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Title: Yoga for Asthma

The word "Asthma" is of greek derivation and it
means panting or gasping.Not all difficulty
in breathing is asthma.The prefix bronchial
refers to the fact that the basic problem is in
the bronchi, the lower air conduits within the
lungs. With the growing knowledge about asthma,
this condition is clearly defined and
differentiated from other illness with
Some common features of Asthma are -
  1. Episodes of breathlessness which changes in
    severity spontaneously or with treatment.
  2. Wheeze (Whistling noise) while breathing out and
    demonstrable variation in obstruction to air flow
    through the airways of the lungs.

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Bronchial asthma is characterized by recurrent
attacks of difficulty in exhalation due to
wide-spread reversible narrowing of airways in
the lungs, which varies in severity over a short
period of time either spontaneously or as a
result of treatment. Remarkable hyper-reactivity
of the air passages and excessive response by
narrowing to various kinds of stimuli, is
characteristic of asthma. The condition is not
due to any known specific infection. This is a
disease characterized by airway inflammation and
bronchial hyper responsiveness.
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What is the cause of Asthma?
Unfortunately, medical researchers do not know
exactly what causes asthma. It is entirely
possible that no single cause will ever be found.
Inflammation causes mucus to build up in the
airway, cutting down on the space available to
move air. Inflammation also stimulates the
muscles around these tubes to contract
(broncho-construction), narrowing the tubes
further cutting down the airflow. Although
inflammation is the route cause of all asthma,
the trigger for this inflammation is different
for different people.
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Why is asthma increasing?
Exposure to allergens in the houses, viral
infections, aspects of the indoor environment
such as central heating, air pollution, the
stress of modern living - even the treatments
used for asthma itself - have all been blamed
for the increase. However, evidence for any of
these individually being responsible is limited.
In fact, it is highly likely that the rise is due
to a combination of these factors although
allergies are likely to be the more important
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Preventive Measures
House Dust
Cleaning of house dustmite is very important to
prevent asthma it may be very expensive. Sprays
to kill the mites are ineffective on their own in
controlling asthma. Pets
Getting rid of domestic pets is a contentious
issue. Where there is undoubted allergy to
cats, dogs or rabbits, a balance has to be struk
between control of asthma using inhalers and the
grief that can be caused by banishing the pet!
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Bed room temperature
some prefer the cooler night air, other people
will find it causes them to wheeze
more, particularly if they have to get up at
night for some other reason.
Food allergies
A small proportion of patients with asthma
particularly children, undoubtedly have
food sensitives.True food allergy is not
particularly common but is undoubtedly more
common than many doctors believe.
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