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Common Workplace Electrical Hazards & Safety


May is the National Electrical Safety Month and in this month, find out what are the most common electrical safety hazards occurring at workplaces across United States. Make your facility's electrical system safer with Current Solutions PC's "Twelve Phase Electrical Safety Program". For more information on our electrical safety programs, call us at 914-347-8480, or visit our website – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Common Workplace Electrical Hazards & Safety

Common Workplace Electrical Hazards
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Electricity is one of the primary needs of
todays lifestyle and has become essential in
every aspects. But it also has proven to be one
of the most disastrous hazards know to man.
Whether you are using or while maintaining it,
electricity can present seriously hazardous
Electrical explosions can be extremely dangerous
as it can rapidly vaporizes metal and insulation
material. The primary cause of an electrical
explosion could be a current fault.
Electrical fires could burn down the whole
facility within few minutes. The most common
causes of electrical fires according to the USFA
(U.S Fire Administration) are faulty electrical
outlets and old appliances and equipment. Electric
al fire caused by outdated wiring are also one of
primary reason of electrical fires in both
commercial and residential facilities.
Electrocution is the name given to deaths caused
by electrical shocks. Any contact of human body
part with any source of electricity can result as
current passing through muscles or hair and can
cause death. Electrocution can also occur due to
poorly insulated wire or undergrounded equipment.
Some other causes include using electricity or
electrical equipment while in contact with
water. The most common cause of electrocution
occurrence in workplace are avoiding OSHA and
other safety regulatory practices by both
employee and employer.
When electricity passes through the body, it can
cause electrical burn with rapid injury. Only in
United States, every year more than 1,000 deaths
are reported due to electrical burns. Unlike
other burns such as thermal and chemical, it can
severely damage tissues deeper underneath the
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Twelve Phase Electrical Safety Program
Protect your employees from explosions, fires,
electrocution, burns and many other electrical
hazards with Current Solutions PCs Twelve Phase
Electrical Safety Program. Our safety program
not only ensures employee safety but also ensures
compliance with industry standards and regulatory
requirements applicable to electrical power
systems and minimize the possibility of precious
loss of life and money. For more information on
our twelve phase electrical safety program, call
us at 914-347-8480, or visit our website now. Our Knowledge Is
Your Power
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