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Nutritional Benefits of Non-Basmati Rice


Non basmati rice has so many nutritional health benefits. Amoli International, as one of the best Indian non-basmati rice traders, offers a variety of non basmati rice at the best price. Read here to know the health benefits of rice and for import and export contact us. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Nutritional Benefits of Non-Basmati Rice

Nutritional Benefits of Non-Basmati Rice
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Why non-Basmati rice
  • According to reports, there are 10,000 different
    types of rice on the planet, in which non basmati
    rice is one of the most consumed variety.
    Non-basmati rice comes in a range of sizes and
    forms. Some may be long and slender, but many are
    thick and short most have a bead-like
    appearance, while others are rounder. Non-basmati
    rice has different varieties like Indian Ir 64
    parboiled rice, long grain white rice 25 broken,
    Indian 100 broken rice etc.

Types of Non Basmati Rice In India
  • Indian Ir 64 parboiled rice
  • long-grain white rice 25 broken
  • Indian 100 broken rice
  • IR36 Parboiled / White Rice Long Gain
  • PR11 Parboiled and Steamed Rice

Indian IR64 Parboiled Rice
  • This rice contains 127 more phenolic chemicals,
    which help to protect the kidneys from free
    radicals and improve gastrointestinal health.
    Consumption of this IR 64 Parboiled Rice has no
    effect on blood sugar levels.

Long-grain White Rice 25 Broken
  • We offer high-quality long-grain white rice
    that is obtained only from trusted vendors. This
    rice variety is highly popular in African and
    Gulf countries for its good quality and low cost.
    It helps to improve good cholesterol (HDL) levels
    and reduces bad cholesterol.

Indian 100 Broken Rice Traders
  • Amoli International, as one of the best Indian
    100 broken rice traders, offers a wide range of
    rice. Broken rice is more nutritious because of
    the way that its processed all nutrients are
    preserved. It also prevents the growth of
    cancerous cells.

Indian Non Basmati Rice Traders
  • We are one of the best Indian non basmati rice
    traders in India. In addition to basmati rice, we
    import and export non-basmati rice in India,
    Saudi Arabia, the Gulf, France, the Netherlands,
    and other countries where this rice variety is
    mostly consumed. The main properties of this rice
    are that it is rich in taste, healthy, and
    hygienically packed.

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