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Web Development trends 2017


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Title: Web Development trends 2017

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Technology changes constantly, so to be at the
top of your game as a web developer, its vital
youre keeping up.It can be confusing and
discerning when so many updates and developments
are being released every few weeks. With 2017
just getting started, weve put together some
information about the anticipated trends for this
upcoming year and some advice about what areas of
development you should be focusing on.
1. Artificial intelligence
AI is something that is shaking modern IT world
and companies are competing against each other to
hire and maintain the best professionals of the
industry. The importance of AI is explained by
the fact that it allow devices to act
independently aka without manpower and this leads
to increased efficiency, accuracy and overall
better user experience.
2. Virtual reality
Another topic that always seems to surface when
discussing the future of technology is virtual
reality or VR. This trend has already started to
sweep the gaming industry. The Oculus Rift and
the Vive bring new and interesting possibilities
to the world of gaming, but it wont stop
there. Companies including Google and Mozilla
have begun work on APIs to help VR technology
transition to the web. As standards develop, we
expect more and more applications to be developed
using VR technologies.
3.Rise of JavaScript
JavaScript has been rising since 2016 and its
rapid growth allows developers to work on chat
bots, virtual reality and many other trending
things. The language grammar and efficiency of
writing the apps were improved and overall, JS is
now the most popular language among full stack
4. Internet of Things (IoT)
The internet of things is a movement where
typically non-internet-connected objects are
given network connectivity in order to send and
receive data. These objects can range from your
toaster or kettle, to sensors on motors or
sensors embedded in concrete to detect cracks and
Conversational UI on websites Websites are
starting to jump on the UI trend of
conversational interfaces. First websites,
designed with a conversation first approach
already pop up and seem to become increasingly
5. Yarn package manager
Package managers are incredibly popular tools,
especially in the frontend JavaScript
communities. They make it easier for developers
to install, update, configure and uninstall code
modules within their applications. They do so by
communicating with a registry of code modules and
manage the various dependencies code modules
usually have. The most popular JavaScript
package managers are NPM and Bower. However, a
new package manager has been developed by
Facebook, in collaboration with Exponent, Google
and Tilde. We expect its popularity to grow in
2017. Yarn aims to address issues Facebook have
experienced with NPM, particularly in areas such
as performance, security, and consistency. This
new package manager still has access to the NPM
and Bower registries.
Ruby on Rails
Rails seemed unable to make a real impact on web
development but the ease and variety of features
within Rails 5 including Turbo links 5 and
Actionable is quickly making it a firm favorite
with web developers. Ruby on Rails 5 allows web
developers to focus more on the overall
appearance of the website whilst the framework
itself fiddles around with all the
behind-the-scenes messiness.
The next generation of Angular JS
Also released in 2016, this Angular update
introduces a newly redesigned JavaScript
Framework. It is also expected to be more
regularly updated and tweaked, with one
significant update being promised every six
months, therefore offering developers who use it
never-ending abilities at the cutting edge of
website building technology. Its most commonly
used by app developers thanks to its
compatibility with videos, animation, and other
non-static documents.
6.Bots the role of conversational UI
Bots are there to make our life easier and our
experiences more personable (or at least they
should). Bots are interesting from various
standpoints and use cases.
7. Static site generators
These generators are able to create website from
the text stored in files rather than in
databases. This reduces the website loading time,
offers better security and makes deployment of
content and templates much easier.
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