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How to prevent heart disease at any age


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Title: How to prevent heart disease at any age

How to prevent heart disease at any age

  • How to prevent heart disease is a question all of
    us need an answer to and equally true that most
    of us have at least a rough idea about it.
  • Although the question sounds common for all of us
    but the answer is not as generic as it may seem.
  • Just like each one of us has different type of
    body, immunity, and metabolism etc., similarly
    our heart ailments are also of different types.
  • Every individual has to take his or her own
    measures to prevent heart diseases depending on
    his unique health background, symptoms, causes,
    and heart condition.

How to Prevent Heart Disease? Wake up before it
is late!
  • How to prevent heart disease is question that
    every individual should ask himself/herself
    before it is wee bit too late or when the problem
    has gone beyond the stage where simple medication
    can solve it.
  • It is better to wake up early and to avoid
    treatment than undergo it. In most cases people
    wake up when it is an emergency or a near
    emergency situation and thats when they are
    frantically looking for the best cardiologist in
    Hyderabad or wherever that one may be residing.

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To Prevent Heart Disease, Heres Your Safest Bet
  • If you are a person who goes for a general yearly
    check-up without a miss it is a wise decision
    because in such cases problems of all kinds
    including those of heart are caught at an early
    stage which can be easily rectified with simple
    oral medicinal course or sometimes even basic
    lifestyle changes.
  • But for those who do not go for yearly medical
    check-ups do not come to know of the heart
    disease growing inside them until it is late and
    a simple course of medicine or lifestyle
    alteration is not be an answer anymore.

How Risky is Family History Factor?
  • How to prevent heart disease that runs in the
    family is something many people want to know
  • One thing to remember for people in whose
    families heart diseases run, is that though you
    are at a higher risk of heart diseases owing to
    this, however, you will not necessarily develop
    heart related diseases because of this risk
    factor alone. 
  • But the more you take it easy or allow wrong
    factors to rub on you, your risk factors become
    greater and with that the likelihood of being
    diagnosed with heart disease rise.

Non-Family, Self-Acquired Risks of Heart Diseases
Steps to Minimize
  • Consequence of Lack of Physical activity in Day
    to Day Life
  • According to surveys done by researches the world
    over, it is claimed that 60 of people do less
    physical activities than they should to keep fit.
  • Our sitting jobs, automated lifestyle has changed
    the way we lived until a few decades ago.
  • Coming of age of remote controls for switching on
    or switching off lights, fans, air conditioners
    and TV sets has proved to be our worst enemy.

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Physical Activity vis-à-vis Hearts Health
  • Physical activity helps and protects us because
    it helps in regulating our weight and improving
    our bodys use of insulin. 
  • Remaining active whether it is by doing various
    daily chores at home or hitting the gym or simple
    walk in the morning or evening routine is good
    for you because it works for your blood pressure,
    blood lipid levels, blood glucose levels, blood
    clotting factors, the health of your blood
    vessels and inflammation, all these are
    indirectly and directly related to the health of
    your heart and various cardiovascular disease.

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Stress vis-à-vis Physical activity
  • To prevent heart disease, besides including
    physical activities in your daily routine, you
    also have to make other changes in life. It is
    possible for everyone wishing to lead a healthy
    life to make the effort.
  • It is possible to control factors that we are not
    born with or have not inherited from family.
    These are factors that we have acquired over
  • And stress is one of them. Stress has been known
    as a killer, a highly possible risk factor for
    many types of cardiovascular diseases.
  • We are all living life under constant stress at
    home, in jobs our travel causes stress, and our
    relationships that were once considered cure for
    stress are causing us more stress than ever

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Diabetes vis-à-vis Physical activity
  • If you are diagnosed with diabetes or it runs in
    your family you have to take extra precautions
    because if you dont, you are at higher risk of
    developing heart disease. 
  • If you exercise or include some kind of physical
    activity in your daily routine, it will prove to
    be very helpful as it is well known and proven
    that exercise or any kind of physical activity
    reduces your chances of developing Type 2
  • If you dont yet have diabetes, you are lucky. Do
    all you can to avoid the condition but if you
    already have it then you MUST exercise regularly
    to keep blood sugar under check it will protect
    your heart in the long run.

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How to prevent heart disease Tips for Kids
  • Exercise is one of the ways to steer clear of
    heart problems and has a direct as well as
    indirect impact on your hearts health. Having
    said that it is an extremely effective method to
    control heart issues. There are many other
    methods besides keeping yourself physically
    active to protect from heart diseases.
  • You have to try to include the healthiest
    possible diet as per dieticians recommendation

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Learn to cook and eat fresh food and eat it in
Junk or grub on the run is not the way to live,
and certainly not how you should choose to. You
do have a choice so why not choose the better
one, even if it means a little effort. Why not!
Avoid Fat to control cholesterol
Avoid sodium, a big no to salt intake
Avoid alcohol
Smoking is a strict no-no passive smoking is
more harmful so dont sit around people who
smoke, the damage it causes to your health is
even worse!
  • Set your body clock right do everything timely
  • Eat on time
  • Sleep on time
  • Do yoga
  • Do pranayama, the technique helps oxygen to reach
    each cell in your body
  • Meditate
  • Avoid stress

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  • Do not overwork
  • Dont over think
  • Get yourself checked for hypertension regularly
    as its known to be the single most important
    risk factor for heart diseases and stroke. It
    puts stress on our blood vessels leading to heart
  • Test yourself for sugar
  • Eat freshly cooked food
  • Avoid stale, overcooked, oily food

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  • Do not eat food to which preservative has been
  • Eat fruits grown locally, in your area
  • Eat fibrous, wholegrain cereals, theyre the best
    start to a day
  • Make fresh salad and use flaxseed oil salad
  • Two cups of tea every day! Green or black?
    Doesnt matter!
  • Include ground flaxseed in your diet, spread on
    your cereal or yogurt every day

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  • Avoid going or sending your kids to places that
    are polluted
  • Keep your weight under check, a priceless advice!
  • Get BMI done every few months to keep health
    under check
  • Do not eat tobacco, it is a killer and carries
    risk of heart disease like no other. Tobacco
    damages the endothelium, which is the lining of
    the blood vessels and starts building up fatty
    deposits in the arteries, developing risk of
    clotting it is also known to raise low-density
    lipoprotein cholesterol, and bring down
    high-density lipoprotein, also leads to coronary
    artery spasm

  • Women need to avoid smoking or use of tobacco
    more because they are known to be at a higher
    risk of getting heart disease than men
  • Cycle for 20 minutes everyday
  • Eat small piece of dark chocolate twice or thrice
    a week! It contains chemical called flavonoids
    that keep arteries flexible
  • Vitamin B complex every morning is also known to
    help keep heart disease away
  • If you hear yourself snoring, visit doctor

  • Sleep for 8 hours, it helps, it helps, it helps!
  • Eat fish at least once a week
  • Add a handful of hazelnuts into a
    vegetable-and-chicken stir-fry, they are super
  • Include beans and peas in your diet every other
    day at least
  • Avoid self-medication always talk to your doctor
    before gulping down any supplement or medicine.
    Dont trust even your best friend on this. Its a
    doctors job to prescribe medicines

  • Eat cherries oranges
  • Give soda a miss
  • Include fresh fruit juices in diet instead
  • Include ginger and turmeric in your diet
  • Dont control the urge to urinate
  • Take weekly breaks, they are good for your heart
  • Meet friends be social
  • Simplify life, relax
  • I am not going to remind you again - to drink
    water, at least 8 ounces a day!

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  • How to prevent heart disease is a question that
    even an uneducated individual or a teenager can
    answer. Simply because of the fact that heart
    diseases have become very common among everyone.
    The rich and poor alike.
  • You may belong to any economic or social strata
    of the society you are exposed to peculiar risks
    at every level which lead to heart related
    ailments and complications.
  • If you are eating right, chances are you are
    working in poor environment and if you are
    working in clean environment and do not smoke,
    you may be a victim or passive smoking or you
    might be victim of stress in workplace.
  • Thus the reasons for heart diseases are numerous.
    Which one will hit you, you dont know until it
    does! If your heart problem requires surgery,
    check out the best cardiologist surgeon in

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