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NOTE: To appreciate this presentation and insure that it is not a mess, you need Microsoft fonts: Sh


20. He Who Makes & Tests the Quickest & Coolest Prototypes Reigns! 21. Haste Makes Waste. ... 60. FUN ...Is Not a 4-Letter Word. So, too ... JOY. ( And ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: NOTE: To appreciate this presentation and insure that it is not a mess, you need Microsoft fonts: Sh

NOTE To appreciate this presentation and
insure that it is not a mess, you need Microsoft
fonts Showcard Gothic, Ravie, Chiller
and Verdana
Part 10Tom Peters EXCELLENCE.
ALWAYS.New Master/21 August 2008
Slides at
Ten PartsP1.1, P1.2, P1.3,
ed LadderP5/New Markets P6/The
Guru GaffesP9/HealthcareP10/The Lists
Part Ten
EXCELLENCE. ALWAYS.Lists.Irreducible2090
These lists are summaries of this, that, and the
other, FYI
The Lists
The Irreducible209
A frustrated participant at a seminar for
investment bankers in Mauritius listened
impatiently to my explanation of differences of
opinion among me, Mike Porter, Gary Hamel, Jim
Collins, etc. Finally, hed had enough. What, if
anything, he asked, do you believe for sure?
I mumbled something, but his query started
rumbling around in my mind. Three days later,
wandering on a Sunday in London, the idea of the
irreducibles occurred to meand I started
jotting down notes on stuff I do indeed believe
for sure. Before I knew it, a few days later,
the list had grown to 209 items. Hence The
Irreducible209 that follows.Tom Peters
1. Hare 1, Tortoise 0. (Hare-y times.) 2. Tempo.
(O.O.D.A.) 3. MBWA. 4. Appreciation. (Motivator
1.) (Cant be faked. Good.) 5. Decency. 6.
Hurry. 7. Time out. 8. One matters. 9. Big
change. Short time. (Alt not work.) 10.
Excellence. Always. 11. Passion. Energy. Hustle.
Enthusiasm. Exuberance. (Move
mountains. No alt.) 12. You must care. 13.
Emotion. 14. Hard is soft. (Soft is hard.)
15. Men. Women. Different. Contend. Connect. 16.
Women. Buy. All. (RU listening?) 17. Quality.
(Mind-blowing. Beyond 6-Sigma.) 18. Re-invent.
Re-pot. (Required.) 19. Jaywalk. 20. Big change.
Small of people. (Always.) 21. Experiment.
Now. 22. Failure. Normal. 23. Most failures,
most success. (Fail. Forward. Fast.) 24.
Reward excellent failures. Punish
mediocre successes. 25. Women leaders. (Altered
times.) 26. Extremism. (Good business. Bad
politics.) 27. Innovation source. Only. Extreme
irritation. 28. Smile.
29. You must care. 30. Mentor. (Highest ROI.) 31.
Best roster wins. 32. Wow. (Okay in biz.) 33.
We all have customers. (Biz. Personal.) 34. All
contacts Experiences. 35. Cirque du Soleil.
(Peerless.) 36. Leaders create space for
growth. 37. Quests. (Only.) 38. High aspirations,
high results. (Self-fulfilling
prophecy.) 39. Attitude 1, Skills 0. (Mostly.)
(Attitude 1, Skill 0.3?) 40. Sometimes Skill
1, Attitude 0.1. 41. Must love, not like. 42.
Wegmans. (No excuses. Mere groceries.) 43.
Less than your best. Cheating.
44. Brand You. (No alt.) 45. Self-sufficiency.
(Biggest LT turn-on.) 46. In the moment. 47. The
moment wins. 48. Tomorrow Never. 49. Action 1,
Plan 0.1. 50. Execution can be a system. 51.
Realism. 52. Own up. Move on. 53.
Accountability. 54. Work hard gt Work smart.
(Mostly.) 55. Feedback. Necessary. Fast. (R.F.A.
in RFA times.) 56. Customers. Listen.
Lead. (Paradox.) 57. On stage. Always. (GW,
FDR, RG Supreme actors.)
58. Master statistical analysis. 59. Excellence
Set the table. 60. Legacy. (Will it have
mattered?) 61. Great. (Why not?) 62. Radicals
rule. (Think Olympics.) 63. !!! Good. 64. Red
1, Brown 0. (Red times.) 65. Talk. Listen. (Big
2. Master.) 66. Politics. (Normal-inevitable
state of affairs. Master.) 67. Student.
Forever. 68. Why? (Question 1.) 69. Dont
belittle. 70. Respect. 71. All we have this
moment. (Moments matter most?) 72. Now.
(Procrastination. Death.)
73. Exercise. 74. Paint. (Leader. Portraits of
Excellence.) 75. Best story wins. 76. You must
be the change you wish to see in the
world. 77. Two big ones. Max.
(Priorities.) 78. No I in Team. (I in
Win.) 79. I in Win. (No I in Team.) 80.
Different 1, Better 0. (Better 0.1) 81.
Imitation Mistake. (Learn, from who?) 82.
Choose/battle the right competitor. 83.
Schools. Creativity. Entrepreneurship.
(Not.) 84. MBAs. Creativity. Entrepreneurship.
Leadership. (Not.) 85. Design. Under-rated.
Wildly. (Still.) (Everything.)
86. You Calendar. (Calendar. Never. Lies.) 87.
Laugh. 88. Handshake. (Quantity. Quality.) 89.
Dont fold your hands in front of your chest.
Ever. (Never.) 90. Grace. (Works in biz.) 91.
Weird. Wins. (Weird times.) 92. Crazy times.
Crazy orgs. 93. Internet. All. 94. Women.
Boomers-Geezers. Market. All. 95. Passion.
(Repeat. So what?) 96. Energy. (Repeat.
So what?) 97. Hustle. (Repeat. So
what?) 98. Enthusiasm. (Repeat. So what?) 99.
Exuberance. (Repeat. So what?) 100. Smile.
(Repeat. So what?) 101. Care.
(Repeat. So what?)
102. Simplicity. Redundancy. Resilience. Bloody-
mindedness. Visible optimism.
(Success.) 103. Act. (Repeat. So what?) 104.
Appreciate. (Repeat. So what?) 105. Fun. (Biz.
Why not?) 106. Joy. (Biz. Why not?) 107. Sales
Life. 108. Marketing Life. 109. Long-term. Top
line. c.r.o. 110. Great company Creates the
most individual success stories.
(RE/MAX) 111. Talent first, performance
byproduct. 112. Sustained Wow 1, Shareholder
value, 0.2 (Product, People.) 113.
Commitment. by invitation only. 114. Creativity.
by invitation only. 115. HR 1. (Ought to.)
116. Face-to-face. (5K miles, 5 minutes.) 117.
Negotiation. Make all winners. (Save
face.) 118. Grace makes enemies friends. 119.
Network. 120. Invest in relationships. (Think
ROIR. Return On Investment in
Relationships.) 118. Relationship investment.
Forethought. Calendar item.
Intensity. 119. Innovation. Easy. (Hang out
with weird.) 120. Weird Win. (Weird
times.) 121. The bottleneck is at the top
of the bottle. 122. Good Board Weird Board.
(At least, surprising.) 123. No
contention, no progress.
R.O.I.R.Return On Investment In
124. Crucial conversations. Crucial
confrontations. (Study. Learn. Do.) 125. Honest
feedback. 126. Gaspworthy. Yes. 127. Insanely
great. 128. Astonish me. 129. Make it
immortal. 130. Will you remember it in 20
years? 131. No small opportunities.
(Reframe.) 132. One playmate, one playpen
Enough. 133. End run. Sensible. 134. Allies are
there for the finding. 135. Find successes. Build
on successes. (Pos gt Neg. Encourage gt
Fix.) 136. Somebodys doing it today. Find
em. 137. Someone is living 2016 in 2006.
(Find em. Study em.)
138. Dont benchmark. futuremark. 139.
PMA. It works. (Positive. Mental.
Attitude.) 140. There are no experts. (You are
the expert.) 141. Life is short. 142. Sustained
success. Fat chance. Make today matter.
(Sustained. Ha.) 143. Collaborate. (Networked
world.) 144. Go solo. (Individual. Unit of
Intellectual Capital.) 145. There are no
perfect plans. (Do. Wins.) 146. Plans motivate.
(Right or wrong. Sense of purpose.) 147.
Never rest. 148. Get some sleep. 149. Winning
Embracing paradox. 150. Ambiguity Opportunity.
151. Resilience. 152. Relentless-ness. 153. None.
Above. Comeuppance. No.
ultimate. business model. (GM. Sears.
U.S. Steel. DEC.) 154. Be yourself. Period. 155.
Never work with jerks. Including
customers. (Life. Too short.) 156. Under-promise,
over-deliver. 157. Talent. (Powerful word.) 158.
Customer Anyone whose actions affect
your results. 159. Competition stinks. (Seek the
soft spots where you can dominate.) 160.
K.I.S.S./Keep It Simple, Stupid. 161. Beauty.
(Good biz word.) 162. See the beauty in a
hamburger bun. (Go. Ray.)
163. Own up. Quick. ( Denial. Cancer.)164.
Celebrate. Often.165. 78 people 78 approaches.
(Each. Unique.)166. Weed. Ceaselessly. (Prune.
Stupid. Rules. Non-stop.)167. Get out
of the way. (You The problem.)168. Smile.
Sunny. Optimism. (If it kills you.)169. Flowers.
(Cheery workplace.)170. Enjoy. (Or get the
hell.)171. Be intolerant of sour. (1 Major
pollution)172. No quick trigger on promotion.
(Too important.)173. Evaluation Lots of
study-time.174. Evaluation Life or death to
evaluee.175. 360 evaluation. No fad.176. Exit
when youre done. (Done. Sooner than you
177. Today. Now. My Project. Am. Is. I.
Period. 178. Beautiful systems. (Good biz
phrase. Not oxymoron.) 179. Build on
strengths gt Fix weaknesses. 180. To dont To
do. (To dont gt To do ?) 181.
Leaders Do People. (Period.) 182. Leaders enjoy
leading. 183. Serious leadership training
Serious. 184. Priorities. Obvious. (Or
else.) 185. 5 Priorities 0 Priorities.
(3 Priorities 0 Priorities?) 186. People.
First. Last. Always. 187. It. Is. Always. The.
188. Handshake. (Quantity. Quality.)189. Dont
fold your hands in front of your chest.
Ever. (Never.)190. Simplicity. Redundancy.
Resilience. Bloody-mindedness.
Visible optimism. (Success.)
(Repeat.)191. Employee Entrance Guest
Entrance.192. Put the customer SECOND.
(Thanks, Hal.)193. Flowers. (Or did I say
that before? No matter if I did.)194.
Big Mergers dont work. Small
acquisitions can/do workif you dont
screw with their energy.
195. Instinctively head for the front
line. (In all contexts.)196. Success
DDMMPR/"D-squared, M-squared, PR
DramDiff Money-Financial Acumen
Good Marketing Instincts
Stellar People Resilience (The fab
five What. Every. Small. Biz. Needs.)
(Big too.) 197. Core Mechanism (Game-changing
Solutions) PSF (Professional Service
Firm model) Wow! Projects
(Different vs Better) Brand You
(Distinct or Extinct) 198. 2011/2016 has
already happened. Find it.
199. Kids know kids. Oldies know oldies.
Women know women. (Staff
accordingly.)200. Everybody is my customer.201.
Cosset vendors.202. I want to run a
Housekeeping department. (And you?)203.
The military doesnt follow the military
model. (Initiative Excellence.)204. No such
thing as going to absurd lengths
to serve the Customer. (HSM Lefties.)205.
Forget the customer. All Clients.206. It
takes decades to get over sleights.
(So dont sleight.)207. Dont dumb down.
Work In ProgressXXX. One size fits. One. Only.
(Evaluations. Period.)XXX. Teaching.
Individualized. Only. (6 billion people
6 billion learning trajectories.)
(Montessori.)XXX. First impression. Matters.
Shapes all that comes. Hard to overcome.
(Understatement.)XXX. Jerks. Dont work with.
(Life Too short.)XXX. Manage the hell out of
first impressions.XXX. Last impression. Matters.
Dominates memory. Hard to overcome.
(Understatement.)XXX. Manage the hell out of
last impressions.XXX. Plain English.XXX.
K.I.S.S. (450/8.)XXX. 798. 55,000,000,000.
3,000,000,000. 7AM-7PM. 615AM.XXX.
Donnelly Weatherstrip rules.XXX. Managers do
things right. Leaders do the right
thing. NOT.
Them UsStrategy

ClientsMicro-segmentation Big
Stuff (Women, Boomers)Cost minimization
Revenue maximizationSynergy/Efficiencies
DecentralizationStrategic supplier
Pioneering supplierProcess
Exceptionalism (53 53)Big clients
COOL clientsPrestigious Board
Them UsBig

Mid-sizeGrowth by merger
Organic growthBuy market share
Create NEW marketsEfficient, streamlined
Value-creating PSF
department Certainty-predictability
Ambiguity-opportunityFearful of losing
Aggressive pursuit
of winningPlan
evaluation Another
prototypeRevised plan
Another prototypePeople/Employees
TalentEffective HR department Rockin
Development Center
of ExcellenceBenchmark
against the Benchmark against the
best-industry leader coolest
FuturemarkOrderly career progression Up
or Out (PDQ)Head
PassionateStoic, humble leaders
Noisy, emotional
characters in chargeHire for
Resume Hire for
Relentless, pig-headed approach
determinationTeamwork comes first
Teamwork and disruptive
individuals equal
billingListen to customers Lead
customersCustomer involvement
customer inter-twining
Them UsMBM (Management
MBWA by memo)MBA
MFAShareholder Value Great
people-product rule comes first
Work smart Work
hardBuilt to last Built to
Rock the WorldReward successes Reward
failuresQuality first! Design
1TQuality first! Innovation
1THigh-quality Jaw-dropping
Experience transactionCVs demo consistent
CVs feature Magic Moments performanceGood
grades Cool stuff Operational
excellence World-rocking INNOVATION

Them UsBrand
LovemarkBest analysis wins
Best STORY winsBeyond politics
Politics-is-life, the
rest is detailsOutsource
Send on QUESTSMotivate
InviteMeasured language HOT
languageProduct-Service Gamechanging
DREAM come true,
Technicolor Better
DifferentMission success Mission
Causes/1966-2006 Women/Mark
et opportunity Women/Leaders (right for the
times) Design/Design-as-soul Wow! (Hot
language) Weird! Passion!/Enthusiasm!/Exuberance!
(as Leader Lever 1) Brand You (or else) PSF
Bedrock (add value or bustevery group must
demonstrate economic viability) PSF Brand You
WOW Projects New Biz Logic Sales/R gt -C
(increasing revenue more important than cutting
cost) HealthCare/Wellness-Safety-H5N1 Brand
Talent (best roster wins) New VA
LOVEMARK Different gt gt Better Boomers
Geezers/marketing to new mega-segment

Adversaries B-schools (crappy at soft skills,
implementation, leadership) Strategy-is-all By-the
-numbers management Dis-passionate
management Focus groups Intuition
discounted Leading as an intellectual
task Leading without passion Cool language in Hot
times Dilbert (accepting cubicle slavery) Bigness
per se (severe scale limitationseven at
Microsoft) White guys! (not really, but enough
already) 18-44 emphasis in marketing (geezers gt
youth for foreseeable future) -Cost gt Revenue
(cost cutting more important than organic revenue
growth) CI (continuous improvement in an age of
discontinuous world) LESS THAN THE
Toms 60TIBsTIB This I Believe
Sixty for Sixty Toms 60TIBs The architect Bill
Caudill was a contrarian. He pioneered the idea
of working intimately with clients to create
spaces that met their needs this flew in the
face of conventional wisdom, which held that the
architect was pure artist, barely deigning to
make client contact. Caudills approach was
wildly successfulso much so that today its
become conventional wisdom. Over the years Bill
jotted notes on this and that, and began to
organize them for his children. The title of his
musings This I Believe. After Caudills death,
his colleagues collected the notes and published
them. That is, The TIBs of Bill Caudill. A
sixtieth birthday is a monumental occasion, and I
chose, among other things, to give myself a
present to mark the/my date in November 2002. I
sat on a hill overlooking my farm in Vermont,
and scribbled down 60 thoughts, one for each
year, that seemed to capture my professional and,
to some extent, my personal journey. Those
thoughtsToms 60TIBsherewith.
1. TECHNICOLOR RULES! (Passion Moves
Mountains!)2. Audacity Matters!3. Revolution
Now!4. Question Authority! ( Hire
Disrespectful People.) 5. Disorganization Wins!
6. Think 3M Markets Matter Most. ONLY EXTREME
take the boy out of Silicon Valley, but you cant
take Silicon Valley out of the boy!)7. Three
Hearty Cheers for Weirdos. (Bill Gates, Steve
Jobs, Larry Ellison, Scott McNealy, Craig
Venter et al.) 8. Message 2003 Technology
Change (Info-sciences, Biosciences) Is in Its
Everything Is Up For Grabs! Volatility Is Thy
Name! (Forever Ever. Amen.) RE-INVENT OR
DIE! 10. Big Sucks. (Mostly.) (VERY Mostly.)
11. Permanence Is a Snare a Delusion.
(Forget Built to Last. Its Yesterdays
Idea.)12. Kaizen (Continuous Improvement) Is
Dangerous.13. DESTRUCTION RULES!14. Forget
It! (Learning Easy. Forgetting Nigh
on Impossible.) 15. Innovation Is Easy Hang Out
with Freaks. (Employees, Board Members,
Customers, Suppliers, Alliance Partners,
16. Boring Begets Boring. (Cool Begets Cool.)17.
Think Portfolio. (Were All V.C.s.)18.
Perception Is All There Is. (Insiders
ALWAYS overestimate the Radicalism of
What Theyre Up To.)19. Action ALWAYS Takes
Precedence. Think R.F!A./Ready. Fire!
PUNISH INACTION.) 20. He Who Makes
Tests the Quickest Coolest Prototypes
21. Haste Makes Waste. (SO GO WASTE!)22.
Screw-ups are the Mark of Excellence.
(Do It Right the First Time Is a Very Stupid
Idea.) 23. Play Hard! Play Now! (Cherish
Play!)24. TALENT TIME! (He/She Who Has the Best
Roster Rules!)25. Re-do Education.
26. Diversitys Hour Is Now!27. SHE Is the
Best Leader!28. MARKETING MANTRA Embrace the
BIG THREE Demographics. (1) SHE is the
Customer. (For everything.) (2) Rapidly
Aging Boomers Have ALL THE MONEY. (3)
Green Matters. (TRILLIONS OF Are at
Stake.) (NOBODY Gets It.) (Mere
Programs Will Not Suffice.)29. Re-boot
SELLING? Experiences Solutions gt
Quality Satisfaction. (The
Traditional Value-added Equation Is Being Set on
Its Ear.)
31. DESIGN New Seat of the Soul. 32. Branding
Is for EVERYONE. He Who Has the BEST
STORY Takes Home the Marbles.33.
WORDS/Language Matters a Lot. (E.g.
Three Hearty Cheers for Wow!)35. WHAT MATTERS
Proud of It?)
36. eALL. (IS/IT Half-way No Way.)37. DREAM
Big! DREAM Enormous. DREAM Gargantuan.
(These Are XXXL Times.)38. THINK MIKE!
(Michelangelo The greatest danger for
most of us is not that our aim is too high
and we miss it, but that it is too low and
we reach it.)39. There Is Only ONE BIG ISSUE.
Cross- functional Communication.40. Stop
41. Beautiful Systems Are BEAUTIFUL.42. The
Everything in Its Path. 43. Take Charge of Your
Destiny! BrandYou Moment! DISTINCT OR
EXTINCT!44. Powerlessness Is a State of Mind!
Think King. Gandhi. De Gaulle.45. Pursue
Adventure in Every Task.
46. EXCELLENCE Is a State of Mind.
(Excellence Takes a Minute.) (No Bull.)47. SHOW
UP! (If You Care, Youre There.)48. YOUR
CALENDAR KNOWS ALL. (You Calendar.) (Mind
Your TO DONT List.)49. LIFE IS SALES. (The
Rest Is Details.)50. Boss Mantra 1 I DONT
KNOW. (I Dont Know Permission to
51. Management Role 1 GET OUT OF THE WAY.
(Clear the Way.) (Manager Hurdle Removal
Professional.)52. Epitaph from Hell He Woulda
Done Some Truly Cool Stuff But His Boss
Wouldnt Let Him.53. Change Takes However
Long You Think It Takes. (Eschew
Incrementalism.)54. Respect! (Rule 1 Dont
Belittle!)55. Thank You Trumps All!
56. Integrity Matters! Integrity Credibility.
(Dennis K. Is a Jerk.)57. SOFT IS HARD. HARD
IS SOFT. (Numbers Are Soft. People Are
Not.)58. Try Sunny! (Sunny Begets Sunny.
Gloomy Begets Gloomy.)59. DISPENSE
ENTHUSIASM!60. FUN Is Not a 4-Letter Word. So,
too JOY. (And GRACE.)
Tom Petersto-mA-toto-mah-to
New Delhi. Thirteen
September 2004. I awoke, jetlagged and sweaty,
at 3A.M. Id had a nightmare. Stark realism. I
was, as usual, accused of overstatement and a few
(or more) too many exclamation marks (!!!!!).
Only this time Id acceded to They. The They
who believe in The Plan and Built to Last and
Continuous Improvement and Quiet, Humble
Leaders. No! No! I had failed, in my dream, to
live up to my Fervent Beliefs! This must not
pass! In a sweat, fearful that the time would not
come round again, I turned on the light, picked
up a pad of paper, and began to scribble
frantically. Herewith the result.

Toms Re-imagine Manifesto! They say my
(Tom) language is extreme. I say the times are
extreme. They say Im extreme. I say Im a
realist. They say I demand too much. I say they
accept mediocrity continuous improvement too
readily. They say We cant handle this much
change. I say Your job and career are in
jeopardy what other options do you
have? They say Brand You is not for everyone. I
say the alternative is unemployment. They say
Whats wrong with a good product? I say
WalMart or China or both are about to eat your
lunch. Why cant you provide instead a Fabulous
Toms Re-imagine
Manifesto! They say Take a deep breath. Be
calm. I say Tell it to WalMart. Tell it to
China. Tell it to India. Tell it to Dell. Tell
it to Microsoft. They say the Web is a useful
tool. I say the Web changes everything.
Now. They say We need an Initiative. I say We
need a Dream. And Dreamers. They say Great
Design is nice. I say Great Design is
necessary. They say I overplay the womens
thing. I say the share of Women in Senior
Leadership Positions is a Waste and a Disgrace
and a Strategic Marketing Error.
Toms Re-imagine
Manifesto! They say the Womens Market
Opportunity I harp on is doubtless important. I
say 9 out of 10, make that 99 out of 100,
companies arent within striking distance of
accurately estimating the potential of the
Womens Market let alone exploiting it. They
say the boomer-geezer market is also doubtless
important. I say the boomer-geezer market
amounts to a Redefining Moment. They say we
need a project to exploit the
women-boomer-geezer market. I say we need Total
Strategic Realignment to exploit the
Women-Boomer-Geezer Opportunity. They say Wow
is typical Tom. I say WOW is a Minimum
Survival Requirement. They say effective
governance is important. I say bold-brash Boards
that are representative of the market
servedmore than a token woman or two and an
empty seat for the forthcoming Hispanicare
an Imperative. Now.
They say Better.I say Different!

Toms Re-imagine Manifesto! They say
Plan it. I say DO IT. They say We need more
steady, loyal employees. I say WE NEED MORE
LATE. They say We need Good People. I say We
need Quirky Talent. They say We like people
who, with steely determination, say, I can
make it better. I say I love people who, with
a certain maniacal gleam in their eye, perhaps
even a giggle, say, I can turn the world
upside down. Watch me! They say We must speed
things up. I say We must Radically change the
Corporate Metabolism until Insane Urgency
becomes a Sacrament.
Toms Re-imagine
Manifesto! They say, Sure, we need Change. I
say we need REVOLUTION NOW. They say
(acknowledge), Okay, we need revolution. I say,
REVOLUTION. They say fast follower. I say
battered and bruised leader. They say
Conglomerate Imitate! I say Create
Innovate! They say Market share. I say
Market CREATION. They say Improve
Toms Re-imagine
Manifesto! They say We like words such as
calm certainty is. I say I like
words/phrases such as turbulent
opportunity might be. They vote for
Republicans and Democrats. I vote for
Independents and Libertarians. They say
Normal. I say Weird. They say Happy
balance. I say Creative Tension. They say
they favor a team that works lives in
harmony. I say give me a raucous brawl among
the most creative people imaginable. They
say Peace, brother. I say Bruise my feelings.
Flatten my ego. SAVE MY JOB.
Toms Re-imagine
Manifesto! They say Vanilla. I say Cherry
Garcia. They say Basic Black. I say
TECHNICOLOR RULES! They say Branding is for
the likes of Nike. I say Branding is for
Everyone Anyone with the Passion Tenacity
to foist their Wonderful Weird Point of
View on the world and the New Worlds
(read Webs) power allows-encourages such
silly (until recently) visions-of-ubiquity
to become reality, perhaps overnight. They
say we need happy customers. I say Give me
pushy, needy, nasty, provocative customers who
will drag me down Innovation Boulevard. They
say they want to partner with best of breed. I
say Give me Coolest of Breed.
Toms Re-imagine
Manifesto! They say we need supply chain
harmony. I say we need supply chain
Innovation. They say We seek Harvard MBAs. I
say I seek Certificate-free PhDs from the
School of Hard Knocks. They say they want
recruits with a spotless records. I say the
Spots are what matter most. They say Integrity
is important. I say Tell the Unvarnished Truth,
All the Time or take a Long Hike. They
read Jim Collins and grok on quiet, humble
leaders. I say Give me the Bold, the Brash, the
Brassy, the Egocentric Dreamers who, like
Steve Jobs, Dent the Universe.
They say Improve.I say Re-imagine!
Toms Re-imagine
Manifesto! They say they need a vision born of
McKinsey. I say we need a Grandiose Dream born
of a Passionate Intemperate Belief that the
world can be a different, better place. They
say healthcare, our biggest industry, is a
mess. I say our hospitals, which kill over
100,000 patients a year, are part of a system
that is a disgrace. They say obesity is a
problem lose some weight. I say Re-imagine
the entire healthcare system NOW to focus
on Prevention Wellness. They say no child
left behind. I say education is leaving ALL
our children behind, as it is totally
mis-aligned to deal with tomorrows (this
afternoons) uncertain, ambiguous, creativity-
driven economy.
Toms Re-imagine
Manifesto! They say, Of course we believe in
marketing. I say Is the CMO Chief Marketing
Officer on the Board of Directors? They say
Of course we believe in marketing. I say Has
your customer data base won numerous major
industry awards? They say Of course we believe
in marketing. I say Is your Web site Sooooo
Cool, Sooooo Fresh, Sooooo Friendly to Use
that it gives you goose pimples just to e-visit,
even though youve seen it 1000 times? They
say Of course we believe in marketing. I say
How many in-depth customer visits did the CEO
make last month? They say Yes, the Womens
thing is important. I say Do women hold at
least 1/3rd of your Board seats? They say
Were coming around on the design bit. I say
Is, as at Braun, your Chief Design Officer on
the Board of Directors?
Tom Re-imagine
Manifesto! They say Of course we think the
experiences thing is important. I say Is
there an EVP Experiences? They say Of course
innovation is important. I say Is your
percentage of revenue devoted to RD at least
1.5 (2.0? 2.5?) times the industry
average? They say Of course we believe in
IS/IT. I say Is the CIO on the Board of
Directors? (Only 5 of Fortune500 CIOs are on
the Board. One example WalMart.) They say Of
course we believe in IS/IT. I say How many
members of your Board are under 35 years
old? They say We believe in having a flat
organization. I say Is your headquarters in a
Toms Re-imagine
Manifesto! They say we need to bring
effectiveness to the supply chain. I say we need
an IS/IT/Best Sourcing revolution based on
nothing less than an Entirely Original Vision of
what organizations are and how they
interact. They say Globalization is a bumpy
road. I say India and China and Asia in general
are within two decades of running the show
Get ready or get trounced. They say
defense and consolidation are musts for a
global game. I say encourage Offense, nurture
a Generation (or 10) of Entrepreneurs,
cherish Creativity Risk-taking from primary
school onwards and dont expect to be saved
by a bunch of bulky, retro behemoth commanded
by a phalanx of Old White Guys who think 30
minutes a day on the corporate treadmill and
27 holes on the links are a fit defense
against Revolution.
Toms Re-imagine
Manifesto! They say Get an MBA. I say Get an
MFA. They say If it cant be precisely
measured then it isnt real. (And I suppose
if it can be measured it is real? Think Enron?
Adelphia? WorldCom?) I say If it can be
precisely measured it isnt real. (Think Age
of Intangibles Relationships.) (Think He
knew the price of everything and the value of
nothing.) They say Rationality is the Bedrock
of Modern Society. I say Irrationality
irrational exuberance? is the Mother of all
True Entrepreneurial Pilgrimages. They say
Order is the necessary precursor to measured,
sustainable success. I say Dis-order is the
precursor to Opportunistic Sorties, Market
Creation, Quantum Leaps, and Entrepreneurial
Toms Re-imagine
Manifesto! They say To get anywhere, you have
to know exactly where the hell youre
headed. I say If you know precisely where
youre headed and exactly how youre gonna get
there, then you clearly suffer from Advanced
Shrivelus Imaginationus. (This disease is
fatal.) They say Employees need Well-defined
Structure. I say Talent should be encouraged to
embark on Quests to the Unknown. They say
Im here to maximize shareholder value. I say
Im here to inflame each every member of my
Awesome Staff to embark with Vigor
Determination Passion Enthusiasm on a
Quest of Monumental Consequence. (And if I
come even close to succeeding, it will, in
fact, dramatically up the odds of Thriving
Amidst Todays Chaosand creating untold
shareholder value in the process.)
Toms Re-imagine
Manifesto! They say men. I say WOMEN. They
say Diversity is a good thing. I say Diversity
is a Fresh Breath of Creative Air Absolutely
Necessary for Economic Salvation in perilous
times. They say Wait your turn, honor those who
have marched these corridors before you. I
say Get Off Your Butt Go for the Gold TODAY
or sign the transfer papers willing your job in
perpetuity to a Chinese or Indian who Gives a
Shit and Gets Up (VERY) Early and works
Saturdays Sundays. They say offshoring is a
blight. I say the Earth proved not to be the
center of the Solar System and the USA is
not the epicenter-in-perpetuity of the Earth
and that we had best learn NOW to prosper
and take pleasure in a dynamic, exciting,
creative, multi-polar economic environment.
(Damn it.)
Toms Re-imagine
Manifesto! They say Its a fright. I say Its
a Helluva Ride. They say its daunting. I say
its a bronco-bustin day at the rodeo. They
say Life is a marathon husband your
strength. I say Life is a sprint. Begin
planning your World-beating Me Inc. start-up
TODAY. They say lifetime employment was a
boon. I say lifetime employment was Indentured
Servitude, modern-day Slavery. They say
safety net. I say I am my safety net give me
some version of the Ownership Society. They
say zero defects. I say A day without a
screw-up or two is a day pissed away.
Toms Re-imagine
Manifesto! They say Think about it. I say Try
it. They say Plan it. I say Test it. They
say continuous improvement. I say Bold
Leaps. They say Keep on Improvin. I say
Keep on Leapin. They say Built to last. I
say Built to Soar. Were all dead in the long
run live your Insane Fantasy. Devil take the
hindmost. They (Jim Collins) say Walgreens is
Cool. I say I love Larry Ellison. (Oracle
rules at least for the next ten minutes.)
Toms Re-imagine Manifesto!
They say Play the odds. I say Reward
excellent failures. Punish mediocre successes.
(Thanks, Phil Daniels.) They say Eighty-hour
weeks will kill you. I say Work 35-hour weeks,
and the Chinese will kill you. They say
Install cost controls with teeth. I say Ha.
Ha. Ha. Blow Up the existing enterprise and
start with a Clean Sheet of Paper. They say
Install cost controls with teeth. I say Grow
the Top Line. They say Radical change takes a
decade. I say Radical change takes a Minute.
(See AA.) They say Times are changing. I say
Everything has already changed. Tomorrow is the
First Day of Your Revolution or youre
Toms Re-imagine Manifesto!
They say We cant all be Anita Roddick or
Maxine Clark or Stan Shih or Les Wexner or Jerry
Yang. I say Why not? They say We cant all
be Revolutionaries. I say Why not? They say
We cant all be a Brand. I say Why not? They
say Beware the Hype. I say Been to China
lately? Visited Infosys in Bangalore
lately? They say this is just a Rant. I say
this is just Reality. They say The man is not
nice. I say The times are not forgiving.
TPs 23Passionsby date1942-2006
Toms PassionsBgtA (R.F.A.) (Behavior drives
Attitude) 71-06Implementation 1 73-77
(06) Soft is Hard (Management Style)
77-79 (06)(Org) StructuregtStrategy 77-83
(06)Strategy-Structure/ McKinsey 7-S Model
... 77-81 ActiongtPlanning 74-06Mess
Reality ... 77-06 Skunkworks/Skunks (Offline
Innovation/Innovators) 84-91MBWA 80-85
(06)Excellence I 79-84Mid-size biz is cool
84-89 (06)Customer service
84-88Innovation 87-92Free trade/Hayek
90-92New Org Models 92-96PSF
92-06WOW! (WOW Projects) 93-06Brand You
94-00Design 94-06Women (Markets-Leaders)
96-06EXCELLENCE II 06-??Healthcare
06-??Exuberance-Passion (Soft is Hard) 42-06
Why I Work/Stuff I
Care AboutHard is soft. Soft is hard.
Social stuff, Emotional stuff Good stuff
The Right Stuff! Mess Normal Reality.
Rationality Delusional. Non-linearity
Life 101. (Embrace it! Design accordingly!)Failu
re Normal/Necessary/Good! Reward excellent
failure. Punish mediocre success. Fail
faster. Succeed sooner. Fail. Forward.
Fast. Fail. Sam Walton Secret 1 Fail.
Fast.Do gt Think. Act gt Talk. Action bias!
Fire. Aim. S.A.V./Screw Around
Vigorously.Decentralization Holy writ More
independent tries.Success for Mortals
Indirection. SkunkWorks. End Runs. Parallel
Universe. 4F/Find a Fellow Freak Faraway.
Demos. Heroes. Stories.The Missing 98
Implementation-Execution. Strategic planning,
limits thereto. Severe.Pitiful performance of
Huge Companies. Needed C.D.O./ Chief
Destruction Officer.Severe limits to scale
advantage. Mega-mergers Stupid.Built to
last. Why??? Instead Built to change the
world.People First! People Power! Best Roster
Wins. HR (should) rule! Leaders DO People!
Respect-Appreciation Rules!Freaks for Freaky
Why I Work/Stuff I
(Also Boomers/Geezers/Many/Money.)Aesthetics!
Beauty! Grace! (Design primacy.) MBWA!
(Managing By Wandering Around.)Basics Rule
Dont over-complicate. (Product, People, Action
)Educate for Risk-taking, Creativity,
Independence.B-schools suck. Teach all except
whats important. D-School
Cool.Healthcares Big Three Quality.
Prevention. Wellness.RgtC. (Adding Revenue gt
Cutting cost.) Help Wanted C.R.O./ Chief
Revenue Officer. SgtM (Selling gt Marketing.)
SELL! SELL! SELL! SELL!Free markets work!
Free trade works! Rise of India-China Good
thing. Respond with Excellent Performance Add
insane amounts of value! Become a
Lovemark!! Brand You. Self-reliance!! Mastery
!! Liberation!!Survival PSF/Professional
Service Firm mindset. Goal 1 Enable
clients to become successful beyond their
dreams!Fun! (Cool is Cool.)Service-obsessed!
/Experience-obsessed! (Object Raving
Language! WOW! Insanely great! EXCELLENCE.
good words.Bad words.
Words that may NOT be used in my presence
Motivate Market MBA Plan (mostly)
Worker Job Task Exceeds
expectations HR Employee evaluation
Man (mostly) Shareholder Value
Words that MAY be used in my presence Invite
(v. Motivate) Sell (v. Market) People
(wed like to serve) (v. Market segment)
Client (v. Customer) OJT/MFA (v. MBA)
Act/ Execute (v. Plan) Talent (v.
Worker) Quest/Adventure-in-EXCELLENCE (v.
Job) Wow Project (v. Task) Rockin
(profit-makin) PSF (v. Department)
Theater (v. Office) Breathtaking
Experience (v. Transaction that Exceeds
expectations) Talent Fanatics Inc (v. HR)
Brand You adventure (v Career development)
Annual Report development session (v.
Employee evaluation) Woman (v. Man)
Words that MAY be used in my presence Wow!
(v. Nice) Bloody-minded (v. Committed)
Thank you! (v. ____) Attack/Innovate (v.
defend/Entrench) Great stuff. Great people.
Do it fanatics. (v. shareholder value)
EXCELLENCE. ALWAYS. (v. Good work) (v.
shareholder value)
TomsTop41 QuotesTom Peters/01.24.06
Do one thing every day that scares you.
Eleanor Roosevelt Life is either a daring
adventure, or nothing.Helen Keller Tell me,
what is it you plan to do with your one wild and
precious life? Mary Oliver Dream as if youll
live forever. Live as if youll die today.James
Dean The two most powerful things in
existence a kind word and a thoughtful
gesture.Ken Langone, founder, Home Depot The
deepest human need is the need to be
appreciated.William James Dont belittle!
OD Consultant, on the essence of a
well-functioning human community If you dont
listen, you dont sell anything. Carolyn
Marland/MD/Guardian Group
It was much later that I realized Dads secret.
He gained respect by giving it. He talked and
listened to the fourth-grade kids in Spring
Valley who shined shoes the same way he talked
and listened to a bishop or a college president.
He was seriously interested in who you were and
what you had to say. Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot,
Respect What creates trust, in the end, is the
leaders manifest respect for the followers.
Jim OToole, Leading Change If you cant state
your position in eight words or less, you dont
have a position. Seth Godin Never doubt that
a small group of committed people can change the
world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever
has. Margaret Mead Make your life itself a
creative work of art. Mike Ray, The Highest
Goal Have you invested as much this year in
your career as in your car? Molly Sargent, OD
consultant and trainer
A man approached JP Morgan, held up an envelope,
and said, Sir, in my hand I hold a guaranteed
formula for success, which I will gladly sell you
for 25,000.Sir, JP Morgan replied, I do
not know what is in the envelope, however if you
show me, and I like it, I give you my word as a
gentleman that I will pay you what you ask.The
man agreed to the terms, and handed over the
envelope. JP Morgan opened it, and extracted a
single sheet of paper. He gave it one look, a
mere glance, then handed the piece of paper back
to the gent.And paid him the agreed-upon
1. Every morning, write a list of
the things that need to be done that
day. 2. Do them. Source Hugh
The most successful people are those who are
good at plan B. James Yorke, mathematician, on
chaos theory in The New Scientist Tom, what
have you done this year?Jessica Sutherland,
Director, Institute for International
Research/Middle East (TP Yikes!)

To live is the rarest thing in the world.
Most people exist, that is all. Oscar Wilde

People want to be part of something larger
than themselves. They want to be part of
something theyre really proud of, that theyll
fight for, sacrifice for, that they
trust.Howard Schultz, Starbucks It is not the
strongest of the species that survives, nor the
most intelligent, but the one most responsive
to change. Charles Darwin We may not be
interested in chaos but chaos is interested in
us. Robert Cooper, The Breaking of Nations
Order and Chaos in the Twenty-first Century
If you dont like change, youre going to like
irrelevance even less.General Eric Shinseki,
retired Chief of Staff, U. S. Army You must be
the change you wish to see in the
world.Gandhi We eat change for
breakfast! Harry Quadracci, founder,
QuadGraphics If things seem under control,
youre just not going fast enough. Mario
Andretti You cant behave in a calm, rational
manner. Youve got to be out there on the lunatic
fringe. Jack Welch, retired CEO, GE We have
a strategic plan. Its called doing
things.Herb Kelleher, founder, Southwest
I guess it comes down to a
simple choice, really. Get busy living, or get
busy dying. The Shawshank Redemption (Tim
A man without a smiling face must not open a
shop. Chinese Proverb
There are people who prefer to say Yes, and
there are people who prefer to say No. Those
who say Yes are rewarded by the adventures they
have, and those who say No are rewarded by the
safety they attain. Improv Wisdom Dont
Prepare, Just Show Up, Patricia Ryan Madson (
yes I said yes I will Yes. James Joyce, Ulysses)
Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.Steve Jobs, Apple
Groups become great only when everyone in them,
leaders and members alike, is free to do his or
her absolute best.Warren Bennis and Patricia
Ward Biederman, Organizing Genius The best
thing a leader can do for a Great Group is to
allow its members to discover their
greatness.Warren Bennis and Patricia Ward
Biederman, Organizing Genius You are the
storyteller of your own life, and you can create
your own legend or not.Isabel Allende Nobody
can prevent you from choosing to be exceptional.
Mark Sanborn, The Fred Factor A leader is a
dealer in hope.Napoleon Nothing is so
contagious as enthusiasm. Samuel Taylor
The greatest dangerfor most of usis not that
our aim istoo highand we miss it,but that it
istoo lowand we reach it.Michelangelo
If youre enthusiastic about the things youre
working on, people will come ask you to do
interesting things. James Woolsey, former CIA
director Before you can inspire with emotion,
you must be swamped with it yourself. Before you
can move their tears, your own must flow. To
convince them, you must yourself believe.
Winston Churchill If your actions inspire
others to dream more, learn more, do more and
become more, you are a leader."John Quincy Adams
A year from now you may wish You had
started today. Karen Lamb
For Starbucks The Cup Challenge Tom
Peters/1107.2006 Potential Quotes for Cups
Enthusiasm! The Ultimate Virus!
Re-imagine! Re-do! Re-vise! Re-vo-lu-tion!
Passion! Energy! Enthusiasm! Passion!
Energy! Enthusiasm! "Enthusiasm! Enthusiasm!
Enthusiasm!" "Enthusiasm Moves Mountains!"
"Nothing Matches Enthusiasm as a
'Motivator'!" Technicolor Times Demand
Technicolor Actions Technicolor Times Demand
Technicolor People Wow. Now. Re-imagine! Re-
imagine! Re-do! Re-vise! Re-vo-lu-tion!
Excellence. Always.
No Less Than Excellence. Ever.
No Excellence. no excuse.
"Respect!" Leaders Do People.
Period. Credibility. Asset No. 1. Tell the
Truth. Truth Wins. Challenge. Challenge.
Challenge. Two Big Goals. Tops. Focus. Your
Calendar Never Lies Good Story. Good
Leader. Best Story Wins. Live the
Story. Change the World. Accept Nothing Less.
"Dream!" Dream. The Only Worthwhile
Reality. Beware Those Who Agree With You Seek
Dissidents. Nurture Dissidents. Cherish
Do. Do.
Do. Do. Do.
Do. Do. Do.
try it. Try it. Try it. Try it. Try it. Try it.
Try it. Try it. Try it. Try it. Try it. Try it.
Try it. Try it. Try it. Try it. try it. Try it.
Try it. try it. Try it. Try it. Try it. Try it.
Try it.
iMplementation The last 98
Do it. Now.
start. Now.
Most. Relentless. wins.
Excellence! Demand Excellence! Demand
Excellence. The Greatest Gift. Excellence,
Lifes Gold Standard Stop Talking! Start
Doing! Execute. Execute. Execute. Good
Execution Beats Good Strategy Agility Trumps
Size "Women make the best bosses!" Women Rule.
Believe It. "You must care!" Listen. Ask.
distinct. Or Extinct.
2007. Self-reliance. No option.
2007. Excellence. No option.
Excellence. Not optional.
its a brand you world.
Me Too Me Dead
Different beats Better. Distinct or
Extinct. Innovate or Die Me Too Me
Dead Talent Time! Best Talent Wins. Best
Roster Wins. Moderation Fails in Immoderate
Moderation Fails in Immoderate Times
freaks win in freaky times.
Seek Dissidents. Nurture Dissidents. Cherish
best talent wins.
women best leaders. Women biggest
market. Women control wealth. Women rule.
Roir/return on investment in relationships
Respect magic.
thank you magic.
thank you magic potion 1.
Generic Lists
Excellence1982 The Bedrock Eight
Basics 1. A Bias for Action 2. Close to the
Customer 3. Autonomy and Entrepreneurship 4.
Productivity Through People 5. Hands On,
Value-Driven 6. Stick to the Knitting 7. Simple
Form, Lean Staff 8. Simultaneous Loose-Tight
The older I get the less boring the basics
ExIn 1982-2002/Forbes.comDJIA 10,000 yields
85,000 EI 10,000 yields 140,050
Forbes/Excellence Index /Basket of 32
publicly traded stocks
NOTE. drop the the companies in in search of
excellence failedutter rubbish. Theyve waaaay
outperformed the market.
Importance of Success Factors by Various
Gurus/(Unreliable) Estimates by Tom Peters
Strategy Systems People
Passion Porter 50 20
20 10 Drucker 25 35
25 15
Bennis 25 20 30
25 Peters 15
20 35 30
  • Excellence2005 The Bedrock
    Bakers Dozen
  • 1. A Bias For Action Is Job One! (Construct a
    Discipline/Culture of EXECUTION!)
    Two, 1965-2005.)
  • 3. Fail. Forward. Fast. (Reward Excellent
    Failures, Punish Mediocre Successes.)
  • 4. Metabolic Management Matters! (Hustle!
    Adapt! EAT CHANGE! Win the
  • O.O.D.A. Loop WarConfuse Your
  • 5. INNOVATE or Die. (Game-changers or Bust!
    Lead the Customer! Just Shout NO to Imitation!)
  • 6. A Damn Good Product. (Pursue Dramatic
  • 7. A Damn Cool Product. (Design Rules!)
  • 8. Ride the Value Added Curve to the Sky! (Sell
    GamechangerSolutions Provide Scintillating
  • Experiences Become a Dream Merchant
    Strive to Be a Lovemark.)
  • 9. Relentlessly Pursue the Big Two Markets.
    (WOMEN Buy Everything
  • BOOMERS GEEZERS Have All the Money!)
  • 10. Best Talent/Roster Wins! (HR Rules!
    Everyone a Leader! Women Lead Best!
  • Weird Matters Most! A Workplace to Brag
    About! Educate for Creativity!)

Successful Businesses Dozen Truths TPs
30-Year Perspective1. Insanely Great Quirky
Talent.2. Disrespect for Tradition.3. Totally
Passionate (to the Point of Irrationality) Belief
in What We Are Here to Do.4. Utter
Disbelief at the BS that Marks Normal Industry
Behavior.5. A Maniacal Bias for Execution and
Utter Contempt for Those Who Dont Get
It.6. Speed Demons.7. Up or Out. (Meritocracy
Is Thy Name. Sycophancy Is Thy Scourge.)8.
Passionate Hatred of Bureaucracy.9. Willingness
to Lead the Customer and Take the Heat
Associated Therewith. (Mantra Satan Invented
Focus Groups to Derail True Believers.)10.
Reward Excellent Failures. Punish Mediocre
Successes. 11. Courage to Stand Alone on Ones
Record of Accomplishment Against All the
Forces of Conventional Wisdom.12. A Crystal
Clear Understanding of the power of a Good Story
(Brand Power).

Everything You Need to Know about
Strategy 1. Do you have awesome Talent
everywhere? (We are the Yankees of home
improvement here in Omaha.) Do you push that
Talent to pursue Audacious Quests? 2. Is your
Talent Pool loaded with wonderfully peculiar
people who others wouldcall problems? And what
about your Extended Community of customers,
vendors et al? 3. Is your Board of Directors as
cool as your product offerings and does it
have50 percent (or at least one-third) Women
Members? 4. Long-term, its a Top-line World
Is creating a culture that cherishes above all
things Innovation and Entrepreneurship your
primary aim? Remember Innovation not
Imitation! 5. Are the Ultimate Rewards heaped
upon those who exhibit an unswerving Bias for
Action, to quote the co-authors of In Search of
Excellence? Are your O.O.D.A. loops shorter than
the next guys? 6. Do you routinely use hot,
aspirational words-terms like Excellence and
B.H.A.G. (Big Hairy Audacious Goal, per Jim
Collins) and Lets make a dent in the Universe
(the Word according to Steve Jobs)? Is Reward
excellent failures, punish mediocre successes
your de facto or de jure motto? 7. Do you
subscribe to Jerry Garcias dictum We do not
merely want to be the best of the best, we want
to be the only ones who do what we do? 8. Do you
elaborate on and enhance Jerry Gs dictum by
adding, We subscribe to Best Sourcingand only
want to associate with the best of the best.
9. Do you embrace the new technologies with
child-like enthusiasm and a revolutionarys
zeal? 10. Do you serve and satisfy customers
or go berserk attempting to provide every
customer with an awesome experience that does
nothing less than transform the way she or he
sees the world?11. Do you understand to your
very marrow that the two biggest under-served
markets are Women and Boomers-Geezers? And that
to take advantage of these two Monster Trends
(FACTS OF LIFE) requires fundamental re-alignment
of the enterprise? 12. Are your leaders
accessible? Do they wear their passion on their
sleeves? Does integrity ooze out of every pore of
the enterprise? Is We care your implicit
motto? 13. Do you understand business mantra 1
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