls, you will need a high
    pressure washer for removing it.
  • For metal surfaces, you can also use natural
    products like baking soda and citrus juices to
    remove graffiti off of it. Metal surfaces do not
    absorb the paint which makes the removal much
    easier through natural elements.

Graffiti Removal Precautionary Measures to Take
  • Optimal Work Conditions
  • Ensure that the day you choose to work on is
    suitable in terms of weather condition and human
    and traffic movement in the precise location.
    Avoid the graffiti removal processing on the days
    where weather updates predict chances of rain,
    fog or ice-related conditions.
  • Safety Gear
  • Personal protection equipment is extremely
    important to ensure that you are completely safe
    in case of incidents and any unexpected
    situation. You need to lace yourself up with
    appropriate safety gear including safety
    sunglasses, high visibility vest, appropriate
    footwear suitable for the work nature, protective
    headgear, gloves, and dust masks. These tools are
    mandatory to make sure you are safe from all
    kinds of hazards and the execution of graffiti
    removal process will not impact you negatively.
  • Worksite Precautions
  • On the site you are working graffiti removal, it
    is essential that you take sufficient measures to
    ensure the safety and protection. What you need
    to do on the worksite is to activate the warning
    lights right after you arrive.

Graffiti Removal Precautionary Measures to Take
  • Acts to Avoid and Perform
  • While engaged in the graffiti removal process,
    you need to ensure following acts are executed
  • Chemicals that are to be used in the removal
    process are appropriately labelled.
  • Chemical substances are stored safely and in a
    manner that minimises the risk of injury.
  • All tools are in optimum working conditions.
  • The acts that need to be avoided during the
    process are
  • Do not smoke near the worksite. It can cause an
    adverse reaction to chemicals in close proximity.
  • Do not indulge in dealing with chemicals without
    covering your face with protective gear and hands
    covered in gloves. You don't want your skin or
    eyes getting affected by the chemical.
  • Do not place the ladder on an uneven surface if
    there is a need for one. Falls from the ladder
    can lead you to substantial injuries.

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