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Tips to Avoid Fraud Companies in voIP Business


This Presentation presents the ways in which fraudulence in VoIP Business can be prevented and thereafter minimizing the potential loss. It explores various aspects that one should consider before starting their own VoIP business. For More Detail, Contact INAANI WCEGA Tower || 21 Bukit Batok Crescent || Unit 15- 84 || Singapore, 658065 Phone: + 65 31586979 Website: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Tips to Avoid Fraud Companies in voIP Business

10 Tips to Avoid Fraud Companies in VoIP Business
  • With the increase in VoIP business, there has
    been an increase in VoIP frauds. Posing a threat
    to all those who want to start their VoIP
    business, these fake companies use numerous means
    to dupe people.
  • In here we have presented to you the ways by
    which the genuine VoIP Service Provider can be
    distinguished from the rest thus safeguarding
    your investments.

Website Verification
  • A website is the virtual office of a VoIP
    company. Collect information and choose your
    manager from the respective companys official

Company Location
  • If your desired VoIP service provider has a real
    presence with a location, count it as an added

Official Email ID
  • Never trust emails from 3rd party email
  • Representatives of recognized companies will have
    their own Email ID against the company domain.
  • For example,

Live Chat
  • As every focused VoIP companies ensure their
    online presence 24/7, they always provide Live
    Chat on the websites.
  • Companies deviating from this norm pose a risk of

Official Form
  • Official from presents the appropriate etiquette
    of maintaining everything official.
  • For example, if company representative fails to
    catch you online, there should be a form where
    you can drop your queries with a contact number
    so that the service provider can reach later.

Do not trust Advertisement only
  • Low cost of online advertisement makes it an easy
    bait to lure people. It is not advised to trust a
    company based solely on its online
  • Also a single click on the advertisement or a
    single visit to the website enables anyone to
    track you easily.

First test the Taste
  • Every recognized VoIP service provider let their
    visitors have Demo version before buy.
  • It is one of the most important factors to choose
    the best provider. Nevertheless, it also
    differentiates recognized from the fraud.

Abnormal Rate
  • When it is about business, you should check
    pricing of different companies before going for
    the deal.
  • This is for the rate plan that is different from
    each other, but abnormally low or high rates
    prove that something is out of order there.

Hear what experienced say
  • An experienced VoIP business person would always
    have more knowledge than the start-ups.
  • Advice from such an experienced would undoubtedly
    guide more to help you in business and to prevent
    initial losses.

Start with the Industry leader
  • The golden rule of VoIP business industry Opt
    for a reputed company which will safeguard your
    money and business.
  • While the new and local businesses might have a
    chance of being fraud, the reputed ones have
    already proven their trust and have a large base
    of customers.

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