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Best Ways to Check Pronouns in Your Text


Check this presentation and get to know what are the best ways to check pronouns in your text to fix it and make it perfect. Find out more here – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Best Ways to Check Pronouns in Your Text

Best Ways to Check Pronouns in Your Text
  • We use a pronoun in place of a mentioned or
    already known noun or noun phrase to avoid
    duplication it in the statement. Pronouns are
    used as the members of the sentence and quite
    often act like subjects. Thats why it is
    essential to use pronouns accurately to not
    confuse the reader what nouns they address to.

There are different types of pronouns. Each of
them works for a different purpose in the
  • Personal pronouns
  • I, you, he, she, they, us, etc are examples of
    personal pronouns. We use them to substitute
    nouns which are referring to people or things.

  • Depending on the role these pronouns play in the
    sentence, we can divide them into subjective
    pronouns objective pronouns possessive
    pronouns reflexive pronouns.

  • Subjective pronouns
  • Which type of pronoun is used to point out a
    specific person, place, or thing? Right,
    subjective pronouns. I, he, she, it, you, etc act
    as verbs subjects in the statement
  • You wrote an amazing article.
  • They saw this fantastic movie.

  • Objective pronouns
  • Me, him, her, you, us, etc belong to the group of
    objective pronouns. Their role in the sentence
    being objects of verbs and prepositions
  • Nicole forgot to invite her to the birthday
  • She saw me but even didnt say Hello.

  • Possessive pronouns
  • Mine, hers, his, yours, ours, and theirs are
    possessive pronouns that demonstrate ownership,
    something which belongs to someone
  • This marvelous painting is mine.
  • That incredible yacht is theirs.

  • Reflexive pronouns
  • The role of reflexive pronouns (myself, himself,
    herself, itself, ourselves) is to address back
    to the subject in the statement
  • Amy had to clean the apartment after herself.
  • I made myself a cup of coffee and started working

One of the best ways of using pronouns correctly
in your text is to know some tricky grammar
rules. Read the following and write correctly
  • Personal pronouns must match with the antecedent
    (it is the word which the pronoun is
  • Mike wrote so impressive essay and he didnt
    commit the slightest mistake.
  • In this sentence the pronoun he helps us to not
    repeat Mike over and over again.

  • Singular antecedents demand singular pronouns we
    write plural pronouns if our antecedents are
    plural as well.
  • The girl played her violin.
  • The girls played their violins.
  • Pronoun checker is also here to help you with
    your writing.

  • Some words such as everyone, somebody, and
    nothing, despite the logic, are singular and need
    singular pronouns
  • Everyone in the world needs a family to feel
    happy and raise their his children for
    procreation as well.

  • Feminists usually consider such use of singular
    pronouns as sexist so make sure your writing
    wont offend anyone. For this, use constructions
    such as he or she, him or her and so on which
    involve two genders. However, such writing is
    rather clumsy but at the same time grammatically
    correct. Try to avoid such contractions if its

  • Some indefinite pronouns (all, any, some, more,
    most) are singular or plural according to the
    prepositional phrase that comes after
  • Some of this footwear is too expensive because it
    was made by world-famous designers.
  • Some of these shoes are too expensive because
    they were made by world-famous designers.

  • Collective nouns usually mean groups of people
    audience, class, faculty, family, jury, minority,
    team, etc. If all members of some group are doing
    exactly the same action at the same time, then we
    need to use singular pronouns
  • The jury decided to postpone its decision because
    of new evidence.

  • When group members are doing separate things and
    act as individuals, then the collective noun
    demands plural pronouns.
  • The government is careless about people they
    have spent not enough money on social assistance.

  • If you are not 100 sure whether singular or
    plural pronouns are needed, replace the
    collective noun with a usual plural noun or try
    the third person checker
  • The team basketball players performed a great
    game for their fans.

  • Besides, you can add to the collective noun the
    word members. Obviously, this word is plural
    and requires plural pronouns
  • The class members have finished writing their
    essays right on time.
  • Try an essay punctuation checker if youre still
    not sure what is correct.

  • Make sure that youre using singular verbs with
    pronouns such as each, either, and neither
  • Each of the students dances very well.
  • Either of us has done the homework correctly.
  • Neither of my colleagues was around.
  • Use grammar mistakes finder to be 100 sure in
    your writing.

  • If you are not sure whether to use the subjective
    or objective pronoun after the words than or as,
    try to finish them in your head
  • Helen is as a good mother as she/her.
  • In your head come up with Helen is as a good
    mother as she is. Thats why the pronoun she is
  • Read this great Google book for more tips.

  • Need writing help?
  • Then, visit
  • without hesitating!