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Title: Social Responder Review and GIANT $12700 Bonus-80% Discount

  • Social Responder Automate Your Online Facebook
    Page Support Increase Your Page's Reputation
  • Social Responder empowers your customers to see
    results all while carrying out their daily
    lives, without having to directly communicate
    with their customer until an outcome has been
    made. Your general outcome would be the purchase
    of your products and/or services.
  • http//
  • Social Responder Overview
  • Homepage Social Responder Official Site
  • Product Name Social Responder
  • Type of Product Cloud-Based Software
  • Authors Michael Somerville
  • Target niche Social Marketing, Facebook Social
    Automated Tool, Cross Platforms Traffic and
    Viral Tool, Social Responder will empower your
    customers to see results all while carrying out
    your daily lives, without having to directly
    communicate with your customer until an outcome
    has been made.
  • Official Price 57
  • Special Offer 20-OFF DISCOUNT HERE! (Its only
    valid for first 24hrs)
  • Bonuses EXCLUSIVE You will get any of the
    bonus packs in below
  • GIANT Bonuses Pack 1
  • SPECIAL Bonuses Pack 2
  • ULTIMATE Bonuses Pack 3
  • HUGE Bonuses Pack 4
  • MEGA Bonuses Pack 5

Everyday over 900 million people logging into
facebook, either with their phone or desktop
computer. We know that more than 80 will
communication with the platform over mobile
devices, and we also know that over 1.1 billion
people are using messenger. So, if we can
combine both monsterist platforms, we can without
a doubt narrow, target and capture our
audience's attention. This is how Social
Responder is different from anything available on
the market today, you dont rely on one
specific stream of traffic. You have to ability
to target within Facebook, pull those people
into your funnels and marketing system, all
while capturing them into your messenger
campaigns and boosting your engagement without
sitting there doing things manually. Not only
that, you can do all this without a website,
landing page or even hosting. When you couple
this with old school marketing, via a marketing
page, or website - you take engagement and
disruption marketing to the next level. Again,
still pulling them back into your Social
Responder campaigns, avoiding any opportunity to
break the connection or lose the attention of
your audience member. Often, we focus on
automated softwares, and shiny new platforms
that will NEVER actually add value to your
business. People think that commenting, or
pulling comments via a software will show their
audience an opportunity to purchase or engage.
The problem with that, its become to common,
people know what is going on and those automated
tools - look like just that. Thats where Social
Responder, with all the cutting-edge features
has really changed the game. Without looking like
an automated system, or robot - you can -
capture, communicate and deliver the purpose
without being present in the moment. You see,
when you can look almost there, without actually
being there - the trick - that isnt present,
doesnt disconnect the audience member you're
attracting. By actually engaging and pacing them,
through the campaign youve setup. They will
ultimately see value and get the result they want
in that moment. Giving them the desire to do
business with you, even though again, you didnt
speak with them direct. All the human mind wants
is to be responded too. When we ask for
something, we want the results, more often than
not, we want it now. Social Responder empowers
your customers to see results all while carrying
out their daily lives, without having to directly
communicate with their customer until an outcome
has been made. Your general outcome would be the
purchase of your products and/or services.
nus/ How Does Social Responder Work? Special
Features of Social Responder Build a List of
Highly Engaged Facebook Users Reach your
customers prospects where they are always going
to see your message! The Facebook INBOX!
Automate Your Online Sales Sell ANY product or
service 100 automated utilizing the power of the
Social Responder technology together with the
ever popular Facebook messenger platform!
Automate Your Online Facebook Page Support
Increase Your Page's Reputation Sell ANY product
or service 100 automated utilizing the power of
the Social Responder technology together with
the ever popular Facebook messenger platform!
Broadcast Messages Straight to Your Customers
Prospects Facebook Inbox Forget email marketing!
Hit your customers and prospects with your
important messages right in their Facebook INBOX!
Customize Unlimited Campaigns Responses
Set up, create customize UNLIMITED campaigns
with UNLIMITED keywords! Basically, whatever you
can think up for your bot to can do it!
INSTANT 1 Click Messenger Lead Generator Using
their proprietary technology, your prospects will
click 1 button and INSTANTLY be added to your
Social Responder Facebook contact list! Put this
button on ANY website of your choice or use it
in your email marketing efforts.
Build an EMAIL List Without a Website Their
software will integrate with all major
autoresponders allowing you to capture your
customers prospects EMAIL ADDRESS right within
the Facebook messenger platform and have it sent
to YOUR chosen autoresponder system!
Text, Photo, Audio Video Replies Set up any
number of automated replies in all media formats!
Text, photos, audio and yes...even VIDEO replies!
Pre-Tested Templates Convert 2X more customers
with our beautiful checkout page templates. Plus,
customie them to match your brand.
Customizations Customize everything with just a
few clicks, without touching code.
Recruit Affiliates Tuse the built-in 'Affiliate
Center' to pay affiliates to sell your products
for you.
Coupons Convert more buyers by offering coupons
for special discounts.
Payment Options
Offer multiple payment options on the same
checkout page to let your customers decide how
they want to pay.
A/B Testing Split test your checkout (or upsell)
page design or layout to boost conversions even
Eliminating Cart Abandonment Recapture the 90 of
the customers you're currently losing. Send
emails to anyone who abandons their cart to save
the sale.
3rd Party Scripts Embed any 3rd party code or
script so you can retarget, track conversions,
and more.
Save Your Subscriptions Their "Subscription
Saver" will automatically contact anyone who
fails a payment so you don't have to worry about
running them down.
Order Bumps Make pre-sale offers right on your
checkout page (just like Amazon) to boost your
average order size.
1-Click Upsells Make post-sale offers after
someone buys where they can buy other products
with just 1 click of their mouse.
Exit Pops Use "Exit Pops" to give a special offer
to someone who is about to leave your checkout
page or upsell process.
"Manual Orders" Because they securely store your
customer's card, you can manually place orders
for them using their card on file.
The Profit Center Get all of your stats live, as
they happen, inside the new "Profit Center".
Deep, Simple Reports Run advanced reports to dig
into cart conversion, upsell take rate,
subscription stick rate, and more.
Easily Manage Orders Find any customers or
purchase in under 5 seconds. Your support team
will love this one.
Integrate with Anything Tie SamCart to just about
anything so you can automate almost any task you
need to get done.
They Integrate With
How it works
  • The Simple 3-Step Process
  • Step 1 Pick a checkout page template
  • Starting selling in less than 3 minutes
  • Customize the page to match your brand
  • Turn on/off any element
  • Pick from their library of pre-tested conversion
    checkout pages
  • Step 2 Start sending people to it
  • Sell any type of product (digital or physical)
  • Use any pricing structure (1-time, subscription,
    paid trials, free trials, etc.)
  • Offer multiple payment options on the same page
  • Boost back-end sales with 1-click upsells

  • Step 3 Watch your business grow with live sales
  • Get amazing insight into your business by
    discovering the numbers youve never had like
  • Monthly Recurring Revenue
  • Churn Rate
  • Lifetime customer value
  • And more...

Who Should Use Social Responder? Complete
Beginners Build a highly engaged contact list
from scratch and promote affiliate offers with no
website and no product of your own! Affiliate
Marketers Promoting multiple offers has NEVER
been simpler! Build a list of highly
engaged, targeted buyers for each affiliate offer
you promote and CASH IN with the automated
selling abilities of Social Responder! Network
Marketers/MLM Whether your prospects are looking
for information about your company, product or
compensation plan...Social Responder is the
PERFECT solution to deliver that information
INSTANTLY while building a list of HIGHLY ENGAGED
prospects leads for ANY network marketing
company! Ecom Sellers Drive more sales of your
products by allowing customers the ability to
receive more information about your product and
even purchase right from the Facebook
messenger! Offline/Retail Businesses
Quickly easily send coupons, discounts and
other deals right through the Facebook
messenger! Realtors Instantly provide information
about your multiple properties and even allow
customers quick easy access to home tours and
more! Facebook Page Owners Increase your page's
reputation by offering INSTANT replies to your
fans! Social Media Marketers Invite followers to
engage with your messenger bot through your
social media posts and build a highly engaged
list that you can quickly easily follow up with
and send updates regarding new posts
offers! Freelancers Showcase your work INSTANTLY
right on Facebook and allow prospective clients
to contact you RIGHT AWAY!
Why should you Get Social Responder Now? Launch
New Products Social Responder lets you launch any
new product or business faster than ever. No
more dealing with merchant accounts, payment
processors, or SSLs. Jump-Start Your Sales Now
you have a tool that was built to help you make
more money. You'll convert more customers, and
get every customer to spend more with
you. Simplify Everything
Business today is too complex. It's time to
simplify everything. And this is the tool that
does it. With Social Responder, your business
becomes easier than ever.
And now after revealing all the features inside
Social Responder, they are not about to stop
there. They are including a very valuable bonus,
designed to enhance your result with Social
Responder. Special Bonuses from Social
Responder Bonus 1 Quick-Start Implementation
  • Forget about paying a 3,000.00 set-up fee
    they'll help you get started so you start
    selling ASAP.
  • Theyll help you get started, and ready to take
    orders ASAP
  • Theyll help you integrate your email list, your
    merchant account, and your product delivery
  • Value of 499
  • Bonus 2 Checkout Hacks Vault

  • These are the top secret checkout page conversion
    tactics that they only share with their VIP
    customers. They include
  • The perfect price for your product (can boost
    sales by 19)
  • The perfect number of testimonials (can boost
    sales by 21)
  • Which required fields you should add or remove
    (can boost sales by 35)
  • The best converting guarantee length (can boost
    sales by 81)
  • Value of 997

Bonus 3 The Funnel Factory
  • How to create high-converting funnels that
    deliver traffic, leads and customers on
    autopilot. Get their "funnel templates" for
  • Selling Information Products...
  • Selling Physical Products...
  • E-Commerce Storefronts...
  • Selling Software Products...
  • Selling Services...
  • Value of 1,997
  • Bonus 4 Traffic Tactics

  • Discover the easiest way to drive traffic that
    converts to your website, including
  • Michaels best facebook advertising tactics for
    getting cheap traffic
  • His best retargeting tactics
  • His affiliate marketing tactics for getting
    affiliates to promote your products for you
  • His podcasting strategy for building his list for
  • His Instagram strategy for getting thousands of
    followers for free
  • Value of 1,997

Bonus 5 The 1-Page Funnel (Full-Pay Bonus Only)
  • Discover how to ditch complex marketing funnels,
    and just use ONE PAGE for a quick cash
  • Eliminate weeks of work and learn how to start
    selling any product with nothing but a checkout
    page and a simple email
  • Get his exact swipe file and checkout page
    template that generated 27,483 in just 4 days
  • Value of 399
  • Bonus 6 5 Checkout Page Reviews (Full-Pay Bonus

  • Theyll personally review 5 of your checkout
    pages so you can instantly increase their
    conversion and generate more revenue
  • Get the help you need when youre stuck and cant
    come up with any more ideas
  • Get ideas for split tests to run on your checkout
    pages so youre always finding ways to boost
    your conversion even more
  • Value of 499
  • Bonus 7 A 2nd SamCart Account, FREE! (Full-Pay
    Bonus Only)

  • Youll get a second SamCart account completely
    free, as long as youre a customer. You can use
    it for
  • Other websites you run
  • Client accounts you manage
  • Anything else you want
  • Value of 2,388
  • Conclusion
  • Can you see the power of this software and how it
    will empower you to automate things in your
  • This is literaly, cutting-edge technology, that
    isnt vastly available to market. If all this
    did was
  • Finally, see a results from marketing online
  • Helped you finally have a real business online,
    that makes you money from a proven formula
  • If all this did, was help you cancle a bunch of
    your online subscription
  • Would it be worth it to you?
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  • https//
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