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Nate Wang - Web Design Trends 2018


Web design trends and tips for the next year by web design and marketing expert Nate Wang – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Nate Wang - Web Design Trends 2018

Web Design Trends 2018
  • From AskNateWang

  • In 2018 web design will be pointed to the user
    experience. What a surprise, right? I bet you
    didn't expect that. As the last year has gone,
    virtual reality and animations have lost their
    popularity and the simple pay attention to your
    user is fashionable again. Let's take a look in
    a web design and try to guess which trends will
    be most used.

Menu options reduced
  • Popular opinion more is more went down last
    year. Websites have chosen to reduce their menu
    buttons to 3, 4. Some studies claim that limited
    choices make people choose easily. If your client
    has chosen fast and without hesitation, he will
    come back again next time he needs something from
    your website.

Hamburger menu gone
  • Hamburger menu has been called a poor design
    choice with a reason. First, it was kind of ugly.
    Second, people can't always find easily where the
    menu was. The natural outcome for the hamburger
    menu was retirement. Spotify, for example, has
    removed it from their app menu so others will
    follow the example soon.

Duotones trend will stay
  • If you don't know what is this, just Google it.
    Websites use this technique to maximize the
    attention on their headings or menus and to
    minimize it on their imagery. It is suitable for
    websites that are visited by a lot of people who
    are focused on a clear goal and don't want
    distractions. As you may guess, a proper web
    design trend can be created after you get to know
    your clients and their goals.

Material design
  • Google loves it. It includes shapes and edges and
    colors and all good stuff from the flat design.
    Graphic shapes are not going to vanish soon so
    you should be prepared for a year full of squares
    and triangles. We believe these designs have a
    motto and it is Simple is more!

Parallax scrolling
  • This is one of the things that should go in 2018.
    This design is rather confusing than creative. A
    lot of people feel irritated by the scrolling and
    its unevenness. Unfortunately, background like
    this can't move properly with the scroller only
    and the effect is not favorable to many. In
    addition, loading time is higher which is a not
    good for a website's SEO.

A motion should be meaningful
  • Although we will see how parallax movement will
    be retired, we will be witnesses to the coming
    back of the motion but different kind of motion.
    Transitions should be coherent, like in Android's

Valuable stock imagery
  • Let's say goodbye to the old stock imagery.
    High-quality photos are here to stay, and we will
    see it like a trend in 2018. Unrepresentative
    imagery will drive away modern clients so every
    business owner should pay attention to digital
    opportunities. Of course, this doesn't mean that
    imagery will be the most important thing but it
    will be one of the most important.

PWAs will still develop
  • Progressive web apps use HTML5 browser
    technology. They will develop as long as people
    use their mobile devices to browse on internet
    yes, it is still the beginning of this era.
    Offline functionality, home screen icon and push
    notifications are just a few of the benefits.

Fonts created by Google
  • Most things Google has created become a trend so
    their fonts followed the example. Google Fonts
    service is showing fonts easily and quickly. Font
    manager allows you to convert them and highlights
    featured ones.

  • Minimalism combines several elements
    uncluttered UX, speed etc. As you may have
    expected, mobile devices are again in the center
    of the events. We can't rely on too much
    information in our responsive designs because the
    client will get confused. Another thing we should
    avoid is sticking a lot of content above the
    fold. Bad practice is not using enough space and
    contrast, too.
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