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10 Lit Review Topic Ideas


If it is hard for you to choose the right topic for your lit review, check this presentation and check a list of 10 lit review topic ideas. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: 10 Lit Review Topic Ideas

10 Lit Review Topic Ideas
What is a Literature Review?
  • A literature review is a result of searching and
    evaluating of the relevant literature concerning
    a particular subject or chosen topic. It is not
    just summarizing the key points from what youve
    read. It demands critical thinking and an
    excellent ability to analyze.

  • First, you find and synthesize information from
    different materials and write about what is
    already discovered in a selected topic area.
    Second, you paraphrase, discuss, estimate and
    quote. Third, you define unanswered questions and
    issues which havent been solved by researchers.
    Then, you explain why these questions matter and
    are so important to a field.

  • Writing a literature review is about gathering
    together different theories, arguments, concepts,
    and approaches towards some topic. You need to
    analyze a great number of publications as well as
    think critically and raise questions.

  • Remember you need to concentrate only on
    academic works. Non-academic or popular
    literature can be additional sources for
    demonstrating some findings but main ideas are
    always taken from theories and data of recognized
    professionals in the chosen field.

  • There are a great number of issues in modern
    science that you can spend too much time on
    surfing the Internet, attending scientific
    conferences or reading materials trying to pick
    some topic. It should be well-considered and
    carefully chosen if you want your lit review to
    be breathtaking and brilliant as well. Here are
    some tips on how to choose the best one.

Thinking about a lit topic, first, you should
  • Discuss ideas with classmates as well as with
    your teacher who is an expert in the field and
    can help you choose an accurate and valuable
    topic. Besides, look through literature
    especially journals with recent findings.

  • Brainstorm. Write down all your thoughts on the
    possible good topic for literature review. Choose
    the one that is in the center of your curiosity.

  • Limit a range of your ideas to 3 potential lit
    review topic. Then, do a little preliminary
    research on each of them and select the strongest
    one that has a great set of supportive articles.
    Make sure that all of them are available.

  • Sources for a lit review should be up-to-date,
    sufficient and accurate. Finding them will ease
    your writing youll get to know the keywords and
    terms, basic concepts and crucial themes
    concerning your topic. Go to the library or use
    search engines and youll find great review

  • Choose a topic in which you have an actual
    interest. It will make the writing process
    pleasant and rewarding as well. A strong topic
    also means being important and significant to the

  • Do not write about stuff in which scientists have
    lost interest a long time ago. Your lit review
    about an unimportant aspect of the field wont be
    interesting for anyone.

  • As an alternative, surf news websites there are
    plenty of articles concerning major social
    problems. One of them can become a basis for your
    good topic for literature review.

  • Do not choose too narrow topic. You wont be able
    to find enough materials nor research about it.
    Once again, do a literature research in order to
    see how many reliable publications are written in
    the chosen topic area.
  • Ensure that your topic is not too general and
    broad as youll complicate your work

  • Select the topic that has already been researched
    and explored enough by scientists so you can
    easily find relevant materials. Even if youve
    picked the most curious topic in the field, you
    wont be able to write about it because of a lack
    of sources.

  • Have extra topics in hand and do not afraid to
    change them. Everything can happen unavailable
    sources, not explored topic, loss of interest or
    discovering the more engaging topic area.

So, choose only interesting, significant to the
science and well-defined topic. Here are some lit
review topic ideas
  • Obesity in children could we blame parents?
  • Violent movies and their impact on teenagers
  • Childless by choice the rising trend in modern

  • Does gender affect career opportunity?
  • Gay adoption for and against
  • Link between television and aggressive behavior
  • What is crucial in determining our intelligence
    genetics or environment

  • Online education versus traditional
  • Mass media influence on public opinion
  • Should or should not marijuana be legalized
  • More information you can find in this Google

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  • right away!
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