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How to Write a Literature Survey for Research Paper/Thesis/Dissertation


Howdy! Today we will share with you some secrets about literature survey writing for different types of papers such as research paper, thesis and even dissertation, check this presentation and discover main steps how to write it. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to Write a Literature Survey for Research Paper/Thesis/Dissertation

How to Write a Literature Survey for Research
  • A research literature survey reviews books,
    articles and other sources (journals, conference
    papers, dissertations, etc.) concerning a
    particular issue, research question or theory. It
    includes revision, summarizing, and critical
    estimation of all sources you found on the topic.

  • The main purpose of a literature review is to
    review relevant literature on the topic. Besides,
    this paper is aimed to
  • estimate whether a source is significant in the
    understanding of the topic and if it contributes
    something to resolving an issue
  • interpret previous research on the topic

  • find any gaps in sources
  • find out whether prior studies contradict and how
    it is possible to find a solution
  • find out if there is a need for additional
    studies and bring up your own research on the

  • Writing a good literature review includes 4
    essential parts
  • Problem formulation indicate the subject youre
    going to explore and define its issues
  • Literature search look for sources which are
    relevant to the topic

  • Literature estimation define which sources bring
    the deepest understanding of the topic
  • Analysis and conclusions write about essential
    findings and make conclusions about sources you

  • Lit reviews should consist of the following
  • A short description of the subject, problem,
    theory about which you read in the literature
  • Splitting chosen sources into categories (for
    example, those which support some opinion and
    others which are against it)
  • Defining which pieces are the most significant
    and develop the topic.

  • Here are some useful tips to write a lit review
  • Narrow the topic
  • How long should a lit review be? If your topic is
    succinct and narrow, it will be so much easier
    for you to review the literature because the
    number of relevant sources will be smaller.

  • Youre not supposed to read ALL sources on the
    topic, but youll make your life easier if the
    research problem is not so wide but concise.
    Define the main aspects, keywords and develop
    your search strategy.

  • Look for current sources
  • In many fields (for example, medicine), every day
    researchers conduct lots of surveys and discover
    something new so reviewing old sources on your
    topic wont be correct. Look for up-to-date
    information in current publications.

  • Support what youre writing
  • All your interpretations of sources should be
    backed up with evidence which shows that what
    youre writing is authentic and valid. Ask for
    professional lit review help if there are any
    writing troubles.

  • Choose thoroughly
  • In each source, choose only essential points on
    the topic. It should relate to the research
    problem so dont include unnecessary details.
    Hire custom literature review writers and make
    your life a bit easier.

  • Quote wisely
  • You can cite the author to back up some point
    when it is hard to paraphrase original words. But
    avoid extensive quotations and dont insert them
    in your lit review instead of your own words and

  • Keep your paper original
  • Youre writing about what other authors said on
    the topic but your own voice should be the
    central one. Begin and finish your paragraphs
    with your own thoughts and wording.

  • Be careful when you're paraphrasing
  • Make sure you fully understand what the author
    means and write all authors points accurately
    and in your own words. Cite where it is needed
    and dont plagiarize.

Lit review outline
  • Introduction
  • In this section, you need to
  • specify your subject and define the research
  • indicate what literature you reviewed
  • narrow the focus of your review.

  • Body Paragraphs
  • This part should include
  • Start a discussion on a topic from a broad
    perspective. Then, move to more specific studies
    and stop on the specific research question.

  • Include insights of other authors on the topic,
    the most important points, and contributions of
    each source to resolving the research problem.

  • Conclusions
  • summary of the key aspects of the previous parts
  • literature evaluation
  • define possible gaps in existing literature
  • describe areas for further studies
  • say about your research and how it connects to
    existing knowledge on the topic.
  • Find other tips on the topic in this Google book.

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