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baby skin care tips by Martial Kelojou


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Title: baby skin care tips by Martial Kelojou

baby skin care tipsbyMartial Kelojou
Protective Skin Care Tips For Babies
The wellness of your babies lies in the healthy
and soft skin, free from all kinds of rashes and
allergies. To nourish the babies skin always
use natural and organic based products that
gently act on the supple skin keeping it moist
and tender. Look in for expiry date, which
matters a lot not only for children but for
everyone. Consult your pediatrician on when to
start using the baby care products and if there
is a family history of respiratory and skin
allergies, your child also would be sensitive to
some natural herbs, hence have a consultation
regarding this matter too. The next few slides
will give few guidelines on how to protect your
infants supple skin.
Protective Skin Care Tips For Babies
Natural organic products, without and strong
colors and fragrance
When you shop for products, always look for
products that are natural, organic and chemical
free. Dont choose products that have a
strong fragrance and attractive colors, because
these sorts of products may contain chemical,
artificial fragrances and colors that may
irritate the gentle skin and more also cause
breathing problems at times.
Protective Skin Care Tips For Babies
Lotions, creams and baby powders
Use lotions and creams sparingly, because a
newborn skin doesnt absorb these
completely. Dont use baby powders on the
face because the talc or corn starch in the
powder may cause respiratory problems in
Protective Skin Care Tips For Babies
Soaps, shampoos and baby oils
Use baby soaps and shampoos that are mild without
any fragrance, and use it sparingly for the
newborns as it tends to dry the skin. Use
baby oils only for massage and not as
Protective Skin Care Tips For Babies
Diaper rash creams and lotions
Infants are prone to be affected by diaper
rashes, dry skin, or eczema and if these are not
properly taken care of, it tends to aggravate
more and your child may become more restless and
irritated. These tender skin problems can be
prevented and healed by using diaper rash creams
and ointments adequately.
Protective Skin Care Tips For Babies
Infants have the most tender delicate skin and
easily prone to allergies and infections, hence
use chemical free products on their tender
skin. Martial Kelojou offers pure, natural,
organic, paraben and sulfate free baby care
products which are safe for everyday use.
Protective Skin Care Tips For Babies
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