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Viral Social Posters review and Viral Social Posters $11800 Bonus & Discount


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Viral Social Posters review and Viral Social Posters $11800 Bonus & Discount

Viral Social Posters review - What Is Viral
Social Posters? Nowadays, people tend to love to
read quote images shared on blog posts, social
networks or any other place. There is no doubt
that this is one of the best ways to deliver
messages because, with images, people will feel
more interested in reading this information
rather than looking at the depressing post with
only text. When people see amazing quote image,
they will share it without caring about where it
comes from. As an online marketer, you need to
take advantage of this viral sharing approach
with these kinds of images. Therefore, I will
present a useful product that you can utilize for
pull off all of your works. Introducing Viral
Social Posters Viral Social Posters is 100
healthy eating based quote images package which
allows you generate tons of traffic on
autopilot. Further, the producer also did all of
the hard works, hired top notch graphic
designers, and prepared an amazing and stunning
package based social poster images for you to
use. In addition, you can also receive the .PSD
Photoshop source files, so you can use and edit
any of the quotes you wish. Private Label Rights
license was also given to you. Thus you can
resell kit modules as well.
  • How Does Viral Social Posters Work?
  • Special Features of Viral Social Posters
  • Heres some of what you can do when utilizing
    Viral Social Posters
  • Tons Of Images / Quotes To Choose From
  • Can Add Your Logo Or Brand Text Easily
  • Set Them On A Schedule And Automate Posting
  • Eye Capturing Design And Styles For Each
  • It is really helpful, right? This is due to lots
    of amazing modules coming with this product
  • Module 1 100 Healthy Eating Based Social

  • If you're looking for fresh content, especially
    content that you KNOW will generate real
    engagement, then this is by far one of the
    easiest and quickest ways to do it.
  • You'll receive 100 social poster "quote" images
    in PNG file format. Each image will contain a
    different quote and a stock photo as the
    background scene.
  • This module includes
  • 100 Social Poster Quote Images
  • 1080 Pixes By 1080 Pixels Image Dimensions (Size)
  • PNG File Format (Uncompressed High Definition)

  • Fully Licensed Stock Images As The Background
  • Module 2 100 PSD Photoshop Source Files
  • You can effortlessly do that because this module
    was included all 100 PSD source files for the
  • This means you can change the font colors, font
    type, add a different image, brand it, or really
    do anything else that you'd like.
  • You could even make new social posters using the
    basis from these 100 posters.
  • 100 PSD Files (One For Each Quote)
  • Edit With Photoshop (Paid) or GIMP (Free)
  • Add Your Name, Brand, URL, etc.
  • Modify The Quote or Anything Else
  • Module 3 100 Quotes In A Spreadsheet

With 100 quote images, you'll probably want to
check out the various quotes in text format as
well. This will allow you to utilize them in
various ways.
This means you can include the text in your blog
posts or where ever you choose to post these
images. Module 4 Professional Reseller
Graphics Package
  • Making this product look even more professional
    and top notch, they went ahead and had our
    graphic designer whip up an absolutely beautiful
    minimalistic e-cover.
  • This cover graphic perfectly highlights the power
    and simplicity of this product, and you'll even
    receive editable source files and blank files so
    you can rebrand it however you'd like.
  • 2D (Flat) 3D (Mockup) Product Graphics

  • PSD Source Files Included (Edit Them)
  • Blank Versions Included For Easy Branding
  • Header, Logo, and Icons Images Included
  • Module 5 Front End Sales Thank You Pages
  • Considering that you can resell this graphics
    package and profit from it, as well as use it
    for your own traffic efforts - you need some
    assets to sell it.
  • What would a PLR package be without a completely
    done-for-you high-quality sales page with
    effective sales copy and beautiful graphics?
  • And the sales page has a bit more in between
    those two images. Plus you receive legal pages
    as well so that you can stay fully in the lines.
  • Module 6 'WOW' Sales Video Voice Over

With the digital age, and everybody being wired
to the Internet and constantly on the go, people
don't really have the time to be reading through
tons of text. That's why the producer put
together a unique but highly effective explainer
style sales video that is fully geared towards
the topic of the product. Complete with a
professional voice over as well.
  • You will be receiving a 1080p MP4 video file for
    the sales video. Furthermore, this sales video
    is already implemented into the sales page, so
    that saves you the hassle of doing it yourself.
  • Module 7 Swipes Kit For Reselling Package
  • Tying a lot of the promotional efforts together
    with this package, they felt that just providing
    "email swipes" was really skimping out.
  • That's why they went all out and decided to put
    together a kit of swipes that you can use for
    various methods of promotion.
  • All you have to do is determine which way you'd
    like to promote, assemble your swipe using the
    various pieces of the kit, and then proceed to
    post away.
  • Module 8 Camtasia Studio Video Project File
  • As another massive added value to this package,
    you'll also receive the Camtasia Studio Video
    Project File for the high def sales video.
  • What this means is that you can easily go in and
    edit the text, change the colors, add to it,
    hire for a new voice over, or do anything else
    you'd like.
  • This project file is yours to edit and modify,
    however. And it's super easy to use.
  • Module 9 License Package

They're not going to send you out into the wild
without a sense of what to do or where to go
with this kind of super lucrative graphics
package. That's why Darren took the time to
record a series of videos that will show you not
only how to use these social posters, but also
how to set up the reseller kit including the
sales page, graphics, and uploading it to your
web host as well. You'll know exactly how to
utilize this package and start benefitting from
it immediately. How It Works All you need to do
is to follow a simple process and get results
right away Step 1 You have to choose one of
the 100 images which cover all kinds of sayings,
quotes, and statistics related to the main
topic. So, you will meet with no difficulty in
finding more than a few social posters to suit
your visitor. Step 2 Then, you just need to add
your name / website / URL / Etc. Whether you
have Adobe Photoshop or GIMP, you can easily add
your name, website title, brand logo, or URL to
any of these quote images. Or even you can even
use an online image editor if you'd like to do
it that way. Step 3 Now that, you can post it
on any site or anywhere you want.
  • This is perhaps the easiest step of the process.
    All you have to do is venture out to one of the
    many websites populated by people that will share
    your image. Simply post your quote image, add
    some relevant tags, add a link to your site, and
  • Why Should You Get Viral Social Posters Now?
  • Obviously, this is one of the easiest ways for
    marketers to boost their viral traffic. With
  • Viral Social Posters, you can gain more benefits
  • Post them on social networks and drive traffic
    anywhere to any location
  • Share them on Pinterest to get viral exposure
  • Resell the "images pack" as is for 100 profits
  • Sell the "social posters" individually and keep
    100 of the profits earned
  • Build a targeted following on Instagram around
    these topics
  • Use them in your blog posts to create buzz and
    conversation around the subject
  • Generate a viral buzz on Facebook
  • Create a dedicated following on Twitter
  • Use them for self-confidence in your own business
    or for your own customers
  • Include an image in your follow ups and
    broadcasts to your audience
  • Rebrand this package and sell it in any way you'd
    like while profiting 100 of the way
  • Make blog posts for self-confidence with them

Module 10 Step-By-Step Setup Usage
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