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Rice Varieties


Kohinoor different type of rice Varieties enhance your health and taste buds.So try & decide yourself which rice is best for you. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Rice Varieties

Rice Varieties for Hyderabadi biryani
Rice is a staple food in many countries around
the world. People in most Asian countries like
India, China, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia,
Bangladesh rice their main dish, while in western
countries it is used as a side-dish. There are
many varieties of rice available which varies in
size, color and texture. There is white, brown,
red and black rice that has different nutritional
benefits are used in its own way based on the
region where it is available. For most biryani
and pulao preparations, basmati chawal is
commonly used. For south Indian style variety
rice, mostly raw rice or boiled rice is used.
Indian Rice Varieties
Rice is a staple in any kitchen, and with so many
different types, it lends itself to a limitless
number of recipes. Before you add the same type
of rice to every recipe you prepare, however,
think twice. Substituting one type of rice for
another can really alter the result of a recipe.
Each type of rice has its own taste, texture, and
unique properties that work well with different
cooking applications.
Best food rice
Long grain rice has a long, slender kernel three
to four times longer than its width. Due to their
starch composition, cooked grains are lighter,
fluffier and more separated than medium or short
grain rice. Long grain rice works well in such
dishes as pilaf, stir-fry, salad, soup and
Southern favorites like jambalaya and gumbo.
Basmati rice in India
Brown rice has the outer hull removed but still
retains the nutrient-dense bran layers that give
it a tan color, chewy texture and nutty flavor.
Brown rice is a 100 whole grain, rich in
minerals and vitamins, especially the B-complex
group. Though brown rice takes a little longer to
cook than white rice, the nutrient-dense layers
are rich in vitamins and minerals.
Pure basmati rice
Kohinoor Mongra Basmati Rice is rich in aromas
and non-glutinous. It is a long grain, with miled
grains that contain high amounts of starch. When
cooked, white Mongra rice appears slender and
fluffy with a welcoming scent. Most people all
over the world enjoy cooking Mongra rice, not
only because it is tasty, but also cost effective.
Mutton biryani
A hearty mutton biryani recipe that will amaze
your guests! Layers of mutton and saffron-milk
infused rice cooked 'dum' style. Sometimes
referred to as Beriani or Biryani or Kachhi
Biryani, this mughlai recipe dish possibly is on
the top of the list when it comes to most
searched items on the Internet and it makes the
grade for a reason. A meal in itself, this dish
is not kidding when it is referred to as fit for
a king.
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