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9 Hilarious Spanish to English Translation Services Failures


These 9 hilarious Spanish to English Translation Services slip-ups, will explain why do you need to hire professional Spanish to English Translation Services? – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 9 Hilarious Spanish to English Translation Services Failures

9 Hilarious Spanish to English Translation
Service Failures
Are you learning a new language? You would
understand that it is an art to translate a
sentence into another language. However, we see
major translation blunders everywhere! It is
embarrassing as well as funny to read the
translation services failures. We have listed
the 10 Hilarious Spanish-English Translation
Spanish to English Translation Services Failures,
which will make you laugh. If you are a native or
you are learning Spanish, you will be able to
point out the major translation slip-ups.
Through this article, you will get to know why
you need the best Spanish to English Translation
services! Read on to find out!
1. Ninguana Natación When translating from
English to Spanish, you need to have a trusted
source. It is always good to hire a professional
translation services company in order to get the
accurate translation. Ninguana Natación
literally means None swimming, which makes
little sense. Also, the word is Ninguna and not
2. Éxito Aquí Éxito literally means success
in Spanish. Aquí can be translated as here.
We wonder how you can get success at Starbucks
Coffee. Salida is the word used for exit in
Spanish. This is really funny!
3. Se Necesita Delivery Guy The list is getting
funnier with the horrible translation errors!
There is a word for driver in Spanish! Como se
dice driver in Español? Conductor! Are you
getting the point? Imagine a Delivery boy reading
this and he is very good at Spanish, and knows a
bit of English. How will he understand this ad?
It is highly likely that he applies for this job
assuming it is for a Delivery Guy.
4. Vuelta Lejos Chaparrones Cuando Usted es
Echo We can only see two words which make sense
here! Those words are, Por Favor and Gracias.
Vuelta means return and Lejos means far. A funny
thing here is that chaparrones means
rainstorm or downpour (i.e. shower in the
sense of an intense and short rain). Why couldnt
they use the word, Cerrar?
5. Entero Somewhere Elso This is probably the
funniest English to Spanish translation we have
ever seen! The sentence should be, Prohibito el
paso. Entero in Spanish means whole or
entire! It is hilarious to see this translation.
6. El Ningun Fumar El Ningun means, The
None. One could just say, Prohibido fumar en
este establecimiento. It is simple that way! You
DO see the need to opt for professional
translation services because, if it is not done
properly, it just sounds and looks funny.
7. Estimado Cliente Estimado Cliente literally
means, Dear Customer in Spanish. The English
used for this is hilarious. The actual meaning of
the Spanish text is Dear Customer, take care of
your belongings.
8. Agua Para Riego de Plantas There is something
horribly wrong with the Spanish to English
translation service here! The Spanish version
agua para riego de plantas (English The water
is for watering plants) is not translated!
Moreover, Agua no potable means non-potable
water and not no drinking water. Prohibited
to get wet here also sounds a bit literal. These
are some serious errors!
9. Si Desea que le Cambiemos As you can see,
the English used for the second sentence is
horribly wrong!The correct translation would be
If you would like to change your towels, leave
them on the floor if not, leave them on the
hangers. There is another error in the first
sentence, recurso means resource.It is
hilarious and disastrous at the same time!
Why do you need to hire professional Spanish to
English Translation Services? It is important for
you to hire a company which offers professional
Spanish to English Translation services because
they will be able to provide you with accurate
translation. Seeing the above mentioned
hilarious translations, you wouldnt want to take
the chance! It is time to hire professional
Spanish to English translation services in order
to get accurate results and save oneself from the
humiliation caused by hilarious
Thank You...
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