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Title: One Soci 2.0 Review - (FREE) Bonus of One Soci 2.0

One Soci 2.0 Review The Swiss Army Knife Of
One Soci 2.0 http//
soci-2-0-review/ Facebook has 1.7 billion users
and more marketing tools to reach them than I can
list in one email. But thats the problem
  • try to market effectively to these people,
    you need loads of different apps, in different
    places, and with different skills.
  • Then there are FBs own management tools.
  • Its all over the place. Its time consuming, and
    it takes you away from doing more productive
    activity in your online marketing.
  • It shouldnt be this difficult to market on
    Facebook, right?
  • no longer is, thanks to a new app that
    just launched today from Martin Crumlish and Lee
    Pennington called One Soci 2.0
  • Take a look now at
  • This truly is the best all in one FB marketing
    suite on the planet. Look at just some of the
    amazing apps they have combined in 1 tool
  • Content finder find targeted, high quality
    video, image and text content using your chosen
    keyword to automatically post on your social
    media account
  • Social Media Poster Post share content to
    Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest automatically,
    immediately or scheduled in the future
  • One-click optin simply tick the box to enable
    this option and when a user clicks on your
    Facebook post and then clicks "ok", their FB info
    is captured and added to your OneSoci dashboard.

  • Ad designer design ads with the built-in image
    editor, or use external integrated apps like
    Youzign. Included ready made ad templates
  • Post analytics see how your latest post is
    performing and make detailed marketing decisions
  • Cover photo preview check out what cover photo
    is displayed on any of your pages, edit it,
    change it...whatever you need
  • - Active Ads reporting Keep track of your active
    ads, how they are performing and more
  • - Templates built in templates to use in your
    ads, posts, cover images etc
  • ...and loads more!
  • This truly is the one Facebook tool that lets you
    run your entire Facebook marketing funnel in 1
  • There are no extra sites to visits, no other apps
    to log into, no complex Facebook controls to
    mess with.
  • If you want to save time and money, and put your
    social media marketing on point, One Soci 2.0 is
    the answer.
  • One Soci 2.0's Over View

One Soci 2.0's Key Features
1 Click Timeline Optin This amazing new feature
lets you post to the FB timeline and when users
click "ok", it caputres their email, name and
more. Nothing else does this right from the
timeline, it's a truly innovative new feature.
Content Finder Find endless video, image and
text content using your chosen keyword, and
leverage that in your own social media profiles
by posting it with OneSoci 2.0
Social Media Poster Post share content to
Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest automatically,
immediately or scheduled in the future.
Post Designer Design your posts with the
in-house image editor and post directly to your
social media accounts. Choose from 100's of
background images and 10 ready to go post
Facebook Cover Photo Designer Design your cover
photo and post it directly to your page from the
app, also see how it would look on your page
even before you post it. Choose from 100's of
background images or use our "ready to edit"
Facebook Ads API Approval and Integration Design,
target publish your FB ad campaign directly
from the app, with advanced targeting through
flexible specs! This has been fully approved by
Facebook so has full ads API access. Customers
will love having all their FB marketing in 1
dashboard, including for the first time ever, FB
Social Scheduler 'Set and Forget' your contest
posting with a detailed social scheduling, for
all your social media accounts. You can set when
your posts appear
Ad Designer Design ads with the built-in image
editor, or use external integrated apps like
Youzign. You can even choose from our ready made
ad templates which are preloaded in your account.
Post Analytics If you don't measure the results
of your social media marketing, you are 'flying
blind'. You need to see what is working, so you
can make the best choice for your business.
OneSoci 2.0 lets you see it all in 1 place.
Cover Photo Preview Check out what cover photo
is displayed on any of your pages, edit it,
change it...whatever you need! You never have to
leave OneSoci. This is a massive timesaver!
Active Ads Reporting Keep track of your active
ads, how they are performing and more all from
within OneSoci 2.0
Youzign Integration with Youzign, the leading
cloud based design app.
Templates With your OneSoci 2.0 account you get
100's of background images and 30 "ready to
edit" templates right inside the app.
Powerful Usage Rights Powerful Usage Rights that
let you manage 50 pages and 50 groups right
inside your OneSoci dashboard.
  • Image Library 500 Images
  • One Soci 2.0's design functions are loaded with
    background images so you can rapidly create your
    own post images, cover images and ads.
  • How Does One Soci 2.0 Work?
  • One Soci 2.0 Turns Your Social media Marketing
    Into A Simple Process
  • Find
  • Use one built-in research tools to find the most
    viral, compelling, active content that you can
    freely use in your own updates.
  • This will literally save you hours of your time,
    and the results can be immediately tailored to
    your needs, and posted where you want them.

  • Engage
  • Having Facebook likes, Twitter follower or
    Pinterst pins is no good unless you know how to
    get these users engaging with your marketing.
  • One Soci 2.0 lets you do just that with huge
    range of interactive apps. Everything from
    one-click optin posts to viral content is handled
    in the app, including the powerful analytics to
    measure your engagement to see what is working.
  • Profit
  • Use the fully integrated, API approved, FB ads
    app to design, write, target and publish ad
    campaigns, all without leaving OneSoci 2.0
  • It has never been easier to publish a winning ad,
    thanks to this amazing app.

OneSoci 2.0 is so much more than just another
Facebook management app. Rival apps do some of
what this app do....but nothing does everything
OneSoci 2.0 does. Such an app even let you
manage Pinterest and Twitter too, right from the
same dashboard!
Exclusive Bonuses Of One Soci 2.0
Bonus 1 - WP Video Optin Create beautiful
animated video optin pages in minutes.
Bonus 2 - TimerBar Pro Animated responsive
countdown timers embedded on any website, even
for external sites you do not own. Ideal for
special offer campaigns.
Bonus 3 - Bejjo Theme High quality, flexible,
responsive WP theme perfect for your business or
to use with clients.
Bonus 4 - 2-Step Optin Plugin Create conversion
boosting "2 step" optin forms, that are proven to
gain much higher conversion rates due to
Bonus 5 - WP Sales Toolbox Sales page builder
plugin loaded with "ready to go" features you
need to create compelling sales pages in
Bonus 6 - WP Call Directory Add a reall 1800
number to your site for free!
Bonus 7 - Emperor Pages Drag and drop page
builder app loaded with templates, images and
Bonus 8 - Live Revealr Special FB plugin for
optionally rewarding users for liking content.
Bonus 9 - Survey Engage Create engaging surveys
in a popup window that appears in the bottom of
your WP page like a chat box.
Bonus 10 - WP BotBlocker Get rid of bot traffic
clogging up your WP site with spam comments,
emails, login attempts and more.
Bonus 11 - Engage Build dynamic optin forms that
increase sign-ups and grow your list.
Bonus 12 - Countdown Engage Create animated
countdown timers, countdown gifs and more, to add
scarcity and increase conversions on your offers.
Bonus 13 - Banner Engage Maximise campaign ROI
with this powerful banner plugin. And these
bonuses if you upgrade to Pro
Bonus 14 - OTO1 Bonus FB Social Deals
Whitelabel Set up a FB deals platform using page
tabs. Includes automatic expiring countdown
based deals and full user system, so it can be
installed, rebranded and accounts sold to
Bonus 15 - OTO1 Bonus Social Mobi Videos
Whitelabel Create stunning live optin forms,
buttons and more right inside videos. Comes with
a complete whitelabel member systrem, rebrander,
sales pages, training etc and more. Final
verdict - Your Turn! All you need to do now is
quickly take action cause when you didn't, the
price shall be rise and cost you more. Besides,
this is a risk free product. So basically you
have nothing to lose. It worth your
try. http//
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