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Best Web Development Trend 2017


What keeps a good website floating in the market? What sets web developers higher on the web development poll? Their competence, unbound urge to keep learning new techniques and keeping their web development game on top. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best Web Development Trend 2017

Best Web Development Trends For 2017
  • Technology changes every year. True!
  • It can be really overwhelming when so many
    updates and developments are being released every
  • Thats why we have grounded the most anticipated
    web trends for this year.
  • Discussing new frameworks, techniques, and tools
    which are all working to enhance UX, consider
    this presentation your one-stop- shop for all
    things 2017!

Artificial Intelligence to Develop Websites and
  • We all know,
  • Artificial intelligence programs are already used
    by Google and Wikipedia.
  • The technology that allow us to develop software
    which can think and act as a human being without
    using the manpower.
  • The Grid has already given us the snippet of this
    technology for developing web design programs
    using artificial intelligence designer named
  • "You give the content, Molly does the rest
  • https//

Evolution of JavaScript in 2017
  • There's a lot of buzz about JavaScript and its
    relevancy but what you should opt for in 2017
  • TypeScript
  • Over the last year, weve seen the rise of
  • Its a statically typed language that collates to
  • So you can use existing JavaScript code,
    incorporate your JS libraries, and call
    TypeScript code from JavaScript.
  • https//

Internet Of Things
  • Internet is no more restricted to computers and
    mobile phones.
  • Technology advances and now there is an
    increasing demand for the internet to control
    every aspect of our lives- using apps or chat
    bots on our smart phones
  • Project Jarvis by Marc Zuckerberg is the recent
    example of AI-based internet of things. He built
    his own  AI-based both which runs his home.
  • With his project Jarvis he built a system which
    allows him to gain control various devices
    (cameras, toaster), home systems (like lights,
    doors, thermostat) through a messenger bot and an
    iOS Voice app.
  • https//

Static Site Generator
  • Static site generators are an effective and easy
    way to create websites.
  • You dont need a database, instead your web pages
    are simple files which run on your servers.
  • With that comes improved website loading speed,
    better security handling, and ease of deployment.
  • Hugo or Jekyll are the most popular static site
  • https// https//

Bots and Conversational UI
  • Bots are here to make our digital experience more
  • 2016 was predicted to be the year of
    conversational commerce, therefore design and
    development of bots and conversational UI will
    become an important web trend for 2017
  • Websites designed with a "conversation first"
    approach already come along and seem to gain lot
    of popularity. http// is designed
    with a conversation-first approach.
  • The idea that chatbots are effective if the user
    interacted using certain dialogue options. That
    instead of open text entry they selected
  • from a limited set of options.

Ruby on Rails
  • Ruby on Rails is a web-application framework that
    includes everything needed to create
    database-backed web applications.
  • Ruby on Rails seems to be making a real impact on
    web development with its latest version "Ruby on
    Rails 5" laved with Turbolinks 5 feature that
    allow you to create single page applications
    directly from the Rails stock.
  • No need for client-side JavaScript frameworks.
  • Cool!

Accelerated Mobile Page
  • AMP is a project from Google and Twitter designed
    to make really fast mobile pages.
  • It's basically a slimmed-down form of HTML, a
    diet HTML if you will.
  • It's an HTML page designed to be super flimsy and
    critically designs really fast loading pages.

What makes it so fast? AMP continuation..
  • Well as we mentioned in our previous slide its a
    diet HTML, meaning you can't incorporate certain
    tags of HTML in it. Things like form, that are
  • You also need to use a smooth-running version of
    CSS. Since some aspects of the CSS are old
    school, you simply can't use it.
  • And well JavaScript you simply can't use it at

  • Well it all comes down to improving the UX and
    UI when it comes to development in 2017. And as a
    web developer it's our duty to make these as
    smooth as possible.

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