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The Secret To Attaining A Powerful Brain Memory


Brain myths dispelled and new insights on how the brain works. Learn how to increase brain power, improve mental alertness and memory. Make the most out of life as you improve your brain health and sharpen your mental skills. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The Secret To Attaining A Powerful Brain Memory

Hypnosis and the Study of the Brain Revealed
  • Since both philosophies depend upon the focus and
    determination of a person's inner workings, is
    there a way to determine which force has truly
    done the work? Is it a viable experiment to sit
    two people side by side while one meditates and
    the other focuses on positive thoughts until one
    person gets what they truly want? Of course, it's
    impossible to measure a number of factors that go
    into an experiment of this type, such as
    spirituality, positivity and even desire. So no
    matter how lazy, ineffective, emotional or biased
    one person claims a particular philosophy to be,
    the simple answer is that tools for success may
    vary from one person to another. There's only one
    way to find out try it for yourself.

  • In a 2008 seminar called, The Secret to Your Best
    Year Ever in San Diego, Calif., Tony Robbins'
    seminar followed one from some motivational
    speakers of The Secret. In it, he pointed out
    some items that he disputed about the
    motivational benefits of The Secret, including
    The Secret claims to have taken much of its
    historical basis from New Thought, a kin to Unity
    Christianity which is said to have developed in
    the late 19th century. Full of cryptic symbols
    and images of repression, The Secret is
    advertised as something that civilization wasn't
    meant to know. In the movie, it is shown as being
    hidden, buried and shunned as a covetable item.

  • you go back to the basics and learn about the
    ancient secret mind power. In this article, two
    of those secrets are revealed right before your
    eyes. Have you ever wanted something so bad that
    you can almost touch and feel it? can make your
    heart's desires happen through added efforts of
    concentration and feeling. With these, you
    generate a creative power that could let your
    goals materialize. This is the basic concept of
    the said technique but remember that creative
    visualization go beyond positive thinking. It is
    should be viewed instead as a technique that will
    bring your imagination to a higher level and will
    allow you to think of something beyond reality as
    an existing thing or event.

  • Since the ancient times, this technique has been
    used in different ways but no matter how it has
    been used, it still has been proven to be an
    effective tool in achieving one's goals and
    desires. The Brain Stimulator Method Review
    Sounds too good to be true but it could indeed
    let you touch your greatest dreams by generating
    in you a stream of positive energy. With three
    simple steps, you can achieve this ancient secret
    mind power first off, just let your mind and
    body relax through deep breathing then sit or lie
    in any comfortable position next, picture your
    greatest dreams and to make it more realistic,
    add some life and color to it lastly, focus on
    that picture by thinking of it all the time.
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