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Why Starting a Home Based Business makes Perfect Sense


If you've been thinking about starting your own home based business then take a moment to read through this ebook and find out just what is going to be involved if you want to be a success and achieve your dreams. Find out what rewards can be yours if you are willing to put in the effort required, and find out just what effort will be required – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Why and how: I wanted people to get an idea of what would really be involved when they are thinking about starting a home based business. Often presenters will only share the benefits and results, without disclosing too much information about the potential sacrifices that may be required to make any venture successful


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Title: Why Starting a Home Based Business makes Perfect Sense

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Uks 1 home based business
Starting a Home Based Business is a great way for
all kinds of people to earn some extra money to
make life a little easier, or even to begin
earning an income to secure your future.
Starting a business can seem scary at first, and
sure enough it is not something everyone can be
successful at, but do not be afraid to try.
There are many options available to the aspiring
entrepreneur, and you don't need to have special
skills or tons of money to get started, all you
need is the right plan, and the determination to
work really really hard. You'll have to work
hard, because you will need to learn new skills,
you will need to fail a few times and pick
yourself back up, you will have to make
sacrifices in your life, and this is why it is
not something everyone can be successful
at. Those of us who are willing to make those
sacrifices, willing to work instead of play for
the benefit of our future (where we can play all
day!), starting a Home Based Business can turn
out to be a life changing decision!
This brief and to the point report will explain
some of the compelling reasons why you should
start your own home based business as soon as
possible. After reading this report you'll soon
realise that there is nothing stopping you from
achieving the success you desire.
Why starting a Home Based Business makes Perfect
Sense Written by Martin Wager from The Really
Green Team - 2015
FREEDOM! This is the biggest reason why
people begin, and continue to work hard at, their
home based businesses. FREEDOM is such a
broad term, and means totally different things to
each of us, so even though it is the biggest
reason for you to start a home based business,
there is a good chance that perhaps you don't
really relate to that word. After all the
type of freedom you may desire probably is not
the same as someone elses'. Sure, most of us
will have Similar ideas of what freedom means,
but being such a vague and general term it does
not really help you understand the full benefits
of starting your home based business. You might
want financial freedom, while someone else may
want Time Freedom, and yet someone else may want
Career Freedom. Read on to find out 3 of the
most compelling TANGIBLE and REAL reasons to
start your home based business today...
So What IS the 1 Reason to start a Home Based
Business Today? Ok, Ok, there is a lot more
than 1 single reason why you should start a home
based business today. Once you have read
through the different reasons outlined in this
PDF, YOU will get to decide what the best and
most important benefit is FOR YOU! It would be
a bit presumptuous to assume you want to spend
more time with your family (do you even have a
family yet?) or even to assume that you would
enjoy the tax benefits you could receive, you may
not currently be employed so what would you care
about Tax Benefits?? Thats why this PDF will
show you no less than X compelling reasons for
you to start your Home Based Business today.
Once you've read through this report, if you have
any questions you can contact the team via the
details at the bottom of this file.
Why starting a Home Based Business makes Perfect
Sense Written by Martin Wager from The Really
Green Team - 2015
Before continuing, it is important to be clear
from the outset here, this is not about earning
millions of pounds and never having to work
again. Sure, there are people who have been able
to achieve that level of success in their home
based ventures and you certainly can too, but
lets come back down to earth for a second, and
talk about REAL money that REAL people like you
and your friends and family can relate to. What
we are talking about here, is the kind of extra
money coming in each month that can give you a
buffer, a bit of lee-way, a little help with
the general financial pressure that most people
are facing nowadays. Not to assume that YOU are
feeling the pressure, but if you are, like lots
of other people, then an extra 100, 200, 500
or more each month could mean the difference
between riding the red all the way to the bank,
or having a full tank instead! For most people,
an extra 500 per month could pay the mortgage,
or at least make a considerable dent into
it! How much would even just an extra 100 per
month mean to you? Could it get you a holiday
you've been missing out on? Could it get you a
monthly night out that you have been missing out
What Would An EXTRA 200 per Month Mean to You
and Your Family? For most people today, an extra
200 per month means the difference between being
stressed by bills each month or not being
stressed and having the freedom to relax and
enjoy life a little bit more. 200 is by no means
a complete life changer, but it certainly is a
life helper, and it can certainly help you
take those steps towards your life changing
goals. 200 per month is only a small goal, and
easily achievable with a home based business
being run in your spare time. Imagine what you
could do with 200 extra per month! A nice
holiday? Payments for a new car? Pay your
mortgage off a lot earlier? What would YOU do....?
Why starting a Home Based Business makes Perfect
Sense Written by Martin Wager from The Really
Green Team - 2015
Hey, would you believe it, but when you
begin your home based business you are inevitably
going to be better off Tax Wise. You see, if you
are currently in full time employment, you don't
really have any say in your Taxation, it is all
taxed at source and you likely have no means or
reason to check and reclaim any over payments.
Most people are happy with the assumption that
their tax is correct. But have you
considered your work related expenses that
usually don't get factored into your tax bill?
Whats that you say, you're employed so you don't
have any work related expenses? Are you sure?
Do you get money from your employer to pay for
your work clothes? Do you get money from your
employer to cover your travel expenses? These 2
things are the most often overlooked examples of
being over taxed, yet hardly anyone questions it,
or even realises that they can. And that
is just the tip of the iceberg. If you begin
your own home based business, you could receive
tax breaks for a lot of things, including
portions of many of your household bills. It
might sound complicated, but really it isn't, you
just need an accountant to sort it out for you,
and more often than not they will save you more
than enough money to pay their bill!
Don't Be Afraid Of The Tax Man Throughout the
course of most peoples lives, there is little
need to have much dealing with the taxman (unless
of course, you already are self employed). Most
people get a paycheck, and the tax has already
been dealt with. On occasion, there may be a
rebate due, or sometimes forms need to get filled
and sent relating to some or other windfall that
the tax people want their piece of. More often
than not, the only experience of the tax man
that people have is either from watching Movies
and TV, or when they have their hands out for
some of the afore mentioned windfall. It is
little wonder then that most people have a slight
fear, or slight loathing of the Tax Collectors
and the Agency they represent. However, there
is no need for these presuppositions, the modern
Tax Representative is usually a really nice and
helpful person. So long as you are always open
and honest, they return with guidance and advice
on how to maximise the potential of your income,
including ways you can claim back any past
overpayments, and information on grants or
funding that may be available. Some Home
Business Opportunities (like that which Wikaniko
offer you) have access to specialised accountants
that can help you sort out your tax to get the
most out of your personal situation, so you do
not even need to worry about dealing with the Tax
People anyway!
Why starting a Home Based Business makes Perfect
Sense Written by Martin Wager from The Really
Green Team - 2015
Working Around Your Lifestyle It can be easy to
forget that not everyone is blessed with a
straight forward and easy lifestyle. While it is
important to get on with life and provide for
ourselves and our families, all too often
circumstances can make it harder for some to use
traditional methods of achieving that
provision. There are any number of reasons why a
person may find it difficult to pursue
traditional employment or income streams, and
these situations are where a Home based Business
can really provide a lifeline. Imagine being
sporadically immobile due to ill health, and
having to find a sympathetic employer that didn't
mind giving you time off, at any random time, for
any random period of time. Its not very easy!
Working from home, on your own business, means
you can work it as and when you are
able. Imagine a young mother with transport and
childcare costs, and a job that barely pays
enough to cover those costs. It could be easy to
either spiral into debt, or just give up
completely. A home based business gives her the
opportunity to earn at home around looking after
a new child. What about people already in work?
All too often we can find ourselves in a
situation where the job we are doing is not
fulfilling, not paying quite enough money or it
just leaves you too tired to do anything else.
It may be that you want to change job but cant
find the time to go to interviews, or to train
for a new career. Working on your Home Based
Business gives you the chance to do little bits
here and there, as and when you can fit it in,
and begin building a way to some day break free
from the job you are only doing because you have
Work Your Own Hours One of the most popular
reasons given when asked why do you run a home
based business, is Flexibility. Being able to
do your work at times that suit you. Maybe
you're a stay at home Mom who can spare a few
hours each day while the kids are at nursery or
school. Maybe you work full time and can only
spare a few hours over the weekend. It doesn't
matter WHEN you chose to do work, so long as you
actually knuckle down and DO some work when the
time is best. A lot of new Mothers who
previously worked a full time career opt for a
home based business, because of the flexibility
it gives them to work around looking after a
baby. It enables you to work from your own home
most of the time, so you dont have to worry too
much about babysitters and nannies or other
childcare. A lot of Home Business owners have
made the decision because they may find regular
work difficult due to health reasons, but still
they want or need to earn an income. A home
based business gives people just the kind of
freedom needed to become successful despite any
obstacles that ill-health may put up, being able
to work on good days and relax on those
not-so-good days. Overall, most people would
agree that being able to earn some extra money
working any particular hours that suits them, is
an ideal situation. Yes, a home business IS
going to be hard work, but it is hard work that
you chose to do, when you feel ready for it, at a
pace that you chose, with the added bonus of
being able to do most (if not all) from the
comfort of your own home.
Why starting a Home Based Business makes Perfect
Sense Written by Martin Wager from The Really
Green Team - 2015
Build YOUR Dream! (Not someone elses!)
As you can see from the compelling reasons
outlined previously, there are many of us that
make up this wide and wonderful world we find
ourselves living in. We are all a bit different,
living different lives, but with so many things
in common, and one of the biggest things most of
us find ourselves having in common at some point
or other in our lives is the need to work for
someone else, building someone elses dream, all
too often sacrificing our own dreams in the
process. In the same regard, because we are all
so different, it's equally important to remember
that not all of us are going to want to embark on
this journey. Starting a home business will be
hard work, it will involve sacrifice, figurative
and literal blood sweat and tears, and it just
isn't for everyone. That's cool. For some
people though, it is hard to fight the feeling
that there has to be a way to get something more.
And there certainly is! If you're willing to
make the necessary changes in your life to begin
building YOUR dream instead of someone elses
then you can make it happen with your own home
based business. If you can swap Nights Out with
colleagues and friends, for nights in with
telephones and pens, then you can start building
YOUR dream! If you can squeeze an hour of work
in between baby naps, instead of an hour of
Jeremy Kyle or your favourite soaps, then you can
start building YOUR dream! If you can bring
yourself to swap a seat at the footie, for a
stall at the school fete, you definitely can
start building YOUR dreams. You see, as
difficult as it is to sacrifice the things we do
have that bring us a bit of temporary relief from
stress and a bit of pleasure, doing so enables
you to actually build something great. 100,
200 or even 500 per month for a few hours here
and there is a great and life changing amount of
money for many of us. But it does not have to
stop there. Once you start building YOUR
business the right way, it can easily grow over
time. From 500 per month, many people have been
able to grow incomes big enough to leave regular
employment, and focus more time and energy on
their home based businesses. If you can put in
the hard work and sacrifice too, within a few
years you could have a successful Home Based
Business paying you more than any job ever could!
Read on to find out how to chose the right
opportunity, and what to expect...
Why starting a Home Based Business makes Perfect
Sense Written by Martin Wager from The Really
Green Team - 2015
Choosing a Business that Works for YOU!
Not all Home Based Business
Opportunities are created equally! Also, not all
good home based business will fit your lifestyle,
you will want to pick a business that fits in
with your lifestyle nicely. Not just fitting
around your current work or life schedule, but
something that can truly fit in with your life.
For example, you may already live a
healthy and active lifestyle. Or you may
endeavour to. Either way, it would be ideal to
begin working on a home based business that
compliments a healthy lifestyle. Lets
say you are environmentally conscious, or you
want to begin being more environmentally
conscious, it would be ideal to find an
environmentally friendly business opportunity.
Here is a simple Checklist to make sure you
choose the right Home Based Business ? Is it an
opportunity you can fit into your current
lifestyle. Can you build it around your current
commitments. Can you see yourself using the
products or services on offer? Would your
friends use them? ? Does the opportunity provide
you with training? Without good training how
can you be expected to succeed? A good company
will have good training, and a good team
surrounding you to help when required. ? Does it
offer flexibility? Some opportunities are
loaded with rules, or only have one way to earn
money that may not suit everyone. You need a
flexible opportunity, one which offers you
multiple ways to make money so you can pick the
one that fits your life best. ? Is there good
earnings potential? Its all well and good
having a great product, but if your profits are
too small who cares? Having a home based
business is great, but is there an option to
scale your business, so as to make the REAL
money? lt--- THIS is the most important part of
your home based business, IF you want to achieve
FREEDOM in the long run!
Why starting a Home Based Business makes Perfect
Sense Written by Martin Wager from The Really
Green Team - 2015
  • 5 Potential Deal Breakers
  • (after reading these, you may no longer want to
    start a Home Based Business!)
  • ? You will need to spend something to get started
  • ? You will need to learn new skills
  • ? You will need to learn how to sell things
  • ? You will need to dedicate time
  • ? You will need to make lots of new friends
  • Remember, nobody said starting a home based
    business was going to be EASY, there will be
    plenty of hard work involved. It can be SIMPLE
    though. If you are willing to do the work
    required of you, it is not beyond any persons
    capabilities to achieve success.
  • A simple process, of building on some simple
    tasks, and gradually building a set of simple new
    skills, is all it takes for anyone to be
    successful in a Home Based Business Venture. Oh,
    and time as well )
  • In case any of the points mentioned above
    sound a little too difficult to overcome, please
    accept an invitation to continue reading as we
    discuss each of them, and illustrate examples of
    how we can master each one with a process of
    simple steps and determination.
  • Remember, the most important thing to consider
    right now, is are you determined enough to make
    it work to get what you want out of life?

Why starting a Home Based Business makes Perfect
Sense Written by Martin Wager from The Really
Green Team - 2015
Deal Breaker 1 You will have to spend some
Ok, so let's just cut to the chase
here. The reason we want to know exactly what is
involved in starting a home based business, is to
decide if it is something we want to do or not.
Oftentimes, depending on how an
opportunity may have been presented, it can be
easy to mistake a Home Business Opportunity
with a Work From Home job, or other type of
JOB. Let's be clear, a Home Business
Opportunity is a chance to start your very own
Business, based out of your own home. IT IS NOT
A JOB. There will be no guaranteed hourly rate.
You will need to buy stuff to get started.
Simple as that. If there did happen to
be any misunderstanding when being presented a
Home Business Opportunity, perhaps when you where
directed to this ebook, then don't worry, at
least we've cleared that one up pretty quickly.
If you're prepared to do whatever it
takes, but happen to be in a position where you
can not spend a lot of money, then don't worry,
you wont need to spend a lot of money! Your Home
Business can grow at the speed that YOU want it
to grow! Having no money to spare, does not mean
you cannot start a home based business. It just
means you might have to do a few more things
yourself, get a bit creative, and put a few more
hours in. If you can manage that then you'll be
successful! So, Deal Breaker 1 - Easy Not
always, no. Spending money when things are tight
can be hard. Finding money when you have none
can be hard. Spending money when you are looking
for a job can be hard. Simple YES!. Knowing
that this is YOUR very own business, it's clear
you will need to spend some money. Spending the
money is SIMPLE, but often it might seem
difficult to get the money. Don't worry, you can
spend whatever you can afford to spend on your
home based business until it is earning you an
income. In fact, some home based businesses
offer ways to begin generating an income without
it even costing you any money to start up!
Why starting a Home Based Business makes Perfect
Sense Written by Martin Wager from The Really
Green Team - 2015
Deal Breaker 2 You Will Need to Learn New
Starting and being successful at
running a home based business involves a whole
bunch of different equally important things to
all be working well together. It might seem a
bit daunting, thinking about things like Paper
work, taxes, clients, spreadsheets, social media,
networking meetings, marketing materials,
presenting your business, paying the bills, and
the list goes on and on and on and on....
Do you think you can manage ALL of that by
yourself? It's extremely likely that just like
most people, there is at least a couple of
things, if not a whole load of skills involved
that are just too much to think about, and even a
bit scary. If you feel like that, then
don't worry, do you remember what we said
earlier If You are determined to succeed, the
steps to follow are simple and anyone can do it!
Remember, you can build your home based
business at your own pace, and you can pick up
the skills you need as you go along, at your own
pace. There are NO skills required that cannot
be learned, so long as you are willing to put the
time in to learn them. Some people find computer
stuff really easy, but find it hard getting out
there and talking to people. For others it is
the opposite way round. If you can push yourself
to build skills in the areas you are currently
weaker in, then you will certainly be successful
in your home based business. So, Deal Breaker 2
- Easy NO WAY. Learning new skills is never
easy. Especially if it has been a long time
since you have tried to learn some new skills.
It takes self discipline to push yourself, and
that is not easy for many of us. Simple YES!.
Anybody can learn just about anything if they put
there mind to it. And nothing we are talking
about here is rocket science. Some things (like
tax and accounting) may seem like it at first,
but you dont always have to be a master at
everything, you just need to know stuff. You
will have help with things like accounts and
taxes if you need it, and you can have help with
other things to, you just need to be willing to
follow simple steps, and learn simple skills, one
skill at a time Before you know it, your
collection of skills will be HUGE!
Why starting a Home Based Business makes Perfect
Sense Written by Martin Wager from The Really
Green Team - 2015
Deal Breaker 3 You need to be able to Sell
Nobody enjoys being accosted by a
pushy sales person. No wonder not many people
like the idea of becoming a pushy sales person
themselves. Unfortunately, running your own Home
Based Business is going to involve some selling,
at some point, so you'd better get used to the
idea of selling to people! You DO NOT,
however, need to become a pushy sales person.
No, nobody likes that and nobody would expect you
to become that. You WILL need to be comfortable
talking about and recommending your products or
services though, how else do you think your Home
Based Business is going to make any money?
Learning to sell is not hard at all. You
don't need to learn how to be pushy or
persuasive. All you need to do, is learn how to
always be ready to share your products, their
benefits and the reasons why people you meet
would want to use your products or services.
Speaking to people is not something
everyone is comfortable with, and that's fine
too. There are ways you can learn to sell your
products, yourself and your services, without
having to go out and approach every stranger you
meet. You WILL need to learn how to speak to
people with a bit of confidence, but even that is
not hard to do, especially when the people you
are talking to are interested in what you are
saying. Many of the methods that do
involve direct face to face contact are often
what we would call a soft sale, like delivering
catalogues, or running a Stall at a craft fair,
or even promoting an online shop. All these
methods are a nice soft sell where you don't
need to push your products onto anyone, but you
will still need to have enough confidence to
explain, and recommend the best products, to
people that are already interested. So, Deal
Breaker 3 EASY NO WAY! It's never easy to
overcome personal fears, like the fear of
rejection. In sales, there can often be a lot of
rejection, but it is not YOU that is being
rejected so dont take it personally. SIMPLE
ABSOLUTELY! Follow a simple plan to make sales,
and learn how to talk about your products. There
is nothing complicated about that. A good home
based business opportunity will provide you with
all the tools and training needed to make the
sales you need, so long as you are willing to
step out of your comfort zone.
Why starting a Home Based Business makes Perfect
Sense Written by Martin Wager from The Really
Green Team - 2015
Deal Breaker 4 You will need to dedicate time!
Time is indeed a very limited
commodity. Some of us work hard at our jobs, and
don't have a lot of spare time throughout the
week. People have families to look after,
leaving limited time to themselves. Some jobs
are really tiring, leaving people with no energy
to pursue something in their spare time.
This is why TIME is probably the BIGGEST deal
breaker, people cannot find enough time to
dedicate to a Home based Business Venture. It's
completely understandable. It is probably the
HARDEST thing to change. You can not add more
hours to the day. You need to do what you need
to do, bills need paying, the boss is on your
back, the kids need feeding, the dog needs
walking, yes there is a never ending list of
stuff to do. This is the most simple
problem to resolve. It is not easy, no way! But
it is very very simple. Whatever it takes, if
you want to be successful with a home based
business, you will NEED to find the time to put
into it. It involves no special skills to do
this, just simple sacrifice and determination.
If it takes getting up an hour earlier every day,
then that's what you have to do. If it means
losing the weekend lie in, then do it. If you
want the freedom that a home Based Business can
provide you in the future, you will need to make
sacrifices now, and time often needs some pretty
hefty sacrifices. Deal Breaker 4 EASY
ABSOLUTELY NOT! Finding extra time in a busy
schedule is never going to be easy. Things will
need juggling around, sacrifices will need to be
made, perhaps even some creativity employed (shop
online instead of going to the supermarket, do
some tasks while travelling on public transport,
etc) SIMPLE ABSOLUTELY, YES! You know what
you will need to do, the chances are you just
don't really want to miss out on whatever it is.
That feeling will pass though! As soon as you
start building something for your future, and you
see it working, you will be hunting for things
you can cut out of your life to make space for
Why starting a Home Based Business makes Perfect
Sense Written by Martin Wager from The Really
Green Team - 2015
Deal Breaker 5 You will need to make lots of
new Friends!
For some of us, making friends is
really easy. For others, it can be extremely
hard, some even find it scary and perhaps never
really try and make new friends any more.
The thing is, making friends does not have to
be difficult, it is really very simple. If you
are a bit shy, it will be HARD to bring yourself
to follow through on the simple steps required,
because if you have already decided you're not
good at making friends, then your mind will not
want you to do it. If you're determined to
succeed though, shy or not, making new friends is
a SIMPLE process that anyone can learn.
Remember, a friend can simply be someone you
can say hello to, have a quick chat with, be
friendly with, nothing more. It is nice to
have close friends, but it is important to have
lots of Contacts in business, so with our home
based business, all our Contacts are friends we
meet along the way. Following a simple process
will make it simple and straightforward to build
a list of contacts, and as long as you are always
friendly, and treat them with respect, they will
all be your Friends ) Deal Breaker 5 EASY
NO! For many people, making new friends is
really hard for them. The longer that someone
goes without being very social, the harder it
becomes for them to try. It's a normal thing, a
very easy state of mind to fall into, but also
very simple to fix. Yes it will be HARD because
whenever you have to train something new, or
retrain something that has faded, it is hard to
start. Exercise can be Hard, but it is a very
simple task. SIMPLE YOU KNOW IT! Yes it is
very simple, speak to people, and smile! Thats
it! You will soon be making new friends. If you
are willing to follow the simple steps required,
that involve talking to strangers, so if you can
make yourself do that, then you can be successful
at your home based business!
Why starting a Home Based Business makes Perfect
Sense Written by Martin Wager from The Really
Green Team - 2015
IN CONCLUSION! Hey, if you've made it this
far, and have actually read all of the material
above (rather than just skipping to the end!)
then you're to be congratulated! We've
barely scratched the surface of all that is
involved in starting up and being successful at
your Home Based Business, but still, even that
was a fair bit of reading! Hopefully, it's
helped you realise that anyone out there can
start up, and be successful at, a good Home Based
Business. Yes, there are dodgy schemes out
there, but you already know how to spot those
now. Yes, it is not going to be EASY,
you can see that, but after reading what you've
just read, you're certain you have what it takes
to make it work. You're willing to put in the
work, and make the sacrifices. The purpose
of this publication was not to promote any one
particular Business or Opportunity, it was simply
to make sure you have a good idea whats involved
before choosing a company that is right for you.
There is 1 particular company you should
look at first though, a highly recommended UK
based Home Business Opportunity - gt WIKANIKO
(pronounced We-Can-Eco)
JOIN OUR TEAM TODAY! Please accept an invitation
to look over our chosen Home Business
Opportunity. We are the Really Green Team, a
group of people just like you who decided to
begin building our own dreams. We have chosen
the perfect vehicle to drive us forward towards
success. This perfect vehicle fits all the
criteria we've discussed in this ebook. Our
chosen Home Based Business has a great range of
opportunities to suit almost everyones
lifestyle, When you join the Really Green Team,
you will get access to fantastic support and
training to ensure your success. Remember
though, the only person who can ensure your
success, is YOU! We can help you on your
journey, but only you can walk down the road, and
overcome the obstacles that may get thrown in
your way. The best next step for you to take,
would be to get in touch with the person who gave
you this ebook, or follow the link below to find
out about joining Wikaniko. Good Luck!
Why starting a Home Based Business makes Perfect
Sense Written by Martin Wager from The Really
Green Team - 2015
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